1. Cath says

    this is DStv TOUCH. Not DEMAND. Follow my directions for On Demand – totally different service on the PVR than TOUCH. Touch is the interactive service where you can check your sport scores fixtures etc. Demand is pre-recorded programming that DStv do as a value add for Premium PVR subscribers.
    Two different services :)

  2. Isabel says

    Please kindly send to my e-mail, cctanot address details of Mudi Men’s fashion designer in Nigeria either Lagos or Abuja who designed Uti Nwachukwu, winner of BBA all stars Native blue with white flower design at both wrist. He wore it at the Opening of BBA all stars show when he enters the Bigbrother’s house. Check out below for the outfit Uti wore. UTI ENTERS BIG BROTHER ALLSTARS HOUSE

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