I noticed multitudes of GOtv Africa banners and balloons in the ancient city of Ibadan Nigeria in the last quarter of 2011. The similarity with the name/logo of DStv was clear. Promotional drives were ongoing at different vantage points in Ibadan.

GOtv is a new digital terrestrial TV (DTT) service by Multichoice Africa, operators of DStv. Instead of broadcasting via satellite, GOtv broadcasts from TV masts, sending encrypted digital signals to proprietary GOtv decoders. The signal is then decoded and sent to the television set.

From their sales website:

GOtv, Nigeria’s newest pay TV service was launched in Ibadan on 15 October 2011. Using the latest DVB-T2 technology, this brand new digital service is dedicated to offering television lovers affordable family entertainment. Featuring 2 great bouquets, consisting of 29 and 25 channels respectively, GOtv is an exciting service delivering great television at a price everyone can afford.

GOtv Africa is promising to offer:

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Sharper sound
  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) that displays what’s on TV at the touch of a button

The above features are all started with DTT technology. The wide variety of channels offered are all extracted from their DStv service. None of the channels are exclusive to GOtv.

In Nigeria the monthly subscriptions for GOtv is 1,000 Naira and for GOtv Plus is 1,800 Naira. Launch price for GOtv (including decoder and 3 months GOtv subscription) is N9,000 and for GOtv Plus is N12,000.

A screenshot of GOtv Africa

A screenshot of GOtv Africa

Digitization of terrestrial television broadcasts is on-going in many countries globally at this time. Whilst DTT frees-up valuable frequencies for other uses like wireless broadband connectivity, it offers better picture and sound quality even with a minimal signal strength. The Nigerian broadcast industry regulator is the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). NBC’s website reveals that the government of Nigeria started the digitization process in December 2007 with a target date of 17th June 2012. Aside satellite and cable (MMDS), most TV broadcast in Nigeria today is still analogue. Before now, Startimes TV had been the only widely available DTT service.

The GOtv pay service is already available in 3 other African countries: Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

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  1. GOtv should come to Ghana quickly too. Thanks Dave for this post.

  2. Mcneri says:

    Monopoly or Oligopoly. Those two words limit Africa. And now they became two. When will there be 7 or 10 choices? Nigeria and Ghana we hail thee!

  3. Cosby Bikpe says:

    Amazing, isn’t it, while other Nigeria and other countries are granting DTT operators authorisation to help grow the interest in DTT broadcast, Ghana is killing the potential by refusing authorisation to the only company bold enough to lunch DTT pay service in Ghana.

  4. Gr8 initiative ? commend multichoice 4 extending its opportunities r way.Buh as an Independent Producer ? would lyk 2 start submitting exclusive contents via my tv show-RolloutAfrica.? ur cable platform.Kind Regards as We luk 4wrd 2 ur reponse.Cheers Mate

  5. bayo says:

    My gotv expired on 10 march. When i was travel 2 osun state is very disapointing dat d kids at home cannot even watch local station like Ait.Nta.Ltv
    pls do something guick 4 dat

  6. Opus says:

    Can ? watch b?g brother afr?ca,wrestl?ng and pr?m?er matches?

  7. Opus says:

    Can ? watch b?g brother afr?ca,wrestl?ng and pr?m?er matches?

  8. stanley says:

    the office address is, in lagos nigeria.please I will be happy if I can get it in my mobile.08033510036

  9. okey nnochi says:

    its good to have such terrestial tv(DTT). I”ve got Go! i have Go Tv am enjoying it. pls help us tell them to give us one “real” sports channel. Select & blitz are not real sports channels. And again their own (ie DsTV ) channel should be included, i mean Mseries.

  10. anthony ochube says:

    what is d current nos of stations & any airtime after ur monthly subscription expired?

  11. Famisa Lawrence Aderoju Olaniyi says:

    Hw do I be come distrebutor am in Enugu Nigeria you get back to me with 08064894840 or famisadavid@yahoo.com

  12. qdrt says:

    I want to know if GOtv has Bollyhood channels

  13. AIYEJUTO SEGUN says:

    Pls i brought gotv 4rm ibadan,getting 2 ilorin d gotv is nt wk,ad i hv 3 months scrib on it,what is d nxt 4 me nw.

  14. I bought gotv in ibadan,getting 2 ilorin d gotv didnt wk,pls any body dat hv intrest i wnt 2 seller it out,is gotv plus with 3 month free sucrib

  15. jennifer Ajaegbp says:

    i want GOtv to come to Anambra State Nigeria, alot of people are interesting, pls hurry fast.

  16. jennifer Ajaegbp says:

    pls, Anambra state in Nigeria need GOtv

  17. Adebola Adeniyi says:

    Africa magic, SS Bliz,MTV B, CNN, ISLAM, STV, LTV, CHANNELS, SET, NatGe.

  18. Adebola Adeniyi says:

    Africa magic, ss blitz, CNN, SET, MTV B, STV, LTV, CHANNELS, ISLAM, NatGe. All these station are not show in my Gotv.

  19. GOTV coming on the hills of startimes is an attempt for Multi Choice to break into an identified market they had been ignoring all this while!

  20. michelle obi says:

    Plssssss,jst bought gotv decoder,having signal problems even after several adjustments,d number is forever busy,been trying since 7am dis morning,so frustrating.can I pls hv ur other nos,maybe GSM,plssss.anxiously waitng

  21. Setoop says:

    We waiting for digiterisation of Nigeria tv station ,when will it come up since June 2012 is not realistic any more,NBC pls do something urgent

  22. olalere osegbola says:

    The service is too poor in my area isolo why don’t u wait and do ur resarch well before coming oout I wish u improve on ur service

  23. stanley says:

    Is gotv in calabar

  24. bob says:

    kindly give information about t-link decoders. tx

  25. ntula hassan says:

    i want elp

  26. Misheck says:

    I bought a gotv decorder and i found it fantastic i really like it, keep it up! Are chanels the same after 3 months due is over?

  27. Emperor says:

    Can I have the list of stations that is available in gotv decoder in enugu state?

  28. Atonye lamie alfred says:

    Ples where can i get Gotv in Enugu, nigeria. I need their contact you can reach me on facebook

  29. noso says:

    GOTV is so fake i bought a startimes decode cause they favor ladies i prefer zuku or any new not this fake gotv kenya

  30. bee says:

    pls i have problem with gotv.. there was signal problems, so i scanned it, and alas all my favourite channels gone. what do i do to restore pls??

  31. oluebube nriama says:

    can i get gotv service in anambra

  32. oluebube nriama says:

    can i get gotv service in anambra state

  33. usman says:

    I beg dis go tv na nonsense.imagine u can’t subscribe.

  34. cosmas onyeasigbulem says:

    pls can i supscribe 4 2 months in my gotv.

  35. Mary says:

    Can I watch Emmanuel TV on gotv?

  36. Asina njoki mohamed says:

    My gotv due is today 26 and am in south sudan and will be back on tuesday,my siblings a very disapointed that they cant be able to watch Big brother Africa 4 the 1st day,plis do something for them plis i will back on 28th to settle my gotv bill

  37. Hala Nusi says:

    BroomsTV launches in October. Check them out at facebook.com/broomstv.

  38. sarah githuo says:

    which m pesa no i want to pay am in kenya

  39. willord frances kariba says:

    please go t v to africa magic films like nigerian films you must to change not to repeat please help us we are customers of go t v malawi.

  40. shaban keyah says:

    I appreciate u brought these to kenya bt to b sincrre ur signals r tha poorest .concerned customer in nakuru kenya.i bought go tv bt its always on n off even local channels il apprrciate if u work on that.

  41. laolu says:

    Pls is gotv now in ilorin?

  42. faith says:

    Can i watch emmanuel tv on GoTV?

  43. I just paid my subscription fee at Eco bank. and had a test message to pay before 4th of this month. pls I need answer before I take you on .

  44. blaise says:

    y is my go tv stuck on one channel nd t cannot chang from t

  45. Paul says:

    We need gotv in Calabar

  46. Mark says:

    Some channels were not showing so I decided to scan again, this led to me losing most of the channels. How can I recover them?

  47. oyeniyi m idowu says:

    we are unable to watch gotv due to no signal more than two months in Sagamu can you pls assist to improve this

  48. godspower says:

    my name is godspower d prince.a nigeria.am a buesness man.spend most of my life time abroud. Please i rechearg my gotv iuc2004442170 over there.eg.spain.and who can i do it

  49. godspower says:

    my name is godspower d prince.am a buesness man.i spend most of my life time abroud eg spain.please how can i rechearg my gotv iuc2004442170.over in spain.

  50. Ajayi says:

    I wish to be a gotv dealer, how do i go about it? I lives in Ado, Ekiti State.

  51. cess says:

    GOTV is in my opinion the best affordable digital tv provider.

  52. gotv says:

    ah pliz add some chanels that can make people fill happy .. we regret for buying gotv

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