Google Plus, a new social networking website

Google Plus is Google’s latest and best attempt at a social networking website. It obviously draws a lot of lessons from Google’s previous attempts like Google Buzz, Google Wave, Orkut etc.

A screenshot of Google Plus

A screenshot of Google Plus

I got an invitation to join Google Plus from a good friend, and I am loving it so far. It comes with a lot of features that scream “Facebook-lookalike” while other features are new innovations from the search engine giant. I like the minimalist interface as well.

It segments the social networking into sensible groups like: Friends, Acquaintances, Family etc. One can rename the groups or create new ones. Thus, it is possible to share information with a specific group without sharing it with the entire internet. In a nutshell, it appears to offer better privacy controls.

Google Plus is accessible to the mobile devices on the following platforms via a web app: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia/Symbian and Windows Mobile. Understandably, a native app is already available for Android 2.1 devices.

Since Google Plus is currently in Beta phase, joining the party is strictly by invitation. If you want to try-out Google Plus, simply leave a comment in this blog post or email me. I will invite as many people as I can, to join the Google Plus party.

Update: Google has closed off invites after just a few hours. Demand was “insanely high,” according to Google SVP of Social Vic Gundotra. I suggest you visit and just sign-in with your Google Account.

If you are on Google Plus already, add me to your Circle of Friends or Acquittance, depending on who I am to you.


  1. Ojosu Sunday says

    Please Mr Oluniyi, this google + will be really intresting. I want to have a taste of it. Thanks for inviting me. I’ll be waiting for the invitation

  2. orangebud says

    If you have one more free invitation, I would like to have one really much. Thanks anyway for your open offer.

  3. gibson5000 says

    Any invitations left? Please invite me!
    Wanna see the google+ also on android!

    Thanks! gibson5000

  4. says

    I think the Google Plus is still under construction and they are not open to everyone yet. Well, what do you think can this Google venture create a threat for Facebook.

    • gibson5000 says

      @stepehen jack
      thats why i want to test and see it 😉 … but i think this is a good google product (as the other ones) and the first one which create a threat for FB!

    • Wesley Harden says

      Yeah I think it can smash facebook because have you heard in a movie or tv show, they say Google it about something… Well I would like a invite please if you have made it in to Google plus already and thank you for your time… I would love to be in Google Plus :)

    • Wesley Harden says

      Hey could you please invite me into Google plus??? I would like to join because sharing info on facebook goes out to everyone even if 1/2 of my friends and family don’t like what I’m sharing and I have to info to share on abroad range of stuff.

      • Wesley Harden says

        I have to much* info that I like to share and I would LOVE the groups so I can share that way, and I would LOVE to try out something new…. Thanks for your time.

  5. Andres says

    Mr D. Ajao, I would very much appreciate it if you could send me an invitation to my gmail account
    Thank you

  6. Andres says

    Hello Mr. Ajao, I would also like an invitation please if its possible, also maybe a request to the other people who has gotten an invitation, could you please send me an invite I would be for ever in debt 😉

  7. pat mccarthy says

    Would like to take you up on your G+ invite offer. (Assuming you still have invites available).
    Greatly appreciated!

    Pat in Chicago

  8. Samuel Grguric says

    Hey can you send me an invite?
    Also if anyone else who got an invite already from this site sees this, an invite from any of you would be great! Thank you!

    …and say goodbye to Facebook! =)

  9. Steve says

    If you have any invites left, could you send one my way or even other ideas on where to get an invite? Thank you!

  10. Shubham Gupta says

    Hey! I am really eager to join google plus… please send me an invitation…. will b really thankful to u….

  11. says

    I would like to be part of this new Google invention. I am a computer science and Engineering student. I will definitely like to compare this one with other social networking sites.It will be great if u can send me an invite :)

  12. fred says

    i know this has been asked 500 times but this one will be better than the others cause im saying more than just invite me to google plus, no no, i will not be that way, I will ask for an invite while i juggle hot potatos while doing the holla hoop, im doing it as we spreak so please send me an invitation before the hot potatos fall

  13. Rohit says

    Hey all.. ive got access to google plus and can sent out invites if you need.. let me know your mail id’s and ill send out the invite!

  14. Sammy Songster says

    Please sir, Iam really interested to join google+… PLz PLz PLzzzzzz send me a request….. Iam waitin…..

  15. says


    would you be so kind to invite me. It would be great, so i can try out this new thing.
    thank you very much for your engagement.


  16. Rosamond says

    As i use all google products i would have thought i could access google+ but it seems not. Can you please send me an invite. Thank you

  17. says

    I think google plus will be the champion but problem is the features that can attract public. Else why they come to another new media .
    So I want to join here if any one allow me

  18. Nicopal says

    Hello! could you please send me one invitation so I can invite my friends too? Thanks so much! Have a nice day.

  19. says

    I have ten blogs on Google’s And I would really appreciate an invitation to Google+
    Walt Barrett President
    A to Z Global Marketing Inc

  20. patrick b says

    It’s still possible to give invites….. I read there’s a work around by creating new “groups” n adding emails there….. check it out n if possible send me an invite….THANX!!!

  21. Alvaro says

    I think is a good idea to join google+ only from invitation, but, this politics represents a very bad sense of democracy.

  22. VISHAL SHARMA says

    hey i want to joing google+ .. It is intersting… Plz send me reqest as soon as possible…

  23. alyce says

    Ah, shucks. I am so sick and tired of Facebook changes that have made the site harder to use, easier for cyber criminals to operate via rogue applications, unable to enlarge friend’s photos due to slow slide show and so on, I would love to try this one.

    I joined MyCube but not fond of it.

  24. Grant Burshem says

    Please invite me kind person. I am extremely excited about Google Plus. I think it will be better than facebook ever was. I would appreciate the chance to enjoy it. Thank you.

  25. MASHAL says

    I would like an invitation from anyone .kindly I request any person to grand me a request regarding to join the GOOGLE PLUS .
    thank you :)

  26. Ashish Saxena says

    I would love to Join you at Google Plus….Please send me the invite for Google Plus..
    Many Thanks

  27. Joanne says

    Hi there many thanks for the information I found it very informative please could you kindly send me an invite or advise me of how I can obtain one? Thanking you in anticipation. Kind Regards Joanne

  28. Jin Mengcheng says

    Hi Oluniyi Ajao:
    Thanks very much for your invitation. but I don’t know how to accept the
    invitation or access the google+. I am in china and the firewall blocked the
    google+. what a damn firewall…

  29. Jenny says

    I would love to get invited on to Google +, I have been waiting for a while, and not sure how else to go about it – please can you invite me!
    Thanks in advance.

  30. raels says

    i have heard soooo much about this and would love to be invited… please then i can see what its all about!!!

  31. Riley Gobillot says

    If possible, could you invite me? I will invite as much people as I can too, to make it little bit easier for you.

  32. says

    Can someone invite me please. I would greatly appreciate it. I work for Ralph Lauren and could send someone some great discounts. Google says it is full, but I read there are work arounds. Thank you to any kind person that does this.

  33. Peter says

    Thanks David for sending me the google + invitation. I could not use it as it is not applicable for Google Apps addresses. Would you be kind enough to invite me as .

    Thank you.

  34. Dave R says

    I’m very social and this looks like a fun party I just need an invite:) I would appreciate it thanks

  35. Muntasir Mahmud Aumio says

    is it possible to invite anyone still? Then please do it. Invite me. Nice blog. I’ll keep posting on your blog regularly.

  36. Terry says

    don´t know if you can invite 625 person on Google+ :) But If you can, would you mind invite me too, please?

  37. says

    A great new step they’ve taken…great problem is that posts that you receive from friends are not in a chronological order..that makes it difficult to track the most recent post to respond to..anyway cool though..KEEP SQUARES OUT OF YOUR CIRCLE.SIR