Glo Mobile launch in Ghana imminent

Hints have floated in the Ghanaian media several times and each time, the dates have been moved forward. Despite acquiring a license to operate a mobile telecommunication network in Ghana since May 2008, going live to the general public has been a struggle on several fronts, for Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd. However, I am inclined to believe Glo Mobile Ghana would go live in a few weeks, for 3 reasons:

Glo-1 submarine cable launched

The most credible hint to an imminent network roll-out came on 8th April 2011, when Glo Mobile’s submarine cable (Glo-1) was launched in Ghana. The cable would power Glo Mobile’s internet services.

Detected cellular signals

Though a specific date has not been announced, a scan on my smartphone reveals two signals from a cellular network that could only be Glo Mobile Ghana. The network ID is 620-7, in parallel 2G and 3G networks.

A screenshot of 2G/3G signals believed to be that of Glo Mobile Ghana

A screenshot of 2G/3G signals believed to be that of Glo Mobile Ghana

Like Airtel (then Zain), Glo Mobile would launch in Ghana using one of the recent mobile broadband technologies: 3.5G, enabling the new network forĀ  mobile broadband and video calling.

Glo World outlets

Though Glo Mobile secured several office spaces across Accra (and other cities/towns, I assume), the spaces were left empty and dusty for months.

A signpost to a Glo World outlet in Accra

A signpost to a Glo World outlet in Accra

Glo World outlets meant for sales and customer service that I have noticed across Accra are now being fitted with office equipment – another indication of a very imminent commercial launch.

Glo Mobile is expected to offer one of the best and most affordable mobile broadband in Ghana since they have unfettered access to their own Glo-1 submarine cable. Glo Mobile Ghana is expected to launch in the 3rd quarter of 2011.


  1. says

    I heard they intend to launch as close to July 1st as possible, so they can benefit from the Mobile Number Portability advantage, if there will be any at all.

  2. zaa-idatu says

    I am a young graduate and would be very happy to work with the GLO Telecommunication in Ghana. I just like the network and wants yhem to come soon.

  3. Eric Acheampong says

    I don’t wamma wait in vain for glo. I’ve heard about their wonderful exploits in Nigeria and around the world and can’t wait for the official launch in Ghana. I heard the official launch is on July 31. Glo!! pls tell us something. As for my internet modem, I would wait for the SPEED and AFFORDABILITY!!!

  4. Michael Zegrkaar says

    Though I have have a surb-contract from the main contractors,I still have the hope to be with them permanently.

  5. Vincent - accra says

    Glo will do soft launch by the end of sept. And launch offially by the end of oct. Lets pray for them and keep hope alive



  7. Christopher k Sakyi says

    Glo you welcome if only you will not disapoint us we’re ready.
    I think you have to start selling your product now thanks

  8. ANSAH PETER says

    i ve already reserved my number nd im waitin… im really crazy about the submarine cable cos is gonna be wowwww looool


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