Welcome to FTAfrica!

Welcome to FTAfrica! This first post on this new website offers an introduction into what this website would be about. Focus This website would be mainly focused on residents of Africa who want to enjoy the very best in radio and TV broadcasting using today’s technologies. Content might occasionally focus outside Africa where it is […]

"SMS Advertising is far better than radio, TV and print put together" – Alex Adjei Bram, SMS GH

Free SMS to Ghana ads on Facebook

If you are a regular Facebook user in Ghana, you would have noticed recent free sms ads like the ones shared to the left of this article. One of the companies advertising free sms to Ghana is SMSGH. SMSGH owns a platform for free sms at lite.mytxtbox.com Alex Adjei Bram is the General Manager (Sales/Marketing) […]

Nigerian Internet Business Opportunities. An #ICT4D Skype Chat.

Skype chat

The following blog post is culled from ICTWorks.org and involves me. Nigeria is the Giant of Africa, with 1/8 of its population and all the possibilities and problems that come with such size and diversity. It also should be the ICT leader for Africa. Nigeria has the more mobile phone subscribers, at 68 million, than […]

Zain launches award winning mobile commerce service 'Zap' in Ghana

Philip Sowah, Country Manager of Zain Ghana speaks to the press at the Zap launch

‘Zap’, Zain’s award winning mobile commerce service that allows customers to use their mobile phones like a mobile wallet to pay for goods and services and conduct banking services regardless of the type of handset they use, was launched today in Accra. Zap is a novel product that provides the most comprehensive and accessible package of m-commerce features currently available anywhere in the world.

Is Kenya beating Nigeria in Internet Business Opportunities?

An AccessKenya Fibre ad on a road in Nairobi Kenya. AccessKenya is a leading ISP in Kenya. Photo by Oluniyi D. Ajao.

This blog post is in reaction to The 3 Reasons Why Kenya is Beating Nigeria in Internet Business Opportunities as published by ICTworks. I was perplexed at the title of the blog post. Could the author Wayan Vota simply be courting controversy as a means of drawing traffic to the blog? I would attempt to […]


A Save Nigeria Group rally in Nigeria. Nigerians are rejecting bad governance and together we are DEMANDING for GOOD GOVERNANCE.

Join young Nigerians to demand for a better Nigeria. Find below a release from a youth movement in Nigeria. Fellow Young Nigerians, Did you know that in Nigeria, young people are in the majority? Did you know that young people below 35 make up more than 70 per cent of the population? That means that […]

Google's Gmail offering Free SMS to Ghana, but…

Free SMS in Gmail. Snapshot from Gmail.com

Gmail users in Ghana who logged into the free email service would have noticed a pop-up message today: The message read: New! Free SMS in Gmail Send free SMS directly from Gmail – just enter a phone number and click Enter. SMS replies come right to your Gmail inbox. This service is now available for […]

A review of MTN Nigeria Mobile Broadband service

MTN Nigeria 3G pack

I picked-up an MTN Nigeria mobile broadband kit recently and have used it heavily, since then. Find below my review of the service. The entire kit cost N18,650: HSDPA USB stick: N8,500 MTN SIM: N150 Airtime: N10,000 (24/7 monthly plan) The MTN agent asked for an ID and passport photo. As I had no prior […]

Skype now available for Nokia smartphones in Ovi Store

Nokia phones running Skype. Source: Skype.com

More than 200 million smartphone users worldwide now have Skype at their fingertips Skype and Nokia has announced the release of Skype for Symbian, a Skype client for Nokia smartphones based on the Symbian platform, the world’s most popular smartphone platform. Skype for Symbian will allow Nokia smartphone users worldwide to use Skype on the […]

How Aero Contractors offers very low airfares. The catches!

An advertisement banner on flyaero.com showing one of their fares and placing emphasis online booking & payment.

Aero Contractors in my view is a budget airline only that it is not so-called. The airline has been advertising very low fares to all its destinations, for some time now. I dragged myself into flying Aero twice in recent times, to satisfy my curiosity on how they could offer such low fares. This blog […]