I got the following question from a reader of this blog via email, and choose to answer publicly so as to assist others in need of the same information:

Please do you have anybody or office in Lagos that I can get Multi TV dish and decoder, and the Technician that can install it for me. Or any dealer in Lagos, plz help.

Considering Multi TV is a Ghanaian operation, I am not aware of any officially accredited installers in Nigeria. Since Multi TV is free-to-air and I have noticed them promoting satellite receivers that are not branded Multi TV, I would go ahead and offer you a do-it-yourself route. More so, I assume they are aiming to make money from TV adverts on their network, not necessarily from the sale of Multi TV satellite receivers.

MultiTV Ghana

MultiTV Ghana

Multi TV is not licensed to operate in Nigeria. Not by NBC nor by NCC. Their satellite signal only happens to cover much of West, Central and parts of Eastern Africa. Thus, you won’t find many Multi TV decoders on sale in Nigeria, except for a few that some individuals bring in from Ghana.

Any 60cm or 90cm satellite dish would do. The brand on the dish is just a label. Any dish of the 60cm or 90cm diameter will work just fine. Next, you need a satellite receiver that is capable of handling MPEG-4 signals. The MPEG-4 bit is very critical. MPEG-4 is a modern video/audio format Multi TV uses in transmitting their digital signals. Most of the recent Strong digital satellite receivers can handle MPEG-4 gracefully. If you happen to find a Multi TV branded receiver, that’s even better. I was found these items in Game store at Palms Mall, Lekki. You might want to check with them considering you’re assured of quality.

You can buy the dish and satellite receiver yourself. There are hundreds of outlets in Lagos offering these. The classified sections of the major daily newspapers is a good place to start. You might also find installers offering their services in the Classifieds. If you trust the installer enough, you can have him procure the dish and receiver for you.

Any installer worth his/her salt would have the Multi TV satellite parameters. All the same, I am sharing it below:

Satellite: Astra 2F
Position: 28.2°E
Beam: West Africa
Frequency: 12522
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol rate: 19531

Bonus TV channels

Another Ghanaian free-to-air satellite TV service known as KKTV happens to share the same satellite as Multi TV. Thus, when you enter the following parameters, you have access to the 3 TV channels broadcast by KKTV.

Frequency: 12603
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol rate: 3095

Happy Viewing!

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  1. Ajayi Oluwaseun says:

    Please help, my multitv is showing not until november 2012, it just stops working, but i am d only one affected bt all my neighbours. What do i have 2 do to bring it back? Is it that the its satellite has changed?

  2. Ajayi Oluwaseun says:

    Please help, my multitv is showing not until november 2012, it just stops working, but i am not the only one affected bt all my neighbours using that tracks that same multitv. What do i have 2 do to bring it back? Is it that the its satellite has changed?

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Please, the kktv is no more coming can I have the new frequncy and symbol rat

  4. Emmanuel says:

    are the kktvs alive, may I have their frequency and symbol rates

  5. miriam timiebi says:

    Pls may I know where to get a canal plus decoder, n how is the monthly payment plan? wat office to make payments also with whose name?

  6. paa nii says:

    tv3 is not showing any longer y?

  7. okey says:

    pls could u direct me to any ntw provider for internet cyber cafe in sokoto state nigeria

  8. olasunkanmi says:

    please my satelite tv was receiving multi tv channels until october 20th but now i can see any channel on my tv again.please can someone help me out please.

  9. olasunkanmi says:

    i can’t see any stations on my satelite tv again.please i need someone to tell me what to do.

  10. Misbau Musa says:

    Is it possible to watch multi tv in south africa

  11. ali bukar says:

    mul ti tv is the best

  12. Issaka says:

    can i track mytv and infinity tv in northern ghana? and how? thanks

  13. ganabahjoe says:

    Please what does mytv mean and what are its benefits?

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