How to accept Credit Card payments over the Internet in Nigeria

I received an email a few days ago, from one of the readers of this blog. I have reproduced the entire message below, and edited it a bit for the sake of clarity: Hi, I have been looking for how to accept payment online in Nigeria, without necessarily going through Interswitch. I have been reading […]

Would you use a .ng domain name for your website? Why?

.ng is the country-code Top Level Domain (cc-TLD) for Nigeria. In plain English, it is Nigeria’s domain name system that identifies websites related to Nigeria. It is currently available for registration only in the following variants, with most of them being restricted to Nigerian entities: – open domain, commercial entities and businesses – […]

A New Blog Aggregator for Nigeria

A snapshot of the new Nigeria Bloggers website

A new blog aggregator for blogs related to Nigeria, has been unveiled at The Nigerian blogosphere is easily one of the most vibrant on the African continent. Though figures are hard to come by,  a conservative estimate would put the number of Nigerian blogs at about 2,000. Following the thousands of blogs related to […]

33 miners rescued in Chile. Any lessons for Africa?

Mario Gomez (the oldest of the miners) after being rescued from the San José mine

I got the following message forwarded to me from someone in Nigeria a moment ago. It plays on the just-concluded miraculously rescue of 33 miners who were stuck underground for 69 days. Whilst it is clearly meant to be a hilarious outlook on the depressing situation in Nigeria, unfortunately, much of it is a sad […]

#NigeriaDecides Tech Meetup: Young Nigerians to discuss applying technology in election monitoring

One of the most convenient things to do in life is to complain/blame/criticize others for their action or inaction when things go wrong. The poor governance prevalent in our part of the world gives one a lot to complain about. With democracy slowly gaining ground in Nigeria however, the next phase of agitation should not […]

Interview: Esi Cleland of AfroChic shares her passion about entrepreneurship & more…


Esi Cleland is a young entrepreneur with a passion for Ghana and everything she believes in. She recently granted me an interview, sharing what makes AfroChic tick and whats in store for the future. She only has a few tips for the up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Oluniyi: Who is Esi Cleland and what do you do for […]

Examining Technology & Entrepreneurship as the panacea to poverty in Africa

Many of Africa’s youth are hungry for business opportunities. The myriad of challenges notwithstanding, a lot of young people are hungry for information on how to run their own business and the financing to get started. I was privileged to attend the first BarCamp event in Ghana in December 2008, and also attended the 2009 […]

Google Adsense extends Western Union payouts to 4 African countries

Google Adsense is a revenue stream for thousands of web publishers in Africa.

Web publishers and bloggers in some selected African countries who display Google Adsense ads on their websites as a way of monetizing their web traffic now have some relief. The web publishers who have hitherto been limited to receiving payment via cheques now have the option of receiving their earnings from Google Adsense via Western […]

Interview: Ad-Connect spearheading mobile learning in West Africa

From left: Adiel Ntuk, CEO of AD-CONNECT, and Ammar Shami CEO of Abjad Jordan.

Oluniyi: Please introduce yourself and your company. Chris: My name is Chris Umunnabuike, Training and development Manager. AD-CONNECT Ghana.  AD-CONNECT is the West African Dealer of Mobile Learning, Publishing, Delivery and Tracking solutions. Oluniyi: When did AdConnect commence operations? Chris: AD-CONNECT commense operation Aug, 2009. but Ithe company was registered in Ghana and Nigeria a […]

Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs meetup in Lagos

A few Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs would be meeting to create a stronger community and discuss issues of mutual interest, this weekend. In the words of the organizers: This is the first meet-up of Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs. It is an avenue for Nigerians that are creating startups to come meet themselves and have some beers. We […]