Before reading, I assume you already have a Multi TV subscription or intend to do so and that you have read my earlier blog posts on Multi TV. Else, you should read Multi TV Ghana, a new free digital satellite TV and Early review of Multi TV + Satellite information before reading this post.

A Multi TV dish

A Multi TV dish

The principle is very simple. Multi TV signals reach your decoder from a satellite called Astra 2B, located at 28.2°E. Multi Tv is not the only broadcaster on that satellite. There are a few others. Following the steps enumerated below, you would be tweaking your Multi TV decoder to recognize those other signals so you can enjoy the other broadcasts.

To start: You need a fully installed Multi TV system.

  1. Press MENU on your MultiTV remote control
  4. Click on the Yellow button to “Add” a new satellite. A new dialog box should appear titled “Add Satellite”.
  5. Fill the “Add Satellite” box using the information below and then select YES:
    • Satellite: Astra 2B
    • Longitude: 101 E
    • Frequency: 12572
    • Symbol Rate: 2854
    • Polarization: V (Press the Right button to change the polarization from H to V)
  6. Astra 2B should now appear in the list of Satellites under the EDIT SATELLITE menu. Select Astra 2B and press OK.
  7. Under EDIT TRANSPONDER, Press the Yellow button and enter the follow values on step at a time:
    Frequency       Symbol Rate          Polarization
    12572                   2854                         V
    12599                   3250                         V
    12729                   2725                         V
  8. Press Exit twice.
  9. Press Menu > Installation > Install Satellite > Green Button (Scan)
  10. You should now see 13 TV and 9 Radio stations. That’s it!

In addition to the 10 TV and 7 Radio channels from Multi TV, the following are available when you follow the steps above.

  • GTV (Ghana TV): the state-owned broadcaster that offers general programming including news, sports, music, movies,  and more.
  • CRTV: a Christian-themed TV station that offers news, documentaries, movies and more
  • LTM TV: A Cameroonian TV station that offers news & entertainment in both English and French.
  • Uniiq (FM) Accra: A radio service offered by state-owned Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). It features news, entertainment, government propaganda and more.
  • Royal Radio: A Christian-themed radio service offering general Christian programming, especially music.

Should you have any questions, simply post them in the comments area. Happy viewing…

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  1. Nita says:

    Many thanks for the DIY David. Pity, multiTV isn’t in these parts..

    • Though I assume you’re in the USA, you could have stated what parts you are. There are even more free-to-air tv/radio services on satellite, in the western world. ;-)

      • bardi blessing says:

        what is the current set up for multi tv or infinity?
        mine has stop working since on friday 30/11/12. pls i need ur reply is urgent.God bless you as you do.I am using infinity decorder.

  2. Lucky says:

    I want to know what you will do with the newly trained multi tv instalers.Will they be given certificates?HOW AND WHERE WILL THEY WORK?HOW MUCH SHOULD THEY CHARGE FOR ONE INSTALLATION?

  3. William Mensah says:

    Ghanaians are ready to enjoy anything cooked right from their own pot but i think your team should practice atleast something extra. Hitz tv is just too boring, the music video everyday. Is that what they do on radio?. Go out for more videos please

  4. Tony, Accra says:

    My concerns with multi tv are signal strength is low as 50-53 & quality arround 39-44 is that the reason i do receive poor quality video?

    2.I wish if aljazeera could be given 24/7 chnnel because of their news coverage. Please help

    • Get an installer to tune your dish properly. You should receive nothing less than 55% signal quality considering you are in Accra.
      I hope Multi TV is reading this.

      • Kwasi Boateng says:

        Olu, your blog is very revealing. The problem with installers is that some are not professional at all. You ask them to come at 5 and they show up at 9. I want to avoid them. Can you write on how to tune my dish?

  5. michael nfodzo says:

    is citi fm on multi tv?

  6. jagboro emmanuel says:

    sir thanks for a work well done i am using strong decoder 69x and it happen that i gat joy tv in lagos nigeria the sat is eultesat w4 sir can you help me with some of the tp and frequency
    thanks emmanuel form lagos

  7. mouss says:

    moi je suis au burkina j’ai un decodeur strong 4663.jai le son de multi tv mais pas l’image comment faire.

  8. joseph oboe-sam says:

    i intend to acquire multi tv. my place is far from koforidua, the nearest place where multi tv agents are available. would a technician accompany me to do my installation for me, or is there i “do it yourself” option?

  9. Tijani says:

    How can we be agent of Multi Tv in Nigeria?

  10. ralph from nigeria says:

    How can we be agent of Multi Tv in Nigeria?

  11. ralph from nigeria says:

    hello david i am an installer in nigeria. can give me the list of free satellites available in nigeria on ku band with frequency fec and symbol rate, polarization. thanks alot.

  12. eric says:

    besides LTM and CRTV, can i get other tv stations with my multi tv dish??

  13. eric says:

    hi DAV,

  14. eric says:


  15. Abraham Ansah says:

    I hav followed the procedure of adding more Tv and radio channels but it is only LMTtv that has come, what do i do for the rest to come.As for the 10tv and 7radio channels are already avail.

  16. Yusuf Ali says:

    Am in Nigeria,i also watching Multy Tv in my house.But am using strong receiver SRT 4669 isn’t possible to add the channel on the above frequency how ever how can i get midnight Tv that showing in channel 10
    thank you

    • isaac says:

      how can i add more station to my 10 exiting on multy tv and what is the new frequency call infinitv on the same frenquency with multy tv,thank

  17. nas says:

    pls is it working in nigeria and can i use strong decoder for it?

  18. Omondi says:

    Why is crtv not coming?If there is a problem pls let me know.

  19. Pappus says:

    Please David
    Apart from gtv, ltm and crtv is there any other tv channels i can recieve with my multi tv decoder? Your response will be highly appreciated thanks.

  20. noel quiles says:

    I wll like to know how i can add the intelsat 14 sattellite to my receiver

  21. Otentik says:

    Please i need settings for all free to air channels recievable in Nigeria. Thanks

  22. erico says:

    pls can u tech me well l can get more channels for my multi tv receiver

  23. Eric says:

    My decoder has a pendrive slot where I record programs but it not functioning now but formatting the drive every time i slot in, what could possibly be the problem?

  24. Abraham says:

    I heard a rumour that 11 new channels hav been added to the already existing ones, is it true?

  25. Godfred says:

    My decoder is positioning at 45e and i dont have astra 2b but rather astra2a,and astra 2a is at 28.2e,so how can i add channels?

  26. Godfred says:

    what is the position of astra 2b, can i add astra 2b. Second,intelsat 12 is where my multi tv channels are and it is positioning at 45e so how can i add channels

  27. kwame Abu says:

    Do you know that multitv will be showing Black star friendlies between Black stars vs. Holland and Blackstars vs. Latvia. on the 1st of june and 5th of june 2010

  28. Godfred says:

    Is intelsat 12 for africa, how can i add channels and which site to find some of the frequencies and symbol rates

  29. vadje t. kennedy says:

    i am from ghana and enjoying the programs of multitv and still requesting for more channels including supersports,espn and more.

  30. Godfred says:

    Whats the meaning of FEC

  31. jimoh says:

    my friend, is etv still on satellite? if so can u tell me how to locate them using a strong decoder?

  32. edward arko boateng says:

    i have installed a multi tv decoder and have some channells not working like infi sport 1 and do i add more channel incl metro tv and e tv

  33. Djokoto says:

    what is the frequency and symbol rate for sport 1. am using multi tv decoder

  34. Charles says:

    Sir, i learned that CRTV have introduce there own satalite tv’s can u tell me how to get there frequeny

    and i have discovered that infinity tv owner of the newly added 11 channel on multi tv is a pay satalite tv

  35. [...] have been inundated recently with requests about how to add new channels to the Multi TV decoder. The bottomline is, a new service was launched earlier this year on Astra 2B. Astra 2B is the same [...]

  36. d.j.baafaara says:

    can i use the dstv smartcard on my multitv decoder?

  37. Godfred says:

    Pls how can i enter biss code on my decoder, am using a strong dish with multi tv receiver.

  38. Fiifi says:

    is it possible to add Eurobird 1 at 28.5e channels to multi tv?

  39. Arc Ralph says:

    Pls can u send KU frequencies to me for different platforms.

  40. ay. says:

    Pls,when is daarsat coming to stay?
    If u ve any info pls let me knw.

  41. Lawson says:

    can biss code be enter in multi tv in order to retrieve channels

  42. Cmireku says:

    Pls I want to whether Multi TV decoder can take more than one dish.
    Secondly, what is the difference between Multi TV decolder and Strond decoder? Thank u

  43. Djokoto says:

    pls what is the freq. and sym. rate for ESPN( multi tv user)

  44. Frederick says:

    Plz i live in cape coast ghana. I use a dstv decoder. Is it possible to add more stations to it? If yes, how? Plz post it here or send it to

  45. emmy says:

    can it also work on MYTV

  46. Sydney says:

    Pls, I cant get Gtv and Infinity on my multiTV.I was having it but it now off

  47. samuel effi nigeria uyo says:

    I appreciate multichoice service(dstv)nigeria!then i also want multi tv to improve on their picture qarlity,add more good channel,then i belive muti tv provder are workin to give their viwer good HD pictures.

  48. monday Bisu says:

    I am getting GTV & CRTV but channels like joy are not showing. i can only here the audio but on video. i’m using strong decoder MPEG 3 but somebody told me that it’s only MPEG 4 That is compatible to multi tv. please reply.

  49. eric says:

    hi, l want you to show me the sit that l can get free channels

  50. kato says: suis au burkina.j’aimerai ma spécialiser au montage et decodage de chaine tv can you helpe me .

  51. mustapha Aguye says:

    for those that want more information on free to air sattelite should visit for all detail .more also any HD Decoder like strong srt 4669 will get u multi tv.if u have difficulty in recieving any channel at any sattelite,simply blind scann with your decoder and every thing will be okj

  52. ay. says:

    Kindly put me through on how to read and get more stations on

  53. YUSUF says:

    how can iget midnight TV with my multyTV frequency thanks bro

  54. Onichakwe David Andy says:

    hi, i really thank you for all these stuffs. pls keep us posted on latest developments.
    i have some questions for you to answer.
    1. why is it that these stations are not free in our country Nigeria?
    2.Are there Decoders that can get these stations free and how much?
    3.Are there other stations that we can get from multi-tv apart from the afore-mentioned?
    Onichakwe David Andy

  55. samconic engr.from Nigeria says:

    goodday, mr Oluniyi D. pls kindly sent to me some new satellite names an frequency smb’that can be uesd in nigeria.

  56. edem says:

    can i get multi tv on my my tv decoder???? and if so wat shud i do?

  57. edem says:

    please is any one using multi tv on a free 2 air decoder?if yes please tell me wat 2 do?????thnks>>>>>>>>>>>

  58. Naomi says:

    I want the frequencies for viewing GOD TV in Angola. In South Africa it a free to Air Channel,

  59. Kayode O E says:

    pls how can i get satanta tv on my strong str4669x. from Akure Nigeria

  60. godfrey 4rm benin city says:

    hi,thanks 4 the info.but i can only recieve crtv and gtv on my strong srt4653x decorder.ply is highly appreciated

  61. sir, pls i am using decoder STR4653 and i can not watch the follow station on it KILOSELE, SWITCH, and like that on it some are from INFINITY AND MULTITV, Sir what can i do to watch all this station on my decoder. i and had that they are changing the decorder what are the processing to be taken.pls reply

    • The principle is very simple. Your satellite decoder must be MPEG4 compatible. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to watch all the channels. Also, your dish must be pointed towards Astra 2B.

      • seedorf says:

        my inf switch dt normally hit good 9ja musik is not bringing out sound while every other channels do. i’m using d SRT4669X and it wasn’t like dt initially. pls what cud br wrong?

  62. Oreva says:

    Hello sir,i dnt know if infinity satelite have up to 50 channels.

  63. Adekunle says:

    sir i want to know whelther daarsat is still coming back bcus when ever i call their customer care line all they say’s is that their coming bark sir i wan’t to know how through is this ? thank’s

  64. okediran says:

    can you let us know how to acess the new site introduced by nigeria television authority i.e the satelite site, symbol rate etc and the available stations on this satelite

  65. Richard says:

    Please can you send me frequencies for some of the european free-view channels

  66. yaw gbedegah from accra ghana says:

    any time i try to view GTV on my MULTI TV it tells me: NO SIGNAL, CHECK CABLE.
    what should i do?

  67. ERNEST says:

    Please I experience poor picture quality in the even from 7pm

  68. sammy says:

    pls i really lyk wat u’re doin keep it up but im begining to hate wat HIT TV is doin, No latest foreign musics , latest showbiz infos nd unnecessary mixin pls tel the djs to know when to play nd tym to mix cuz itz getting boooring. Thnx

  69. ralph says:

    i installed 2 multi tv sites, its wonderful. thank u

  70. justice says:

    pls send me ur facebook username i have some questions to ask

  71. Chukwu Benjamin says:

    Please am from Nigeria and am using a Strong decoder SRT 4663X But most of my channels are not showing list Hitz Tv, Loveworld+, etc please what should I do?

  72. donbojan says:

    pls guy i installed d frenq of gtv but it not comin out frum my net dish

  73. donbojan says:

    and pls which sat and freqency is NTA NIGERIa located.

  74. mallam sule says:

    well how are you all masters here .well am facing some problems on my multi tv channels
    some of my channels have some problems the picture is all good but the talking are not coming at all
    some channels like
    and some other channels place help me thank you

  75. danieli says:

    to all d gurus nd masters in da building…am using a 9x strong receiver and a big dish to track multi tv nd infinity…i dont knw if i can also track the other f.t.a.stations like mbc3,4…e.t.c with d same equipment

  76. Abdul-fatawu says:

    How do i change my symbol rate digits to 4 instead of 5, because i have been 4 digit sr. Also i do not have crtv channel on my multi tv decoder. Thank you

  77. Hesron says:

    Hi, i’ve multi tv decoder with card slot and i heard in the near future multi tv wil be using smart card. Is that true?. Multi tv’s picture quality is much better. Nice HD Pictures. Dnt knw why people complain abt their pic quality. Thanks David for making me buy a multi tv. You shd be rewarded cuz u r good at convincing pple.

  78. vincent says:

    please how am i going to change my GBS decoder to free to air decoder? please if there is a way kindly help me because i don’t want to throw it away. am in Ghana

  79. kwesi t says:

    how can i receive channels with my GBS decoder

  80. kwesi t says:

    i hear infinity tv is going to scramble its channels and how am i going to receive the signal

  81. kwesi t says:

    i hear infinity tv is going to scramble its channels and how am i going to receive their signal

  82. vincent says:

    Please David, what is the difference between HD already tv and FULL HDtv. please i want to know. thank you very much.

  83. vincent says:

    please i have HD already tv do i have to buy something to attach before i can get the signal? please if yes what is that? and what should i if not yes? thank you very very much for your assistance.

  84. Hi,i want to buy multi-tv here in sassandra(ci). How much it cost?

  85. Governor says:

    I wud like to know how much am I going to subscribe for a year and what additional channels am I going to watch. If u have frequency and symbol rate for more free channels pls let mi know.

  86. Patrick from Onitsha,Anambra state says:

    God will bless u guys but it still remains audio improvement

  87. Mike, Aburi says:

    How can i add more channels on the latest multi tv decoder

  88. Isaac says:

    Pls David, I have Multi.TV decoder and I tried to get few channels from Nigeria. The pictures are good but no sound. How can I delete some of the channels that are blank on my screen


  89. Ralph says:

    Mentor, can multy tv work in liberia? I noticed the elevation on eutelsat w4 is higher than that of Nigeria.

  90. Lloyduchman says:

    @ david pls i need your help.i upgraded my strong 4669x firmware for me to recive infinity audio after it wrote succesfull it swicht of and refused to show up pls help me thanks.

  91. Chiadina says:

    am Chiadi, using strong SRT 4663X. Pls help me wit frequency and symbol rate for EWTV,CRTV and other FTA channels available on Eutelsat w3 and nilesat statelites

  92. Kings says:

    Kings from Nigeria.
    Pls help me wit FTA channels on nilesat and eutelsat w3. its frequncy and symbol rate. I need mainly free sports and africa and india movies channels and other free channels.. Am using Strong srt 4663x

  93. bashir says:

    thanks alot friends and how should i watch alheri with me srt 63x

  94. Fisayo says:

    Pls ao do i get audio to infinity usn 4669x

  95. Can u show more action movies on joytv now that crtv is not coming?

  96. ibrocool says:

    pls, how can i get d audio 4 some channels like kilonsele, vox etc. I am using strong 4669x



  98. fisayo says:

    why crtv is not shown again,it was getn to a month nw

  99. RALPH says:

    I noticed that KU dishes in liberia have their elevation for eutelsat w4 just like that of pas 7,10 in nigeria and here (monrovia) they majorly use 90cm dishes, i would try to deploy multiTV and report to you on the performance, maybe become the multy tv dealer here (Liberia). Thank you

  100. Richard says:

    Big bros. my greetings, my strong decorder doesn’t receive pics. for joy sport,hitz,kidz.. pls what do i do to get the pics. the audio is very clear bt no pics.

  101. adjei-kom david says:

    David, i have 24 channels on my strong decorder . but i have one dish if i buy another dish can i get more channels? Please advice me.

  102. RAF says:


  103. nexy says:

    To all the Guru in the house ……pls can i have a code to unlock RDV also pls where can i download softwares to upgrade my STRONG4663X and softwares that is important for my work…u can pls send me every information through (editor’s note: email removed) or perhaps paste it here………i really appreciate all ur work a t


      RDV Key: 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49

      How to insert>
      Press 8280 on your remote while on d RDV channel, this will show d BISS key panel/window on your TV screen
      Scroll down to Row no. 19=> All oooooooooooooooooo,
      just replace d 1st 16 nos
      Press exit, YES when prompted to save changes.
      Enjoy RDV

  104. adjabui says:

    am using a multi tv decoder, it has no option for adding a satelite to the already existing satelites when i go to menu, and installation. cld u give a detail direction as to how to go about it wit my multi tv decoder

  105. adjabui says:

    i sent the second message b4 seeing ur reply. in any case, just let me know if u ve a reply to my case.tnx

  106. Kels says:

    I used to have crtv on my multi tv but no longer works also all my infinity channels are not producing sound except 9ja and galaxy tv someone should help me.i dont have any astra A,B or C only astra1f_ku. Anyone who use DVBT USB DONGLE Should help me get more channels i currently have 18

  107. Richmond says:

    1. I can’t get sound @ most of infinity TV channels, please help me

    2. Do multi TV digital satellite receiver MDVB-S90800 support Audio control – mulaudio AC3?

    3. How to convert AC3 audio to MPEG 1, 2, 3 and 4

  108. chris says:

    Ben,thanks for the perfect job. Though i’m about to get one Mpeg4 decoder for my wife and one for self,the info read really worth it. Thanks. Good work.keep it up.

  109. vincent says:

    please somebody give me key to super sports 1, 2, 3

  110. Vincent says:

    I hv heard that strong 4669x can receive DStv pls somebody show me how and can i receive super sports 1, 2, and 3 for free? somebody help me.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Yes strong can receive DSTV but their channels have to be paid for. These include All sports, movie, news and documentary channels. Nothing free oh.

  111. seedorf says:

    I was able to unlock RDV but its not producing audio sound. Niyi, please advice on how to get the sound production. Note: All other INF channels produces audio sound after i had installed the adviced driver for audio.

    pls advice on RDV and if there is any other codes available for any other channels not minding if its SS or any other pls do post so we cud do the needful.

    God bless u as u take away pains and bring information to the poor.

    U ar Blessed boyound measure in Jesus name.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello bro. Just press the audio button on the remote control and shift in between the audio 1,2 3, and come back to 1. You should have sound.

  112. adjabui says:

    i use a strong 4669x decoder with a 90cm dish, is it possible 4 me to receive signals on nss w7, especially tv3, tv africa, viasat1 etc. am in northern Ghana, specifically upper east.kindly let me know.

  113. Nesk says:

    Hi, I stay in south-south Nigeria and just install multi tv and wanted to receive more channels and have done blind scan as directed on this forum but still receiving only 10 TV channels. I am currently using dstv 1.8 pan and the multi tv decoder model is MDVB-S9800 MPEG2/H.264 compatible decoder. Please I need a reply ASAP and thanks for the job you are doing on this forum.

    N/B: My interest is in EPL, Nigeria and western movies.

  114. stanley says:

    how can i add more ghana channels on strong decoder pls help me

  115. sam says:

    please add more tv channels like espn, movie magic, MTV base, reality, metro, etv, etv ghana, super sport, mnet and hallmark.

  116. Bernard Boateng says:

    please Mr. David, am using strong srt 4669x mpeg4 decoder and am able to get some channel on dstv. There is this channel called RDV from Senegal, I used to have the pictures but I rescan my decoder and I have lost the pictures. I was wondering if you could help me get the pictures back. Thank you

    • If you no longer see RDV but still see other free-to-air TV stations, it only means RDV is temporarily off-air.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Bernard, RDV is encrypted.Whatever did like resetting your decoder was responsible for that. As you are using an SRT4669x just update your decoder and go through this thread and you will find how to reconnect to RDV and premiership soccer. Bon Sior

  117. Isaac says:

    pls, send me firmware software for my srt4669 n what is d cost of dstv card in Ghana cedis

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello please go through this thread and you will find the firmware software. A dstv card costs Ghc45.00. Go to any accredited agent and buy.

  118. fred agyemang says:

    my multiv decoder restarts without any provocation and even after restarting it continues the restarting without stopping.
    when it happens like that i have to put it off & unplug it for not less than 30min. before i can now put on and start watching it. pls advise me on what to do

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Did you attach a usb to the decoder or try updating the decoder? Well whatever happened a bug has attached itself to your decoder software. Try resetting the decoder and if that fails send it to Multi Tv with your receipt for assistance.

  119. Marvyn says:

    I get other channels on my multy tv but can’t get sound wat shld i gtv wount work and can’t get

  120. Nduka isaac says:

    How can i receive crtv on my strong 4653x and other 11 channel


    why can’t we get the other channels tv3, metro tv, and the rest on our multitv decoders?
    Also, some of the chnnels, you can see the pictures but no sound and others too sounds come but no pictures.
    Please help us because the reason why we bought multi tv is to get crtv and we were hoping that, other channels like the one mentioned earlier will be added, but we were just deceived.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello. Maybe you should have bought a strong decoder SRT4669X. A multi TV decoder will only by right give you multi TV signals and channels.You cannot complain.

  122. AGUTI REUBEN says:

    so do i need to purchase the complete dish and it’s receiver again?

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      No, my brother. Just get the decoder and connect it. You will have to do a blind scan though, to get the Multi TV channels and other channels on the satellite band/ frequency. Should be around 28 channels with 3 encrypted.

  123. ENOCH DANN says:


    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello. The parameters for the new CRTV is FREQUENCY: 12552, SYMBOL RATE:19531, and POLARITY: VERTICAL.

  124. Bunny from Nigeria says:

    I do receive CRTV without picture, only sound. Am using 4663 strong

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello. from what I know, strong 4663 is Mpeg 2 but should be able to access CRTV. Please try updating your decoder and lets see what happens. Note that CRTV is back after re organizing its operations and could be using improved video codecs as their picture quality have improved drastically.

  125. Spencer Churchill says:

    Please just do a rescan of your decoder and you will have it. But I will post the freq and SR within 24 hours. They are not back on the same frequency so scan and get it or wait for my next post on the issue tomorrow.

  126. Vincent says:

    please somebody body give me a freq. and symbol rate of any FTA pornography channel abeg. am from Gh.

  127. Charles o says:

    Pls were can i download firmware for mytv strong SRT4669X

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello Charles. For updated firmware for your strong SRT4669X please go to this site and select the software listed as Its a zip file so you need to unzip it and then upload it onto your pen drive.

      After unzipping it, put the resultant software on the pen drive and upload it to your decoder. Make sure there is no power surge or failure during the updating. This is the latest software and was uploaded on Christmas eve.

      Good luck.

      • Chuks says:

        pls i tried upgrading my SRT 4663X to SRT 4669X n 4669XII but i keep gettin MEMORY ERROR.
        pls can any1 tell me wat to do n how to go about d upgrade.
        i’ve already downloaded n extracted d SRT 4669XII to my USB

  128. padded says:

    spancer chuchill and the host of this site, i want to thank u both for ur wonderful job. thank u again and keep it up, u are really bringing digital sat. more close to us. happy new year to u guys. and for those who re looking for free channels that are not free. stay clear this educating and distinguish forum.

  129. Gofred says:

    pls how can i add fta channels to my multi tv? pls help me

  130. shine says:

    Hi D, I very much apprciate the gud work u r doing by sharing this wealth of knwldge in this area. my multi tv dec has abt 29 chnls with some showing blank screens and alot more with pics and no sound. pls how do i get the sound for such stations.

  131. ENOCH DANN says:


    • Spencer Churchill says:

      RDV is on Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees East. This is the same satellite that hosts Multi Choice’s DSTV. You will need a FTA decoder preferably a Strong SRT4669X decoder, with the dish set to receive Eutelsat W4/7 satellite signals. After a blind scan you will find RDV as one of the channels.

      How to get RDV.

      Press 8280 on your remote while on the RDV channel, this will show the BISS key panel/window on your TV screen
      Scroll down to Row no. 19 All the numbers on this row are oooooooooooooooooo,

      Just replace the 1st 16 nos with these numbers (RDV Key): 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49 to unlock the signal.
      Press exit, YES when prompted to save changes.
      Enjoy RDV. I hope this ends the RDV questions on this thread. Please read all the postings to first check for a solution failing which you post the question. Thanks to all.

  132. Onichakwe David Andy says:

    Pls are there new channels added as at Jan.1st 2011/ how are my going to to get them. i heard Crtv is back i have added the tv but is showin bad signal . what do i do?

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      CRTV is on a new frequency and new symbol rate. Please rescan your decoder.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      CRTV is on a new frequency and new symbol rate. Please rescan your decoder.To enter the settings manually use this.The parameters for the new CRTV is FREQUENCY: 12552, SYMBOL RATE:19531, and POLARITY: VERTICAL.

  133. Onichakwe David Andy says:

    Do i need the latest software to get CRTV on my Strong SRT 4669X

  134. Onichakwe David Andy says:

    can people in aba,nigeria get RDV tv? if so giv us the frequency.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Most likely as its on the DSTV band. Just make sure you have an FTA decoder preferably a strong SRT4669X and on Eutelsat W4/7.But note the transmission is in french and may only be good for EPL or sports. It may interest you to note that they showed Italian league yesterday since there were no EPL matches but FA.

  135. ENOCH DANN says:

    thanx MR SPENCER 4 d reply.pls wat does dis ‘tv ant in’ found at d bck of a strong decoder means.thanx@SPENCER

  136. JAMES says:

    “I hv heard that strong 4669x can receive DStv pls somebody show me how and can i receive super sports 1, 2, and 3 for free? somebody help me.”


  137. JAMES says:

    Good work multitv. thanks

  138. isaac owusu says:

    has muti tv and infinite tv added new channels to their existing channels 2011 please reply back to me.please. if yes send me the frequency.

  139. isaac owusu says:

    what free channel can i get la liga to watch apart from dstv.please

  140. solo says:

    pls can I get RDV on multi tv.thanks

  141. solo says:

    pls can I get RDV on multi tv.If so how do I get it.thanks

  142. Onichakwe David Andy says:

    Give me a simple step by step guide on how to rescan my strong 4669x decoder. thanks

  143. Olajide says:

    Pls help can i used srt4663x decoder to unlock RDV pls reply

  144. LANRE MOSES says:

    Im using strong decoder 4663x,OH TV and Champion of fire Tv are not showing,but im hearing only d audio,i hv try 2 change d VPID code,i can get it,pls anybody there 2 send me d code i will apreciate it

  145. manaf says:

    how can i get the ff infinity channels in my multi tv.infi sports,indi movie express,dice series and i lean.kindly let me the setting codes.thank you.

  146. manaf says:

    need codes For the ff infinity channels,dice,infi sports,movie express and i lean.thank you

  147. Goodnews says:

    Pls what is d frequency for multi TV using hotbird.

  148. Chiadi says:

    Pls! Mbc3 is it possible to watch it on strong decoder, and what’s the frequency and symbol rate if its possible.

  149. Segun says:

    What is the role of lnb screw in satellite tracking?Is it that some lnb skew are on the anticlockwise position? @davida

  150. Thuggle says:


  151. jasper akabua says:

    multi tv is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooring

  152. jasper akabua says:

    they dont show exciting cartoons i mean slfh teletubies

  153. jasper akabua says:

    usualy i dont watch it

  154. jasper akabua says:

    and infinity channel click they always reapeat thier cartoons

  155. Kehinde fasasi says:

    Sir i am using 4669x receiver and i want to upload infinity station

  156. Kehinde fasasi says:

    Hello sir i am installer. Can give me the list of free satellite available in nigeria on ku band with frequency and symbol rate, polarization thanks.

  157. patrick says:

    hi bro thanks for the other day i subscribe for DSTV compact bouquet but the major channel stations (SS10 AND 7NI) that made me pay for this bouquet is now scrambled while every other channel are showing well what can i do pls. heeeeelp i am missing the football matches i paid for…thanks and God bless

  158. james says:

    uncle David what happened to crtv?

  159. Divine says:

    I dnt have astra 2b… Instead I have astra_if. I want to know if they r the same. N is it possible to update my multitv decoder.

  160. Cmireku says:

    How can i get CRTV and other channels on my strong decoder. I am in Ghana

  161. Ojo sunday says:

    Hi am new here and i need your help mr Oluniyi. I just got my multi tv yesterday but crtv is not on it and am using strong 4669x, presently i have only 24 channels. what can i should i do.?

  162. JAMES says:


  163. padded says:

    what happened to those free dstv channels that we were recieving using strong 4669x?

  164. Aguti Reuben says:

    My decoder am using, those settings you have been giving doesn’t support mine. Though, when i scan it, i got the channels sometimes.

  165. Sixtus says:

    Pls sir,i have strong 4669 apart from infinity and multi tv can i get any other fta channels pls

  166. acoustic says:

    can i get strong channels on multi tv

  167. Sobayo babatunde says:

    Sir, i just bought mytv decoder strong 4669xii and i need the procedure of installing multitv and infinity station on it please help me out on what to ….. Thank

  168. JAMES says:

    @Sobayo babatunde you need an installer, dish is not RF antenna. secondly is not plug and play

  169. kingsley says:

    i am using strong srt4669,i don’t watch english premiership,how do i add new channel that i will use in watching it pls.

  170. Ishmael says:

    Hello Dave, i appreciate your good work
    my question is, is strong srt 4669x a high definition decoder?
    thank u

  171. Idriss Abdallah says:

    Pls in which channel can i watch porn movie on multitv?

  172. Idris says:

    Is real tv remaining aljazeera 24/7 forever? Pls reply.

  173. Idris says:

    Hi Mr. Oluniyi! I like u soo much with what u are doing here bt u dnt answer my questions. I dnt know why. Can u explain to me why? I wuld also like to hav ur email adress. Thnk u. May u be bessed.

  174. Cooljay paul says:

    Hello every! Abeg dere’s no channel 2 watch on multi tv again, all is scramble except 4 d other ones (NTV, CCNTV…ETC) so wat’s up guys? Any new freq.? I’ll b waitin…tnx y’all

  175. philip osei says:

    my decoder is grundig gufsat01sd with freesat,am able to catch multi tv channels,i hear the sound but no picture.why

  176. elochukwu,nnewi, anambra, nigeria says:

    l’m using SRT 4663, 4kids speaks but no can l adjust or what can l do to make d video appear?

  177. Tomola Friday Oyetakin says:

    hi dave, can u pls send me the latest frequency for the free to air i have STR 4669xll.

  178. Cooljay paul says:

    Hello guys any new frequency for infinity tv? Pls reply

  179. Ola says:

    I used strong decoder 69 precisely bt i was told by installer dat i need 2 lnb 2 receive multi tv. I did dat bt still cant get it. Kindly help me u out. My ogas. David i beg

  180. kwaku says:

    Hi David can u plz help me with CRTV fq i really need that Tv than all the other channels

  181. Aguti Reuben says:

    my friends can watch some of Dstv channels on their multi TV through the help of some software. how can get some of the software to install on my Multi TV?

    • james says:

      since somebody did it for friend, why dont u call that person to do yours?

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Aguti,I can assure you that there is no software for what you are talking about. What I know of is that a double LNB is fixed on a single dish fixed to recieve Astra 2A at 28 degrees east and Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees east. You can scan for both Multi TV and DSTV and watch both transmissions but you need an activated and fully paid up subscription for DSTV.

      If they are watching DSTV free,then that is illegal and we do not encourage illegal FTA viewing but legal FTA like multi tv, etc.

  182. JAMES says:

    @Spencer Churchill he didn’t mention he/his friend were watching dstv for free. unless u have something else in mind. is cctv, ohtv etc not fta? remember they are in Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees east

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Kindly read the answer I gave again. I said IF and not that they were actually doing that.

      If they are watching DSTV free,then that is illegal and we do not encourage illegal FTA viewing but legal FTA like multi TV, etc.

      Whatever you watch, when talking about it be specific as to whether FTA or encrypted signals that have become temporarily FTA. Anyone commenting on it can then make an informed comment.

  183. blakkshort says:

    i have heard about dongle what is it

  184. john aflade says:

    please we need super sports on the multi tv.

  185. eugene says:

    pls can i get supersport cheat settings on my dstv pls

  186. Chilly says:

    Please can i use MultiTV with my USB Tv Card to watch tv on my Laptop?

  187. snoopy says:


  188. joseph says:

    i used to receive some astra a signals like crtv, kilonsele, infinity, nija, etc. now only astra b stations are available. how can i get other satellites?

  189. rashad Ibn says:

    Please sir, I am in sunyani, the capital of brong ahafo. I am using flat screen tv. LG 42″ HD tv. I have searched always for free digital channels but I aint had even one. I want to know what I will do to be able to receive any digital channel. Well please can u let me know the difference between STRONG DIGITAL tv and MULTI TV?

    • JAMES says:

      who asked u the kind of tv u use? u have money to nuy 42 icnh tv but to buy multitv or strong is a problem to u. u can buy both is not a perishable goods or go and buy dvd plates in the market

  190. Ebenezer says:

    sir, am having strong 4663 reciever how can i install it for christain channels on my own

  191. Kwaya says:

    Any free porn channels? Pls, the sat. Freq. n sr. Tnx

  192. REUBEN says:

    James, we are in a democratic era, so allow Kwaya to air his view and request.

  193. joseph says:

    pls somebody help on MBC3.2.1 FTA god will bls u

  194. Okey says:

    All my infinity stations have no audio. What do i do

  195. Okey says:

    All my infinity stations on srt 4669xII have no audio. What do i do. Is there any upgrade. I am in nsuka nigeria

  196. kola says:

    hey guys pls i av a question 2 ask u?is it by falls 2 open a company dat can not all fer a good service 2 there customers?or 2 d world,pls if u guys can’t render a good service pls pack ur load and go of air 4 now,stop re showing one film every day again,at list u guys are in lagos and film is very ship over there can’t u guy call ur self 2 question and ask ur self same question if u guys are in ur customers shoe will u like 2 view one film every day 4 what u paid 4 pls try and do some ting about it or.

  197. ben says:

    how can i reset multitv channels in the next 12 hours

  198. Paracletos says:

    God bles u 4al d gud job.goin tru ur post,u av help me alot espcialy n rdv,i av a str69 wit 2.6m dish.sir where nd how cn i get mor useful chanel sport mostly nd in western nigeria. Again God bles u

  199. Paracletos says:

    God bles u.luk 4ward to ur reply

  200. Paracletos says:

    Pls how can i locate eurobird 1 in west nigeria. Which sid wil my dish face

  201. Presty says:

    Why is midnight tv no more

  202. Sylvcee says:

    pls i tried upgradin my SRT 4663X to SRT 4669X (5.4mb) or 4669XII(5.5mb) via my USB FLASH but all i keep getting is MEMORY ERROR.
    Pls can any1 tell me wat to do n how 2 go abt d upgrade

  203. JAMES says:

    * 720 × 480, 704 × 480, 352 × 480, 352 × 240 pixel (NTSC)
    * 720 × 576, 704 × 576, 352 × 576, 352 × 288 pixel (PAL)

    1920 x 1080


  204. Pilato says:

    Pls what is the price for SRT 4669xii receiver in Ghana.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Pilato SRT4669XII costs around $120.00 US dollars in Ghana And is available from Platinum Satellite Opposite Frankie’s on the Oxford Street at Osu R.E. in Accra.

  205. Paracletos says:

    Please what about my own comment

  206. JAMES says:

    @Paracletos use this link
    e.g in your location enter lagos,niheria
    in all satellite enter choose 28.5e eurobird 1.
    if your address is already in Google earth, u can locate your house and put the dish where u want it to be on the screen before installation.
    good luck

  207. sel says:

    some of my channels dont have audio. Why is that?

  208. Tony says:

    I had this strong decoder,a 4669x model without a smartcard for almost four months then decide to get one today.when i inserted the smartcard,mytv encryted signal(those with d dollar sign) didnt display. These included eurosport,trace and likes.i returned it only for it to work on d smart card dealer’s personal decoder which looked a lot older than mine. I would appreciate some help.

  209. bororo says:

    I use 4653x DVB can multi tv work on it

  210. D Dentsui says:

    all ifinity channels went off why?

  211. joshua says:

    hi.i rescan my multi tv i cant get the channel back again why can some body help me please

  212. Acoustic says:

    Only two channels wrk on infinity why

  213. keep working u will get it right one day good luck.

  214. REUBEN says:

    HI Spencer Churchill,
    I was told the upgraded version now for the strong decoder is 4669z. Is it true?
    And which type of strong decoder is the best in the market now?

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Reuben, the best Strong decoder yet is the SRT4669X. Its versatile and reliable. Its truly strong, not just by name. The other 4669 whether Z or II, has software problems and does not respond to upgrades of software and keys like the good old SRT4669.

      All upgrades of software start with SRT4669x before the other 4669 receivers. I hope this answers your question or go to and click on the first topic and compare products.

      • James Ayarik says:

        i have strong 4663X. it was working with a 2008 version of firmware. as soon as i upgraded to the 2011 firmware all channells refused to open. can anyone send me the 2008 or 2009 softwares to enable me revers the upgrade?

  215. seedorf says:

    4669z is actually out but I don’t think its d best cos I have it and yet all my infinity channels are still blocked. @Niyi, pls update d house if there is any solution as regards those Infinity channels.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello Seedorf, infinity will remain scrambled no matter what we do or say. They must start reaping their investments. Lets try to forget them for now.

  216. Adjabui says:

    Gud day guys. Am in Ghana and i ve installed a 90cm motorised dish, could some1 please help me out with the possible satellites i may get and their respective frequencies and SR. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  217. Owolabi says:

    Sir, I have DSTV customized and HITV branded Decorder how am i going to enjoy the stuff and where could we get your dealer to buy the Multi Tv system in Lagos Nigeria.


  218. Maame says:

    Why is that all the Infinite channels are not working. At time it will come but no talking and at times too ti will come at all please what is happening let me know and direct me of what to do.

    • sunday says:

      What to do is 4 u to buy thier decoder to view their channels again cos they need to reap from what they have invested.Their channels are not 4 free anymore.finito!

  219. MUSTAPHA says:

    Hi! just to inform lovers of CRTV that it is back on air.Just rescan your decoder and it will apear.Happy viewing

  220. Hw will i scan sport channel om multi tv.

  221. Emma says:

    Please am using strong decoder,for multi TV how can i watch the dollar symbol channels or scrabble channels.
    thank u

  222. Emma says:

    from Ghana please can i get infinity tv

  223. Maame says:

    why is that some channels on the multi tv esp. infinite tv does not appear or no talking. how should I go about it to view

  224. Gino says:

    Who knows somthing about multi tv decoder mtv 9800j….it uses a multi tv software…….can it be changed to strong……

  225. Chilly says:

    Please @Spencer, i want to buy a strong decoder now which should i choose for quality SRT 4669X SRT or 4669XII.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Chilly, take it from me. By far the SRT4669x is the best decoder ever for satellite viewing in Africa. Go for it.

  226. Oluwaseun says:

    Can hitv decoders be used to get free to air channels. You people in the house please obey they rules before you add your comment. Thanks.

  227. kwabena says:

    please i want to know which decoder is the best
    (strong signal reception)

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Kwabena, take it from me. By far the SRT4669x is the best decoder ever for satellite viewing in Africa. Go for it.

  228. Bright says:

    Are ur guys who do ur installation going to get Certificate for the work for the future reference. U Need a fix price 4 doing Installation?

  229. SYDNEY DEBRAH says:


  230. babalola david says:

    you put smile on peoples face thanks alot

  231. Chilly says:

    Who in the house uses Avatar F.T.A dongle please tell us more on how it works.

  232. Pandy says:

    Hi ! @churchill i admire u keep on advicing on the right choice. . u ar realy important as technology is concern

  233. Andrews Tweneboah says:

    Multi tv is the best to me in my life and the way i see multi tv is like i have get the most need in my life, it make me happy want i am sad at home multi you are the best.

  234. enoch appiah says:

    hello i m enoch i m having a problem with my stromg decoder its having some power problems how do i go about this

  235. Mr.EMODI says:


  236. Jude says:

    How can i watch super sport on my strong srt 4669xii

  237. Son says:

    Attachment of multitv,ew4 and eurobird.pls any idea help.tnx

  238. Raymond says:

    Olu, i bought a strong srt 4330 decoder (multi tv) but the installer could not install it with reason that my decoder was mpeg-4 and cannot be used to search for channels. Can that be true? How do i use my decoder to search for channels

  239. Raymond says:

    Please give me the guidelines in how to install the strong srt 4330 decoder. Thank you.

  240. sefa says:

    pls can i get free channels on srt 4330 n how

  241. Arc Ralph says:

    MultiTv has come to stay in liberia.

  242. Frank says:

    I need more freqeney on multi tv mdvb2 decod

  243. Habakkuk says:

    I have strong 4669z with one dish connected to multi tv. How can i get free internet on it and the necessary codes. pls reply me via email. Thanks alot.

  244. Bayonet says:

    Please i need solution on how to watch infinity tv 4free on srt 4669×11.may God bless u as u do.

  245. Peter Cann says:

    How can i get more channels on multitv

  246. RICHARD says:


  247. Goodnews says:

    pls my multi tv is scattad.n dnt knw hw 2 track it wit d parameter,d cm n wia 2faz it.

  248. Bernie says:

    Hello, Would you lose ur Multi tv channels when u search for new channels like infinity tv or would it be just an addition to those channels.

  249. DONNEX says:

    HI am Donnex from Malawi and using strong srt4663x after transfering the software from usb to the the decoder it does not switch on please help

  250. frank says:

    what can I do get more channels on dstv angola.
    I want to know if there is a way of clouning the dstv multcho card. if so plnse what do I need to do so

  251. khanyisile says:

    I’m in S.A I have try everything I could re-install the emmanuel tv but it refuse pls help me with the correct frequency 4 multichoice PVR

  252. ronald says:

    please can i receive nilesat channels in bamenda cameroon.especially mbc action.tanx

  253. 2adebayor says:

    How can i watch infinity channels free on my srt 4669x mpeg 4.

  254. Edward says:

    Please my multi tv decoder has got Astra 2A/2B Satellite.
    I need to know if I could get additional free to air stations
    I tried following your instructions to see if I could but the
    settings are quite different from your instructions/ I reside in Ghana.
    Any help with how to set the frequency and symbol rate for this?
    Please Help!!

  255. omo says:

    Please am using strong 4663x, can i use it to watch multi tv? Please help me.

  256. nii add0 says:

    Please what is the difference between srt 4669 and srt 4330?

  257. Multi TV is my sat TV choice any day any time,
    I alwayz recommend it to all my customers and everyne interested in buy any satellite Receiver,
    big tanx to d mgt,
    Thumb up.


    i want 2 no d frequency synbol rate polarity and d degrees of JOY TV


    hi my multi tv sat is Astra1f_ku how can new freq n perhaps new channels . i wud be very grateful if u help me


    i was told by a friend that multi tv is selling their own decoder that comes with up to 20 channels including yoruba movie channel, how true is this story, or is it kktv the person is trying to talk about, and wat s kktv is all about? thanks for replying honestly.

  261. Solomon ALABI says:

    Multi tv is real
    I’m one of those recommending it for every home in Nigeria here
    It’s MORE THAN MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Mitchel says:

    I hail your good works okay and infact you’re great at what you that i would love to be trained in your field by no one else but you.

    By the way i have one question and that is; can i connect to nilesat 101 and 102 satellite in Ghana on multitv?

  263. Prosper says:

    I have a strong decoder,it had multi tv channels,bt when i restored factory sets,they where decoder don’t hav astra 2b,bt has 28.2E astra 2a2b2d,bt i could not find dem there,but i also knw dat b4 i remuvd process of scanning other channels,they wil enter the list again,but now i can’t get them,what do i do?

  264. kingwutor says:

    I have multi TV and when I switched it on the information I get is NO CHANNELS.Any help

  265. Kwame says:

    The GTV channel on my multitv is mixed with a radio channel. The audio is double, the one from the tv channel plus the one from the radio channel. Please help

  266. manaf says:

    when u go to GTV,press audio on ur remote and change it to right or left and save

  267. ruth says:

    when i switch on the multi tv, it written no channel. so what am i going to do?

  268. sulleyman says:

    please i need help, how can i be train to be an MPEG4 decoder installer,i want to know the cost and the place.

  269. Jonathan Twum says:

    pls is it true that we need to scan our decoder with new satellites and frequencies provided before we can watch multi channels due to system upgrading. Please help me with those details imediately because we having no or bad signals for the days till here in Akumadan. We can’t watch tv.

  270. Mill says:

    I have re-scaned the new Multi Tv Freq.All my channels are there .But cant get emmanual Tv,KKTv .Can you please of help .

  271. kwame says:

    i am using a strong decoder and with the introduction of the new frequencies in ghana i am unable to receive pictures but the sound comes. can i get the set up to enable me enjoy the programmes?thanks

  272. Eze ernest says:

    I have strong and also mytv dish i will like to know if they are desame.

  273. Kofi says:

    What is the new frequency of multitv in ghana

  274. Jackson says:

    I am using two digi box for more channels but now i have lost the free channels, how do i get them back.

  275. selorm says:

    help me with the setting of my channels. I need the procedure and the codes involve

  276. rebecca dadzie says:

    what do i do when the decoder menu is off

  277. bawa says:

    there seems to be a general lost of multy tv signals from 27th nov. 2012. Whats the problem and is there solution?

  278. Rotimi seyi says:

    Pls wat is d satellite location 4 multitv in nigeria

  279. Osman says:

    I use Strong decoder SRT4669Z. It appears the guide you gave on adding new channels is for Multi TV decoder because the menu on the Strong does not take you through the processes you explained above. Could you please explain how to add new channels on the Strong decoder?

  280. adegboye says:

    please what is the current frequency for multytv?

  281. Yeboah says:

    Plz i want the new frequency n symbol rate

  282. ADEDIRAN says:

    Sir,I used MDVB-S2 USB PVR decoder. I have followed the procedure of adding more tv and radio channel,nothing has come.what do I do;forthe rest 17 channels,all frequency, symbol rates and polarization in the decoder are already avail.

  283. Eric Hanson Hyde says:

    For some time now my multi tv use boot by it self,this always happens any time i switch it on.i dont know wheather it has develop fault or not.i dont know what to do

  284. Hussein says:

    Pls guys am using strong decoder and i joy on . But i mistaking delete all . Pls how can re cover it back.

  285. emmanuel says:

    does my multitv can be use for double dish

  286. Gaisie says:

    my multitv always have breaks

  287. koranteng emmanuel says:

    plz help me i am having dvb decoder and i want to know if i can use the multi tv dish

  288. koby says:

    i am an installer in cape coast , ghana . i need an installer friend who is in cape coast or accra

  289. pheztus says:

    i liked your post but i think you might want to update since multi tv went through a satellite upgrade …thanks :)

  290. wisdom says:

    i reset my multitv decoder and i loose all my channels please help me to resolved this problem

  291. says:

    I hv a mytv universal strong decoder.dat shows multi tv channels nd my tv channels with mytv card slot.but now,it does nt show multi tv channels.wat I’m I to do?

  292. Kwame says:

    Pls I use the new multi tv decoder ( CA Plus Series 2). Two days ago a younger brother changed everything to factory settigs and I’ve lost all channels and previous settings. please give me directions to set it up again. The menu is diffrent from the old digi box thanks a lot.

  293. otifitaaso says:

    Can I use my digital tv to watch multi tv channels

  294. joe says:

    gtv always come radio ghana at background why?

  295. ERNEST says:

    i tried it on my strong decoder in ghana and now all my channels are gone . how do i get my channels back or how can i edit the satellite on strong?

  296. kwabena ankomah says:

    I went to click on factory setting or restore and i can’t acess my decoder again. Can anyone help me out pls.

  297. Eric Ikpe says:

    Mi name is eric ikpe m in 9jeria n mi multi tv hasn’t been showing 4 2days running now ..n its makin mi room boring

  298. rexford opoku anane says:

    after the upgrade last week my strong decoder has stop working. please help me to instal d channels back.

  299. michael quaye says:

    can u add double LNB on multi tv decoder to get more channels.

  300. Stungo Christine says:

    HI. thanks for your post. We don’t have multi tv yet. We were told that depending on how it was intalled we could catch french channels, do you know if that is correct? Which channels? It seems we have to make the choice at installation if we want only the french channels or the common multi tv channels?

  301. patrick Orimo says:

    i have an S9800 receiver …am not even seeing ASTRA 2B when i search for the satellite

  302. Raphael says:

    Is it the same with strong digit box

  303. pius says:

    please does this settings applies to strong decoder

  304. Matthew A says:

    plz i want a software dat open tv3 on bove multi tv and strong decorders

  305. laala says:


    Is there a way to find out in which countries I can get the multi tv signal? I travel all over the world a lot and would like to know where I can watch multi tv where possible.
    Perhaps there is a website that lists all the countries.

  306. Lawrence says:

    Please, how can I upgrade my SRT4669Z STRONG DECODER in order to get more channels? I need help.

  307. chaali0 says:

    how can i use strong decoder to catch xxx stations

  308. nana amankwa says:

    Am using the “quality” type of multi, how can I add tv3 and othere channels.

  309. Peter says:

    please not all the multi tv decoders are have the edit satellite at the installation of the menu. What should we do?

  310. CHRISTIAN OBENG says:

    I tried it but it didn’t work. The quality signal was red instead of blue. Pls kindly help me.

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