i just wanna thank Celtel for introducing the new tarrifs. Celtel has already proven to be the best mobile telephone services provider, I want to thank so much much for considering all people and this case the celtel subscribers, for introducing the jambo and jamii tarrifs whi ch are enabling us all to make calls at any time with discrimination. It is true that celtel is affordable now. we can make calls to other networks including the landline. long live celtel!!

    your faithfully subscriber


    TEL: 0733904034

  2. says

    I wish to thank you Zain Africa, formerly Celtel for the good work that you are doing to the society Kenya in particular. I am so glad to note that you are giving back to us – the society in a morer favourable way than we expect. This is because you have products and services that offer value for our money. You also have the best customer service compared to your competitors. The ZAP service is the best. Pioneer of all other Mobile-Banking. Personally, I do enjoy all these but still dont feel complete if I enjoy them all alone. so I have asked all my friends and relatives to subscribe to the network so that they too can enjoy the same. The campaign is still going on. Would you consider me in advancing this campaign since I want to reach more customers? I believe together we can. Cant we? live Long ZAIN!!!! I love you.

  3. wainaina gideon says

    Now its airtel. I tell all subscribers to come and join me in enjoying this network.m Kwa nini mnadanganywa na wengine? Ever since I started using this network I have never been disappointed. Airtel does not have network failures as witnessed in other networks, it is well distributed all over the country and beyond, Ngai mnatafuta nini ingine?

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