DStv Mobile is not exactly a new service. It was initially launched in 2007 but with FIFA World Cup around the corner, Multichoice (operators of DStv) found a need to re-launch the DStv Mobile service. The re-launch is a born out of a collaboration between DStv, MTN (Africa’s leading telecom operator) and Nokia (world leading mobile phone manufacturer).

The technology behind DStv Mobile is simple enough. The Mobile TV service is not streamed over the internet. Though one of the promises of 3G was Mobile TV, streaming live TV over the internet turned out to be impractical. Pushing a data-intensive service over a cellular network would simply result in a very congested network.  Broadcasting mobile TV over the airwaves is much more efficient and cost-effective. In comes DVB-H. I summarized the following DVB-H definition from Wikipedia:

DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld) is one of three prevalent mobile TV formats. It is a technical specification for bringing broadcast services to mobile handsets. From March 2008, DVB-H is officially endorsed by the European Union as the “preferred technology for terrestrial mobile broadcasting”. DVB-H technology is a superset of the very successful DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) system for digital terrestrial television, with additional features to meet the specific requirements of handheld, battery-powered receivers.

Getting on board

I obtained the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition from MTN Ghana in Accra for 270 Ghana Cedis (about $193). The 5330 obtained directly from MTN comes with a complimentary DStv Mobile license valid 31st March 2011. Activating the service with MTN Ghana was a herculean task. At the time of buying the device, the DStv Mobile service was down and so the service could not be activated by MTN support staff. Subsequent calls to their customer service number yielded nothing as they insisted they could not give me the settings on phone. Incidentally, I arrived Lagos Nigeria a few days later. MTN Nigeria pushed their internet settings to the phone as soon as I inserted an MTN Nigeria SIM into the 5330. I accepted and activated the MTN NG internet settings. On my way out of the airport, I simply re-scanned the airwaves and was able to easily activate the DStv Mobile service on my own. NTA International was soon beamed to me from the tiny screens of the 5330.

DStv Mobile promo banner

DStv Mobile is currently available in selected cities in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia and Ghana.

The mobile TV service

In Nigeria, the DStv Mobile service comes with 11 channels in the following order:

  1. NTA International – a TV service from Nigeria’s state-owned TV broadcaster targetted at an international audience
  2. SuperSport Blitz – a sports update channel for Africa offering content from live sport to result updates
  3. SuperSport 9
  4. CNN International – news & current affairs from a world-class broadcaster
  5. Magic World Africa – African general entertainment
  6. Africa Magic – mostly movies, series and general entertainment from Nigeria
  7. Channel O – musical videos from Africa and across the world
  8. Cartoon Network
  9. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) – broadcast Christian related programming
  10. SuperSport 3N – Africa’s premier football channel, broadcasting national and international football events
  11. SuperSport 4

The service currently covers 4 of the biggest cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Coverage in Lagos: the service is transmitted from 4 transmitters in the Lagos metropolis. I was able to enjoy it indoors and outdoors in Ikeja, Festac, and on the outskirts of Lagos as far as Redeemers’ Camp on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.

Coverage in Accra: the service is transmitted from 3 transmitters, covering Kasoa, much of Accra and Tema as well as the neighbouring towns.

Since the phone earpiece doubles as the antenna for the 5330, the quality of TV reception depends on the position of the earpiece. In rooms, where the reception was patchy, re-positioning the earpiece helped.

Clearly, an attempt has been made to balance the variety of content offered. Replacing one of the 4 sport channels with one that offered western movies would have offered much more balance.

The service also comes with an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) that offers information about the programme on air and scheduled programmes for 24 hours. Should you connect to the service using a Nokia phone, you may also download & install an app from Nokia’s Ovi Store known as DStv Mobile Guide. It offers a detailed EPG.

The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition

Nokia.com describes the 5330 as follows:

TV goes mobile
Taking mobile entertainment to the next level, the stylish Nokia 5330 Mobile TV edition is a television, music player, and digital camera – all in one.

Aside the Mobile TV functionality, the 5330 is a basic 3G phone. It is cute and attractive whilst being small enough to fit into any standard-sized pocket. Sliding the screen upwards reveals an elegant numeric keypad that makes texting a pleasure due to its sturdiness.

An in-built FM stereo radio (comes with RDS) and an in-built media player make the 5330 an attractive entertainment device. 3 dedicated music keys make the media player & mobile TV application even more effective. Other keys are dedicated to increasing/decreasing audio volume with another for locking/unlocking the keys. Slot in a Micro SD card (maximum 16GB allowed) and you’re in for a musical bliss as the 16GB would easily accommodate thousands of audio clips from your music collection. Note however that the 5330 is bundled with only a 1GB Micro SD card.

The in-built camera is pretty basic. It comes with an automatic flash and can take photos with a maximum resolution of 3.2 megapixels. The video camera can record at a maximum resolution of 320×240. If you do not have high expectations, you should not be disappointed by the basic camera.

The 5330 comes with 4 games pre-installed: Block’d, Diamond Rush, Rally Stars and Real Football 2010.

Other DVB-H compatible phones

DStv Mobile is not an exclusive preserve of the 5330. A few other phones have in-built capability for receiving DStv Mobile signals. Leading the pack are the following N-series phones: Nokia N92, Nokia N77 and Nokia N96. Others are: ZTE F900, ZTE F912. From Samsung: SGH-P910, SGH-P920, SGH-P930, SGH-P940, SGH-P960, SGH-F510. From LG: U900, KB620, KU950, U960, KB770, HB620T.

With the aid of an external mobile tv receiver known as Nokia SU-33W, a few more Nokia phones can join the party via bluetooth. The compatible phones at the time of writing are: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia E75, Nokia N73, Nokia N85, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia N97, and Nokia N97 mini.

Note that you might have to seek the assistance of your service provider directly, if the devices do not receive the DStv Mobile service on their own.


DStv Mobile is currently available through MTN in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana, through Safaricom in Kenya, and through MTC in Namibia.

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  1. Esi Cleland says:

    I like the new look of your blog

  2. ikay hargley says:

    can u listen to the TV using your earpiece? or is the earpiece just for the antenna.?


  3. ikay hargley says:


    cos i saw on someone’s blog that he couldn’t. but could only use it for mp3s stored on the phone.

  4. clement says:

    I discovered that the reception of my nokia 5330 while watching dstv was very poor(freezes) when I was inside my room but improved markedly when I went outside.please what should I do to get good reception inside my room

    • Well, just like you’d handle a transistor radio. Move the phone about the room or point the earpiece in different directions till you get a good signal. The window is a good place to start. However, if your room is surrounded by solid concrete, that is, you are on the ground floor of a 3 storey building your surrounded by more rooms, chances are slim.

  5. C jay says:

    Do d free initial subscription run is u unsuscribe n where do u hv dvb-h in eastern nigeria

  6. Tchoki says:

    How do i activate the big brother africa channel? Av already scanned and found the channel bt it says i have to purchase it and the thing keeps sayn no item available, what do i do?

    • sunday says:

      How do i activate the big brother africa channel? Av already scanned and found the channel bt it says i have to purchase it and the thing keeps sayn no item available, what do i do?

  7. Bello says:

    I tried to watch Big Brother Africa on the DSTV mobile and it was said i should enter the parental code, after clicking yes, i was told to enter security code. I got stoke there. Can help out.

  8. Kamaladdeen mohammed says:


  9. Bello says:

    How do we reset the DSTv Mobile subscription?

  10. Kobbe says:

    David i like your blog keep it up..Uhmm David do u know when the will extend their service to nation wide..I am in Kumasi.

  11. Bello says:

    I tried watching BBA on my DSTV mobile i get this information that The content is already purchased, wait until subscription is delivered

  12. kaltum satomi says:

    i would like know if samsung i900 ominia 1 will support dstv mobile. if yes can i download and install it on my phone. thank you from borno state, Nigeria.

  13. Bkmi says:

    I want 2 no if it can work on Nokia 2700 classic and hw do i go about it.thanks

  14. queenete says:

    An interesting innovation indeed.iv searched for it here in Akwaibom.i cant get it.seems its scarce.i’l travel to lagos to purchase one.

  15. tayo says:

    how can i get mobile tv on my nokia n97?? i need a help

  16. Abby says:

    hi Niyi. i think your blog is really cool. thanks for providing info i couldn’t get from even the MTN website. do you think there’s ever going to be a time when a wider selection of channels will be available for us to choose from?
    Having four sports channels that I’m never going to watch considering that I’m not a soccer fan is a bit discouraging. and to be honest the entertainment channels available are not more encouraging either.

  17. Fakoya says:

    I changed d security code of my 5330 dstv mobile wen i bought it. I hav 4get d code i usd then, so am unable to watch big brother. Plz help me out, i nid 2 reset d security code back to default code.

  18. Seun says:

    My 5330 isnt working anymore.The DSTV just went off on the 2nd of August.is it still working..somebody please help me.Im in Nigeria right now.

  19. emma oduka says:

    I want to buy this nokia 5330 but the dstv network is not yet in jos nigeria.And i want ask if the phone accepts applications such as operamini,bolt etc and if its a java or symbian phone?tanx

  20. Olisa says:

    How much is the monthly subscription.

  21. henry says:

    when i scan for channel i get a message that says server connection fail. retry later. it is soo fraustrating. sombody help

  22. henry says:

    thanks it worked. how may i get the Nokia CA-75U TV Out Cable to connect to tv here in Ghana http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/nokia-ca-75u-p13671.htm

  23. ade says:

    pls more details on how to subscribe for d dstv my nokia 5230

  24. mariam says:

    All d coment,there is no reply from u.y?

  25. Ajayi Samuel A. says:

    It was so interesting to get that out of technology, but it never encourage people in other state to buy. like me in Warri Delta State, same Ekiti State. please try to spread the DSTV Network.We need it all.

  26. Ib kabasa says:

    Cn it work wit my n91 phone

  27. Oghogho Omorotionmwan says:

    pls my tv stopd wrkin.i use an N96.it kips tellin me ‘no live tv available’.i kno of oda pple wit d same fone dat’re stil watchin tv.pls wat shd i do?

  28. Eniola Olatunji says:

    My mobile dstv went off today. It said someone has paid for the subscription but I should wait until it is retrieved.What is happening?

  29. Eniola Olatunji says:

    Help my mobile DStv is not showing again. What shall I do?

  30. Ugo says:

    Reception in Enugu is pretty ok, but i can’t access the newly added channels- scity etc. Says content is for sale but each time i try to purchase it doesn’t work. Pls help me out.

  31. Eniola Olatunji says:

    The pictures are back. Thanks.

  32. Oderinde Samuel says:

    Too bad, the only Channels (SuperSport 3N) that provides live matches has been removed on 28/09/2010.My phone type is Nokia N96.

  33. nate says:

    ow can i get super sport3N back?helllllp!

  34. Femi Olatunji says:

    For me, removing ss3 is totally a mess on the part of the subscriber. Your advert revealed ss3 as part of the channels offered and i guess many individuals had to buy different compactible phones because of this channel. Now that the channel has been removed without any prior notice, then you are no longer enriching life

  35. Femi Olatunji says:

    For me, removing ss3 is totally a mess on the part of the subscriber. The advert revealed ss3 as part of the channels offered and i guess many individuals had to buy different compatible phones because of this channel. Mtn and dstv are full of deceit.

  36. Akinbinu Rotimi says:

    I thought i was alone. I was amazed when i could not view ss3 on my Nokia 5330 Phone. Pls,Niyi,how do i subscibe to bring it back. I am ready to pay any amount 2 have access to that Channel.

  37. jeffery says:

    i wonder why d sudden disapperance of ss3n on my phone does it mean we r nt goin 2 get it back again i c no reason why d channel shld b discarded like dat is the only station i enjoy most on my phone pls guy when is it goin 2 b restord cuz i cn c my self goin 2 lagos o o

  38. Yusuf says:

    When i complain to the customer care service as regard the exclusion SS3. They simply said they have lost the licence to show the channel but promise to get it back “ASAP”

  39. LEKAN says:

    Removing ss3 is absolutely breach of contract i think this people ass mtn,dstv need to be sued,99% 0f nigeria subscribe to it purposely because of ss3 and this the only channel we enjoy the rest are junks,something need to be done fast to stop these cheat and reaping nigerian of thier hard earn money,something they cant do in south Africa. habi

  40. Ebuka says:

    Can not access my best channel ss3 on my nokia 5330 tv edition why?infact it was because of the channel i bought d phone.

  41. T~crack says:

    is this Dstv free or how much it costs for each monthly

  42. John from Kenya says:

    Hi Oluniyi. Am planning to buy a Samsung Star TV Edition phone. Wond’rin if its got analogue receiver & can it receive DVB-H signals.

  43. Ethel says:

    Hi, i can’t get access 2 any of the channels on my nokia 5330 since i purchased. Please help me subscribe since i keep getting the response that my server cannot be found. Am really missing out. Am in Accra, Ghana

  44. dayo falade says:

    please can i get the receiver for my nokia5800 and how much will it cost. pls anyone

  45. Akintomiwa Akintola says:

    pls,i want 2know if 1 can choose a variety of channels 2watch on a dstv mobile and can som1 watch local stations apart 4rm dstv stations on a nokia 5330 phone

  46. Akintomiwa Akintola says:

    pls,i want 2know if 1 can choose the variety of channels 2watch on a dstv mobile and can som1 watch local stations apart 4rm dstv stations on a nokia 5330 phone

  47. Kwabena abrampah says:

    Hi…i jus got the 5330. Its great but i think it delays some seconds…i mean the pictures on a normal tv appear way before that on phone…is it only mine or that is just how it is.

  48. Muno says:

    The most baffling thing is that in some peoples nokia5330, the dstv has stopped working since 30th september and efforts made to retrieve, purchase and scan in order to watch the dstv have proved abortive. E.g mine.

  49. Kwabena abrampah says:

    I see…thanks 4 the info. But dont u think it’d be some what frustrating not catching the action live? Imagine a goal scored and u can only see it 5-10 secs later.

  50. Oderinde Samuel says:

    @Muno: The solution i have for those that have challenges with reeiving signal is to apply the following:
    1. Ensure your phone can browse.
    2. Always apply for subscription through MTN Access connection both
    retrieving and new subscription.
    3. When you sent for new or retrieval subscription always wait for
    4 Restore factory setting on your phone and send for retrieval
    Many atimes i have challenge similar to many descibed on this page and the above listed approaches has helped out. My phone is Nokia N96.

  51. dayo falade says:

    please ajao. is there a way to watch d dstv on nokia5800xpress m.
    how can i get d receiver.

  52. Uc says:

    Do you mean I can’t watch dstv on my N97 without the nokia su – 33w?

  53. idongesit says:

    my nokia n96 dstv had stoped working showing a message ‘no usage right’.i have tried purchasing new subscription all to no avail.pls what do i do?

  54. jacobs says:

    i want to kw about dstv mobile promo

  55. jacobs says:

    tell me about the promo now pls

  56. jacobs says:

    want to find out about the dstv mobile promo

  57. Ukaegbu george says:

    I have n96 dstv mobile.i just updated it 2 latest version.i live at owerri.but i can’t watch my dstv.plz i need to flex it.plz i need help.my facebook acc george teflondon d’faker

  58. dayo falade says:

    @ ajao. why are u not replying my comment

  59. Yatich says:

    Hi, I’m receiving dstv signals clearly from Nairobi, but when I travel to Nakuru, the signal disappears. Does it mean that the signal is only confined to Nairobi & Mombasa?

  60. Adeyemi says:

    @Oluniyi, is there any difference btw d Nokia5330 & N96, in terms of the validity of the DSTV mobile free-to-air service? Is that of the N96 forever? Or its validity is still March 2011? Pls i need ur answer. thanks!

  61. Agosu frank says:

    Pls, can N95 8GB receive the dstv signal since it has d tv out cable?

  62. Agosu frank says:

    Am presently in lagos Nigeria.. Can N95 8G receive d dstv signal since its a 3G phone and it has d tv-out cable?

  63. EDU-EKEH says:

    Pls i there any way i can watch live TV on my nokia 5230

  64. [...] have received a lot of angry complaints in the comments area of A review of DStv Mobile and Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition from Nigeria, after DStv Mobile removed SuperSports 3 Nigeria (SS3N) from the bouquet of TV [...]

  65. Ik fmc keffi says:

    I want to have dstv mobile tv on my nokia e71. Where do i download the necessary software pls. Urgent

  66. johnsnow says:

    ss3 has always been there, it was never removed. I watched mine 2day. It was left 4 us to fine out. 4 help, call me. i use 5330

  67. Lola says:

    Please the EPG on my dstv mobile is no more updating.I tried updating since Saturday (6th November,but no development on the update.
    kindly let me know if its a general problem on all dstv mobile. Otherwise can someone let me know how to go about the update


    Please can some give me the parental unlock code for DSTV mobile ZTE F912…..

  69. musa says:

    please can you help me i c onnect my n96 on tv set to watch dstv but no picture.

  70. Emeka Satellite says:

    i learnt that dstv mobile will be in major state capital of nigeria…..when are we expecting to flex the dstv mobile or Is it that the dstv mobile is not for us in awka, anambra state.

  71. christian says:

    Is it possible to connet the cable (Nokia CA-75U TV Out Cable) to DSTV mobile tv ( nokia 5330 ).
    because i have the nokia video cable but when you connet it, the signal doesn’t work or doesn’t show at all but the head phone work.

    If the is way to connet it let me know pls

  72. christian says:

    Is it possible to connet the cable (Nokia CA-75U TV Out Cable) to DSTV mobile tv ( nokia 5330 ).
    because i have the nokia video cable but when you connet it, the signal doesn’t work or doesn’t show at all but the head phone work.

    If the is way to connet it let me know pls

  73. evans says:

    can dstv work on my N79?? And how?

  74. abubakar nigeria says:

    please help me am using n96 version30 tv out put no picture

  75. Jovani says:

    I just bought a new Nokia 5330,how can i activate it? kaduna, Nigeria.

  76. aroyewun says:

    pls can Nokia 5800xpress music have d TV stuff?

  77. christian says:

    DStv Mobile is the new “watch wherever you are” broadcast television service that you can access using a number of DVB-H enabled cellphone and Wi-Fi enabled devices. For those without a compatible DVB-H device, can use the DStv Drifta mobile decoder that is compatible with cellphones, laptops and smartphones.
    DStv Mobile currently supports the Nokia 5330, ZTE F900 and the Nokia N96. With these devices, you won’t need to purchase the DStv Drifta in order to receive DStv Mobile.
    If you have purchased the DStv Drifta, you can then watch DStv Mobile from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad by downloading the DStv Decoder app. The DStv Drifta is also compatible with laptops and PC’s and connects via USB and Wi-Fi.

  78. abdirahmaan says:

    thanks to nokia 5330 and its dstv. kindly assist us a channel of mnet action and mm1 or mm2 since mine is only 13channels. inorder to complete 16 channels.God bless nokia for the advanced technology.

  79. emmanuel says:

    what should i do. my 5330 refuses to open my gallary,camera, mobile tv, applications pls what should i do

  80. Paul says:

    Pls @niyi can someone watch normal Tv programmes on Nokia N96

  81. Rami says:

    Does n95 support dstv mobil

  82. Lizzy says:

    Pls,the area am staying there is no dstv signal for me to watch my dstv. Pls is there anything i can do to be getting signal there?

  83. victor says:

    Oluniyi Pls kindly direct me on how to subscribe to my nokia 5330 dstv mobile, to enable me watch the TV………. your response is being awaited please

  84. VICTOR from nigeria says:

    Hi Oluniyi David, please kindly brief me of how to suscribe to my nokia 5330-1d dstv mobile to enable me watch the TV… your response is being awaited please……..

  85. Victor from Nigeria says:

    Hi oluniyi, i worked with your instruction by calling MTN customer care and my problem have now been solved. As am making dis comment right now, am cathing all the fun of my nokia 5330 dstv mobile am very very grateful remain blessed in jesus name amen. Bye……

  86. Abraham frm Nigeria says:

    Pls Oluniyi how or what should i connect to my LG CU920 Tv edition to enable me watch the TV please reply thanx…….

  87. Uzoh says:

    Hi niyi,ur blog’s realy been helpful.pls i’d like 2 knw how much we’d b charged 4 the dstv mobile subscription

  88. Evans says:

    Please am from ghana with nokia n97 how can i get Dstv. And how is bills

  89. Stanley says:

    can get any reception on my dstv mobile. No EPG is what it says. Whats the problem please

  90. kcfred says:

    My dad just gave me his N96 phone, after he got and new blackberry last month… and with my youthful technology and research, I notice the phone has a mobile tv which my dad has nt been using sine he got the phone.
    It keep telling me no usage right” whenever I wanna watch dstv wit it.

    pls what do I do pls?

  91. kcfred says:

    I stay in lagos too, but can it be configured if I takes it to mtn office?

  92. Daniel says:

    my tv is not coming anymore. Am using ZTE f900, it keeps on saying please wait.

  93. Olawale says:

    Hello Mr. Oluniyi, I just bought a Nokia 5330-1d dstv mobile from a friend, please kindly direct me of how to subscribe on it to enable me watch the TV channels… And much is the monthly subscription?

  94. kwabena abrampah says:

    hi there…i would like to know if i could connect the 5330 to my lcd tv and watch..,.is there a special connection or connector i need before i can watch the Dstv from my phone on my tv..thanx

  95. Qasim says:

    I ve d zte 912 but it keeps timing out & has 2b re-programmed.But d last time I tried 2 re-programme it didn’t work,said “purchase failed(140)”

  96. ayo says:

    service has been very poor on my dstv mobile. Im in lagos, pls help!

  97. Mc donald says:

    What about other countries like Malawi, how can i access mobile DSTV?

  98. Anthony Okoroafor says:

    Pls I really want to know the code for accessing BBAmplified channel on my Dstv mobile phone.I have tried severally to no avail!It keeps on telling me code error.Pls I need ur help!God bless!

  99. Tijani Toyin says:

    Av not been able 2 watch bbA on my dstv mobile. It keep asking me security code. Pls, i need help about it. Thanks.

  100. Surv Mykeal says:

    When trying to lunch my dstv mobile,it will scan and bring an error that ‘NO CHANNELS FOUND WHAT SHOULD I DO PLZ’ i have been trying it in an uncountable time,it brought the same error.

  101. Ugochukwu says:

    Pls who can help me with cash i want 2 get d nokia 5330 2 enjoy d dstv channels on mobile God wil alwayz replenish ur pocket if u do dis me thanks

  102. jideofor says:

    hey i can’t watch d BBA on my dstv phone im so worry pls wat can i do nw.MTN Took all d gud channel away 4m us we nt enjoy d mobile phone again. Im waiting 4 a reply thanks guy.

  103. Lula hassan says:

    My phone Nokia 5330 dstv edition does nt show all TV channels. It reply wth the subscribtion to be purchased bt when i purchased its shows server not responding, i emailed my local network safaricom not responding after i posted last 48hrs nothing is coming from safaricom, where should i start now. Advice please.

  104. JOASH ONSARE says:


  105. Blessing says:

    My nokia 5330 keep saying code error after using the same code I used last year to watch BBA. Secondly I want to retrieve factory setting on the same nokia 5330 and it keep saying code error as well. Please help me. Am a big fan of BBA and am really missing out. Thank you.

  106. odim says:

    hi,right now i cant install my zte f912 to my laptop as my drive is no where to be found.secondly my dstv search but cant pic network,pls come to my aid
    thanks in anticipation to my request

  107. [...] a major boost to residents of Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya who might be interested in their DStv Mobile service. Before now, the DStv Mobile had been restricted to a few mobile phones – these phones have [...]

  108. Philip Opoku says:

    Hello, i am very impressed to know that we can now watch Dstv chanels on our phone. But i am using SE K750i is there a possibility that i can watch live TV chanels on this my phone? I am from Ghana. I WANT TO WATCH LIVE TV ON MY PHONE. THANKS!

  109. francis says:

    how can i wach my dstv

  110. kobby says:

    how can i configure the dstv mobile on my Nokia 5800?

  111. David says:

    The code for BBA is 12345

  112. gloria mensah says:

    my nokia 5330 ìs made in china under authority of nokia finland.i want to know, is it genuine?

  113. oguntoye sunday oyeniyi says:

    Sir, why is it that after they asked us to pay #400 in nigeria S3N is not included, please tell me what to do, so that i can watch S3N because that was the reason i bought it in the first place. thanks

  114. Mrs Odeyemi E.O says:

    Hi,some stations like Africa magic English,BBA,etc.Can not be accessed.I need d code 2access.Pls,add TBN or DAYSTAR channels 2my list of channels.My Dstv mobile is ZTE f910.My no 07062279243.Thank u.

  115. idris says:

    my nokia 5330 mobile tv service is not activated yet. when will it be activated in BORNO STATE? please help!

  116. Mr Felix.O.Adewuyi says:

    Can Nokia 5330 Work with glo.

  117. kabriel says:

    plz hw can i hav acces to ss3 n sound city on my 5330.

  118. rita says:

    my DStv st working what should i do

  119. Precious says:

    Sumone one said it is possible 2 hack d Dvb-H network into Imo state by using sum codes u need 2 type on ur phone. I wnt 2 know if its true

  120. ejike says:

    pls i’m experiencin de worst bcos since last 2weeks ago i can no longer watch anythin on my dstv mobile n i’ve try so many several times to activate it proves unactivated,the most anoyin part mtn kip takin huge sum amount of my credit.

  121. David says:

    It can work with any sim card but if u would like to watch dstv on it, you would need an mtn sim card.

  122. temitayo says:

    pls how can i download dstv 2 my mobile phone or d website 2 download it. dat wil make it easy 4 me

  123. We plan to extended our service to some state in the Northern part of the country Nigeria.

  124. Temitayo, depends on the phone you have. Eg N95 N96 Nokia 5800 music xpress are also compatible to use but you have to take it to any nokia shop close to set it up and also remember you need to buy DHB to install.

  125. Raphael says:

    Please…i need help my mobile Tv scans and says No Channels Found…pls wat do i do am frm Nigeria

  126. Precious says:

    Why is it dat d Dstv network is not every where. I cant even use it in owerri where i skool. Is dat mtn dose not hv enough money 2 sponsor d network or wat.

  127. David says:

    Why can one watch Dstv on 27 00

  128. Odetola peter says:

    Please can dstv application can work for my nokia 6288 bye.

  129. Ifeanyi says:

    Plz i nd a dstv setting 4 my nokia 2700 classic if it works recharge card is wating the person

  130. Ndubuisi from Onitsha says:

    How can i subscribe 2 maxi in my Nokia N96

  131. I ned settings 4 nokia e75 dstv

  132. Abel10 says:

    Please we are in need of dstvmobile-coverage badly in Okeho of Oyostate.There are larger rate of dstvmobile than the rate of ordinary mobile-users in this vicinity.I’m using glo.

  133. youngnice says:

    i need dstv on my n70 i need to start it pls help me out tell me the site i will go an downlaod it

  134. Emmy Chika Nwodo says:

    pls i want to knw more about dstv promo in mobil phone.secondly i want to know how to activate dstv in nokia phone or order phones.

  135. Chikadibia Nwodo 4rm Enugu state Nig says:

    Hello.I’m so much impressed when i hard dat we can now watch dstv in our PHONES,pls i have NOKIA 5230 but i dont know how to set it,i wil be more dan happy if i gat the direction from u.

  136. Chikadibia Nwodo 4rm Enugu state Nig says:

    Hello.I’m so much impressed when i hard dat we can now watch dstv in our PHONES,pls i have NOKIA 5230 but i dont know how to set it,i wil be more dan happy if i can gat the direction from u.

    Pls ever dat have setting pls flash me.

  137. dammy says:

    My nk 5330 dstv mobile stop workin since april,alwys read server not respondin after subscribin 400maxim it only shows nta n chanl 0;is there any updates on or mtn dstv mobile has stoppd workin cos dis is annoyin,I call mtn customer care non cannot even help out;nigeria experince d worse service cos my frnds hav d same exprnce.Pls can u advice on wht to do cos I’m abt to sell d shit phone? Thnks

  138. Nsiboy says:

    Solution .the nokia 5330 tv software is out. But for symbian. 3rd 3.2, 5th, than symbian 3{anna} u need dvb h headset or nokia dstv decoder. 15 channel. This is not streaming video. Cause it uses dvb h signal. So u want it. Just post ur need.and i may give u step by step to make it work.

  139. emem says:

    what shd we do to mtn and dstv? the damned thing’s not working except nta nd channel 0. i think we shd make it public. talk to ncc and nbc. these guys are playing games with us. meanwhile southafrica’s not facing this problem?

  140. Asierika says:

    Pls I need dstv maxi 4 my nokia n77

  141. OLUBUKOLA says:

    my dstv mobile phone stopped working but asked me to contact my service operator,what should i do?

  142. doyin osobajo says:

    i’m using d nokia n96 n i’ve bein finding it impossible to subscribe 4 dstv,i then got a glo line n on activating it at a care center i was told they don’t broadcast on n96 n that’s not written on d dstv site.pls help

  143. olatola juba says:

    i nid a dstv

  144. irinyemi babatunde says:

    pls help me how do i watch dstv mobile on my nokia N95 nd 2 get d channels.help abeg

  145. Chris nj says:

    How do i subscribe dstv mobile chanels

  146. Femi says:

    I have been using Nokia N77 since sept. 2009 and everything has been fine until recently when MTN started this subscription thing.

    My problem now is that I can’t even receive any of the channels even when I tried subscribing to the FREE, MINI or MAXI package. The response is always: ‘Server Error’. Sometimes, it tells me that I already have the package which is not true.

    MTN is a total mess.

  147. Doyin Osobajo says:

    i didn’t get a response from you.

  148. kp2i says:

    From kenya,I have Nokia 5330,is it possible to watch dstv mobile on my pc? If its possible what do i need?

  149. Francis says:

    Please Is their dstv mobile service in Awka

  150. Ubong says:

    Wats wrong dat sbody wil b posting comment here n u guys wil nt respond,wat r w going 2 do wit dis na.does it means d dstv is nt wrking again?

  151. Angelika says:

    How can I access radio from eyo n97 cell phone? I accidentally deleted the radio icon. Thanks.

  152. yunus says:

    pls i nid dstv on my nokia n79..wat shld i do ??

  153. CHINDA ROBINSON says:

    Congrats! This technological dispensation has no rival!

  154. Arinze Paul says:

    Pls is the mobile tv service available in Awka Anambra State Nigeria?

  155. winner says:

    how can i get d nokia stuff dat makes it possible for nokia 5800 to watch dstv via bluetooth

  156. What a nice design! The look now is just muah! Well, I have been looking for that phone too. Hope to get it now. Thanks.

  157. Chinere says:

    Is it possible to download extra channels on 5330. if so how?
    Abuja, Nigeria

  158. Chinere says:

    Could you please give me the procedures in downloading channels to my nokia 5330 phone.

  159. Yusuf says:

    My dstv mobile subscription has been cancelled. Hw can i activate it. Please help me out

  160. ohaa says:

    i need dstv on my e75 pls wt do i do?

  161. ohaa says:

    i need dstv sofware on my e75 pls

  162. samuel says:

    When trying to lunch my dstv
    mobile,it will scan and bring an
    error that ‘NO CHANNELS FOUND
    WHAT SHOULD I DO PLZ’ i have
    been trying it in an uncountable
    time,it brought the same error.When trying to lunch my dstv
    mobile,it will scan and bring an
    error that ‘NO CHANNELS FOUND
    WHAT SHOULD I DO PLZ’ i have
    been trying it in an uncountable
    time,it brought the same error.

  163. samuel says:

    When trying to lunch my dstv
    mobile,it will scan and bring an
    error that ‘NO CHANNELS FOUND
    WHAT SHOULD I DO PLZ’ i have
    been trying it in an uncountable
    time,it brought the same error.When trying to lunch my dstv
    mobile,it will scan and bring an
    error that ‘NO CHANNELS FOUND
    WHAT SHOULD I DO PLZ’ i have
    been trying it in an uncountable
    time,it brought the same error.please help

  164. Nokia SU-33w is a big scarce but you should find it in Lagos. I need one, myself.

  165. Chinere says:

    How can i get new or more channels into my nokia 5330 phone. please could write down steps i can follow in doing so.

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