I have been inundated recently with requests about how to add new channels to the Multi TV decoder. The bottomline is, a new service was launched earlier this year on Astra 2B. Astra 2B is the same satellite that beams Multi TV’s signals to West Africa. Since Infinity TV is currently on test transmission phase, their signals are unscrambled and thus Multi TV users with the right settings can enjoy Infinity TV service, for now. This is not restricted to Multi TV subscribers. Anyone within the footprints of Astra 2B’s West Africa beam with an MPEG4-compatible decoder and a satellite dish pointed towards Astra 2B at 28.2°E would be able to receive infinity tv.

infinity tv

infinity tv, a new direct-to-home digital satellite TV service for Nigeria

A press release announcing the service in September 2009 read in part:

Pathfinder Launches Premium DTH Service across Nigeria with SES WORLD SKIES

Uniquely positioned to enable the rapid expansion of television broadcast services across Africa, SES WORLD SKIES, a division of SES S.A., today announced Pathfinder Communications has signed a multi-transponder, multi-year deal to deliver its new Infinity TV package over the ASTRA 2B satellite to homes throughout Nigeria.

Pathfinder has secured two full Ku-band transponders to deliver its premium DTH lineup, which offers 45 channels of movies, music, sports, lifestyle, news and children’s programming.

Since Infinity TV is still in testing transmission phase, the following channels are subject to change:

  1. Click – a cartoon channel targeted at children
  2. Movie Express – a movie channel focused on western genres
  3. Kilonsele – a cultural channel focused on Yoruba language
  4. Springboard – musicals, talk shows, electronic tutorials, comedies, dramas, quizzes etc all aimed at the youth
  5. Infinity Sports – a sports channel
  6. Voxafrica Africa – a Pan-African, bilingual and independent TV channel
  7. LoveWorld Plus – a Christian faith and lifestyle channel
  8. African Movie Channel – a channel focused on movies from Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry
  9. Setanta Africa – an international sports channel
  10. Odenigbo – a movies and lifestyle channel in Igbo language

Considering the current phase, do not be disappointed that some of the channels broadcast certain movies in a constant loop.

There is no harm in enjoying the free service while it lasts. If you are currently watching Multi TV channels, simply enter the following parameters to your Multi TV decoder to enjoy Infinity TV:

Frequency: 12543
Symbol rate: 20800
Polarization: Horizontal

Re-scan your Multi TV decoder after entering the parameters.

If you need a detailed help with the steps, read: How to add more TV & Radio channels to your Multi TV decoder. If you are using an MPEG4 decoder that supports blind scan, simply scan your decoder to reveal Infinity TV.

Enjoy the free channels while they last…

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  1. ay. says:

    Am using daarsat for multitv,crtv,gtv and infinitytv but pls do you know anything about daarsat? They’ve being out of signal since last year and i do not think that there is hope of them coming back soon.
    Moreso that StarTv is around.Let me knw if u ve any info abt dem.

  2. chuks says:

    pls update me with any of d new frequency and symbolrate of dis multi tv new added channel…mail me or u can use it 2 drop a msg on my facebk..thks chuks NIGERIA.

  3. Phil says:

    I like your beautiful and interesting blog which I got through Google while looking for solution on Astra satellite to view Infinity Channels. Please can I use my Strong 4652 satellite box to program and view Infinity channels please? Please help and reply on how I can make this work out for me.

    Many thanks to you.

    • Strong SRT 4652X is old. It only supports MPEG2 and would already be able to decode some of the channels on this satellite. Most of them are formatted in MPEG4. Best of luck.

      • Jide says:

        Hello David, i lived in the uk, please what strong digital receiever would you recomend for me to buy to nigeria, that could pick many channels and if possible european and american channels. my friend here bought one which only cost him 200pounds to fix including the dish. he picks lots of europe stations, china, and even usa. i dont need it here because i used sky already. but i would really love it in nigeria. please best Advice on this.

        Jide uk

  4. Phil says:


  5. Godfred says:

    hi Oluniyi, i have added the infinity frequency but i did not receive this channels: setatnta africa and Movie Express, what do i have to do?

  6. garus says:

    Hi, i’m using the trend tv sat (multitv)decoder. I want to find out if they are still operational bcos ive been out for some time now and i’ve asked people around but nobody seems to know anything about them.

    garus from kano, nigeria

    • Trend TV is dead and buried.

      • omoo says:

        Haba Trend TV popularly known as CTL cable is still alive and working perfectly, just that they had some challenges with NCC in early this year which disrupted their services at some locations but they are back and in full operation in PH, Abuja, Enugu, Owerri, Onitsha, Jos, Warri, Benin, Umaiha, Uyo etc

    • jide egbenifesu says:

      Hi mr ajao i have 4669 decoder but i did not get satata africa and crtv use to fail signal,but still need your asistance on so many free sation on air and also i will like to have your phone number and personal Email
      am your junior engr jide.
      your jide

  7. Israel says:

    Its like Zain is now taking mobile and data services to the next chapter……….Dav. graet brain behind graet services, product & graet network…… ZAIN A REALLY WONDERFUL WORLD TO RIDE…………!

  8. Dav, I would like to know if Multi Tv, perhaps allows only Free-To-Air Tv on the Astra Satellites or other Satellites Tv on the same African beam can also be accessed

  9. Phuxta Qwarteng says:

    HI, can u pls tell me how to get MyTv using multi tv decoder

  10. William pappus says:

    How can i get the rest of the CRTV channels i heard they have about 45 in total. I use multitv box. Thanks

  11. okediran says:

    Am using srt4669x how can i upgrade to view aljazeera sport , what is happening to other channels on infinity stations, what is the recommended dish size to use in nigeria, oyo state to view multi and infinity tv

  12. okediran says:

    how can i get the scratch card of aljazeera to unscramble the aljazeera sport channels.I am using 2.4m dish on nilesat but find it difficult to view CNN what can i do.
    On what satelite can i view the local stations in nigeria and what is the recommended dish size and LNB type to use

  13. joshua says:

    please brother can mytv decoder work on it i mean srt4653x decoder. thanks

  14. Tennys says:

    Pliz sum1 help me wit d frequency,symbol rate and polarisation for ‘crtv’

  15. emem says:

    hello friend, i have learnt to the point mounting a dstv 90cm dish and also to the point of getting the signal with a strong 4653X decoder. now after connecing the dstv dish to the dstv decoder after which it scans for some while and stops. MY QUESTION IS WHAT COMES NEXT

  16. Albert says:

    I’m new to decoders know only one TV frequency thus crtv but heard there are more frequencies. I’m using strong srt 4663x decoder pls I know u be kind to let know frequencies that work with this box, and not forgetten I’m using a 90cm strong dish. pls do help.

    • okediran says:

      this man is not replying us why cant you reply the ones instead of allowing others to post on the net,brother do something

  17. chuks says:

    which is d best decorder to buy? and hw much wil i purchase it in Nigeria delta state.

  18. Agyemang says:

    The Setanta African Channel cannot be seen on the InfinityTv bouquet. David pls help me.

  19. andy says:

    I am in Tema, Ghana and i tried inputting the parameters you give for the infinity tv on my multi tv but it did not work. please help me. i’m using a MPEG2/H.264 digital box. thanks

    • Cross-check the settings and re-scan the decoder thereafter. It should work if everything is entered correctly.

      • andy says:

        Thank you for getting back to me. I have cross checked and re cross checked the settings but I’m not getting it. I will be grateful if you could please send me a step by step entry to my email so i could follow to get infinity tv.

    • Paul says:

      Turn the LNB (the thing looking like a torchlight) on your satellite dish. This peaks up on the polaritiies so you enjoy both Multi Tv and Infinity.

  20. femi says:

    list the infinity channels for me and do we have to pay monthly subscription?

    femi ilorin, kwara state.

  21. Godfred says:

    please what is the freq. n symbol rate for setanta sports

  22. Dare moses says:

    Thanks for the knowledge sharing. Pls, i need freq.,symbol rate and polarization to watch African movie channel and setanta africa on INFINITY sat. I hav input freq. 12543, symbol 20800 still i cant view it. Ill appreciate ur quick response. Thanks.

    • The parameters I provided is really all you need. If some Infinity channels are showing and others are not, it might mean those specific channels are off-air at that period. Simply try again later.

  23. Smith says:

    Pls bro i need the frequency & sybol rate of multi tv thank u

  24. YUSUF says:

    pls how can i watch video with flash drive in my srt4696 i can only view audio thaks

  25. YUSUF says:

    pls how can i watch video with flash drive in my srt4696 i can only view audio thanks

  26. YUSUF says:

    sorry bro i mind 4669SRT

  27. William pappus says:

    Pls david
    How can i get the rest of
    the CRTV channels i
    heard they have about
    45 in total. I use multitv
    box. Thanks

  28. William pappus says:

    I just want to thank you for the answer. Hope you live long. Cos i have really learned alot from your blog. Thanks again.

  29. Kaiser says:

    Plz im im south africa

  30. Owusu says:

    Am using Multi Tv, but my infinity tv pictures n sound is not good it goes and comes intermittently when u are watching a program then it pauses. why, i need help. But the multi tv no problem.

  31. gbenga says:

    how do I add more fta channels to my srt 4669x strong dcoder facing 28.2E astra 2ABD. the one you gave for multi tv worked for a friend. thanx

  32. kelly says:

    how can i get AMC and DICE channel from infinity

  33. joshua says:

    please what is the exact price for that srt4669x box.

  34. Godfred says:

    Hi Oluniyi, can fta channels be add on multi tv decoders

  35. olapoint1 says:

    U ar very good,u ar doing a wonderful job…pls i want to know how i can connect minibox fta reciever(dongle)with strong 4669x,i hear there is a way u connedt d 2& with d aid of 2 dish aljazeera e.g 3meter dish& madagasca 90cent dish,u will get most most of aljazeera channels free.pls if u no anytin kindly feed me back.

  36. olapoint1 says:

    P,i want to ask u on which satelite can i get Playboy Tv in nigeria and on what frequencies and symbol rate,is it east or west,v or h ? Tank u.

  37. herrlekan says:

    where can multi tv decoder and dish in Nigeria and the cost?

  38. herrlekan says:

    i mean where to buy one?

  39. fizman says:

    pls dav how can i watch paid mytv channels without subscriptions.frm 9ja.

  40. okechukwu says:

    i heard that crtv ghana have started their 50 channel, please can you help and give us the info where we can locate the satellite. and the frequency with the symborate

  41. thorpe says:

    please i use 4652 strong decoder can u please tell me how get the crtv channel on my decoder. i have the other channel but that i really thirsty for and if need be for step to step, please send to my email box.
    exportlomo(at)yahoo.com or please send me your phone number.

  42. Pere says:

    This thread is almost useless.It doesn’t deserve the ‘FREE TV’ Keyword.
    If you want to watch free TV your only choice should be a ‘Free to air Satellite Receiver’.FTA is quite unpopular in Nigeria but you could view more than 60 channels without paying monthly subscription fees.I’m not an expert here but Paying #1,500 a month to watch ads isn’t just worth it.

    And does anyone know where I can buy a FTA receiver+dish ?

    • You amused me with the harsh criticism. At the time of writing this piece, Infinity TV was free. Also, there are over 15 channels on Astra 2B currently so what are you saying?

  43. Pere says:

    Plz recieve 1 in the number

  44. Uche says:

    My bros i need freqn/S.R Recieving all the ghana f.t.a channles and the sat to find them

  45. I there any dealer of this cable Network in Liberia??

  46. wilson says:

    Hello,thanks for ur service. I am based port harcourt, Nigeria. with strong srt 4653x receiver the only FTA channel I view is CRT, is there anyway I can improve on this.

  47. Yusuf Ali says:

    Gud mornin mr david i want u to gev me the frequency of some CRTV channel thank for ur effort we appreciate

  48. mike says:

    plz i hav a problem my dish is pointing towards astra 28.8e,am having other channels except infinity any idea.

  49. Ivan says:

    Bro,i use d srt 4669x decoder,but eutelsat w7 is nt listed among d inbuilt sats,is there a way to search it out,w3,w4 are listed though

  50. Yusuf Ali says:

    I can watch any MULTY/INFINITY TV as of fives day now what is happening whit the channels since pls if theres any thing pls send it to my box thank.

  51. nana says:

    help, i need the code to rescan my gtv decorder. pls. help.

  52. Richard Amankwah says:

    Plz, tell me the differences between LNB or LNBF and can I use LNB on multi tv dish. Reply me on this blog or e-mail me

    • From tech-faq.com: An LNBF is an LNB with an integrated feedhorn. Most LNBs in use today are actually LNBFs. Thus, a normal LNB should work for Multi TV.

      Its best to consult a professional dish installer for help in this matter.

  53. Please David help me with the frequencies,transponders and symbol rate of infinity tv nigeria.I am using strong srt4669x but cannot get the infinity tv channels in Accra

  54. miju says:

    hi, i saw the advert of crtv on the provision of more channels AND THE AIRING OF EPL.How do i get the signal in lagos. what are the frequencies? please your reply is important.

  55. Yusuf Ali says:

    I dont no why i can not watch anything in my multy tv station since one week ago who can help me pls isn’t my dish or the frequency has change thank all.

    • Nothing has changed on Multi TV. Try rescaning your decoder. If that doesn’t help, then your dish might have moved. Invite your installer to check and re-align the dish if necessary.

  56. nana says:

    hi David hw can i metro tv on my strong decoder srt4669x

    • Metro TV Ghana is only available on DStv (Eutelsat W7) and NSS 10 at 37.5°W. You would need to point your dish towards NSS 10 to watch Metro TV for free on satellite unless you are ready to pay for DStv.

  57. please David i have entered the frequency:12543 and symbol rate:20800 and have done blind scan but still cannot get the infinity tv why? is there any problem? can you please help me out?

  58. Yusuf Ali says:

    thanks i have don that thanks

  59. Innocent says:

    Thanks bro but are there no more free channels in to be watched in Ghana?
    I wud be grateful to have more channels on my str dish with your help.

  60. Tajudeen says:

    I am using a multitv in ghana and want to know if i can watch viasat1and etv ghana on multitv.if yes,what are the parameters.

  61. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Are any free channels on astra2B apart from multitv,crtv,gtv and infinity.

  62. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Is it true that e.tv will be available on multitv(astra 2B)

  63. Richard Amankwah says:

    Hi david,
    can I connect another Multi tv reciever to the LNB out of a multi tv reciever and use it to on another tv thus, using two reciever on one dish ?

  64. Yusuf Ali says:

    Gud mornin all i need some one to give me DSTV frequency and symbol rate thanks i appreciate.

  65. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    I’m a big fun of Arsenal and love to all the to leages in the world.All i want to ask is, which of the recievers on strong 4699x should i tune to watch more matches around the world with no monthly subscription.

  66. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    I’m a big fun of Arsenal and love to all the to leages in the world.All i want to ask is, which of the recievers on strong 4699x should i tune to watch more matches around the world with no monthly subscription.(multitv do not show EPL)

  67. thompson says:

    kindly give me a list of all free stations on astra satellite in nigeria. thanks.q

  68. Samchi says:

    Pls i need the crtv frequency and symbol rate an from nigeria

  69. Samchi says:

    Pls i using tv madagasca i need mbc 3 and 4 frequency and symbol rate an from nigeria

  70. Richard Amankwah says:

    David, I saw a promotion on Crown Royal Tv network ( CRTV) 10 chennels for GHC 100, 2O for GHC 200 and 50 chennels for GHC 250, could you list their chennels names and are their chennel better than multi tv chennels?
    Please reply this.

  71. Samchi says:

    Thank man pls i am using one meter dish for madagasca how can i add more channels on it i am from nigeria and what frequency

  72. Samchi says:

    pls how do i get english channel on my globanet, satellite how can i add more channels on it i am from nigeria and what frequency

  73. Nana Twum says:

    I rescaned my multitv digibox dis evn’n the sports channel has disappeared plus 4 new channels displaying ‘coming soon’.How sooner? And INF Switch broadcast wit no audio output.WHY?

  74. Simeon says:

    Have u notice that the Switch (Naija music) channel don’t come with sound? I use strong decoder 4669x. Plz what is the problem?

  75. Rodstick says:

    Dave, is Tv3, Ghana now encrypted, because it can no more be viewed on the F.T.A decoders.

  76. bros tanks for doing this keep d goodwork God bless

  77. Richard Amankwah says:

    Hi, please tell me more about Crown Royals Tv Networks ( CRTV ).
    I ask you about it in a comment but you did not say anything or write about it. Please what are their chennels?

  78. samchi says:

    How can i add mbc 3 and 4, more i am using one meter dish from nigeria and thier frequency plus symbol rate

  79. Edmund says:

    Does Crown Royal TV Networks (CRTV) telecast live the English Premier Leagues,& do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

  80. kweku says:

    what is midnight tv on multi tv

  81. Pls how can i watch porn on my smart decoder.

  82. Joseph says:

    Can i get nilesat with 2.4m pan dish in eastern part of Nigeria please ?

  83. Joseph says:

    Can i get nilesat with 2.4m pan dish in Owerri-eastern part of Nigeria please ?

  84. Hi Oluniyi David Ajao, I am a Telecommunication engineer and a businessman, I will be establishing a new Direct-To-Home Digital Satellite TV service soon and will like to ask you a few personnel question. Can you send me your email??? Will TV3 be back on the Multi- TV Network??
    Lewiz McCarthy

  85. Hi Joseph, The footprint of NileSat in West Africa is small, if you want the best for Nilesat, I recommit from 8ft, 12ft to 14ft both Pan and Merge dishes.

  86. Richard Amankwah says:

    At what times and days do midnight tv comes on multi tv

  87. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Fridays,saturdaysand sundays @12am-3am(this channel will replace REAL TV at the above mentioned time.)

  88. tidkaoj says:

    I have a strong 4669x, Im in Takoradi and I dont receive any channels apart from multi tv & crtv. Can someone help me to get any other free to air channels???

  89. Simeon says:

    How soon is the sound problem going to be resolved in infinity channels (Switch)

  90. chris tettey says:



  91. Samchi says:

    pls i need help on how to deaset my two dish a step by step procedure am using daarsat hd decoder

  92. Edmund says:

    Can someone pls tell me the gud things multi tv has to offer to the general public

  93. albert says:

    i hve get infinity channel on my decorder but i get only the pic. no sound

  94. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Tadkjo,do u have the other channels tp’s.if not imput the ff: infinity12545 h 20784
    gtv12574 v2860
    ltm tv 12729 v 2724 or 12728 v 2718.

  95. olagoke says:

    kindly give me the frequency and s/r of LTM tv, cameroun. thanks. you are doing a good job for mankind.

  96. Kweku says:

    How do I get Midnight tv on my multi tv

  97. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Kweku ,midnight tv will automatically show up (replace)real tv on fridays to sundays at 12am to 3am.enjoy

  98. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    LMTV Tps
    12729 v2724
    12728 v 2718

  99. Segun says:

    hi davida,str 4669 does it support these particular satellite name *HOTBIRD*

  100. Kweku says:

    Are there other free channels on multi tv.

  101. Kawula says:

    I really enjoy everything you have shared on here, my problem is that all the infinity channels comes alright but i dont get sound. a friend downloaded a firmware for strong decoder and he was able to get the sound. I tried his update but will not work on my since am using multi tv. any help on the firm update or any ideas.

  102. segun(nigeria) says:

    what is the best satellite dish receiver for strong 4669x?is it SPACE or STRONG dish

    • I reckon you meant “what is the best satellite dish”. The branding of a dish doesn’t matter much. The size and quality of the metal dish is more important. Thus, any decent 90 cm dish should serve your purpose if you are tracking a satellite within your reach.

  103. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Kawulu, do u mean u are using strong 4669x to recieve multitv channels or original multi tv decoder.pls reply for a solution.

  104. segun says:

    can dstv smart subscribe card work on str4669 decorder.bro i need to knw

  105. segun(nigeria) says:

    what is the size of dstv dish

  106. segun(nigeria) says:

    do u mean dstv satellite can suite str decorder,and dstv subscribe card can be used for it

  107. chuks says:

    hi, i need all d frequency n symbolrate for dis multi tv channels apart 4rm crtv; gtv;lmt…thk u

  108. Alhassan Ganiu says:

    how can i get a firmware for my STR 4669X in other to get sound from infinity tv

  109. raphroye says:

    Mr david i really thank u 4 all you are doing.but i am using srt 4651x strong decoder who can i use it 4 mult tv.

  110. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    To alhassan
    go to google and search MULTITV.COM read all the sites carefully till use ALL ABOUT MULTITV ON ASTRA 2B.then go to page twenty and read all the comment there u will see 2 strong software to get infinity sound(just click on ME-ACC and download).pls reply after a try.

  111. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Tps for multitv
    12551 v19531

  112. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    Tps for multitv
    12551 v19531
    please everybody should read all comments carefully b4 asking any question .THANX

  113. Alhassan Ganiu says:

    To Afful
    I have tried to locate and download the ME-AAC but what I saw was zipped so I dont know whether am to use the zipped or the unzipped one please help me. I dont even know the procedure to follow and upgrade my 69x. Just help me. Thanks.

  114. raphroye says:

    Pls how can i upgrade my strong decorder srt4651x to srt 4669x ? i mean from Mpeg2 to Mpeg4. pls give me the procedure.

  115. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    this is my email affulkwaku@gmail.com or find me on facebook.com/afful.kwaku .pls mail my knowledge about ur question.

  116. alascalaw says:

    why your infinity kilode site is audio off?

  117. alascalaw says:

    why did you used to show one film more than time required? pls emulate dstv and try to surpass them

    • alasca yemi says:

      why ur kilode site is still audio off besides ur infin extra is audio off too na wao u always show one films more than time required and this make ur station bored pls try to emulate dstv if u can not surpass them

  118. Nana says:

    how can i get Angel Tv on my strong decoder? what are the F.R AND THE S.R.

  119. Alhassan says:

    I did it and it was successful. Am grateful to you for your support. Thank you.

  120. esther says:

    I really love the work you have started Oluniyi David Ajao help it up. i have a question to ask why is it that the infintiy does have volume

  121. tunde says:

    which strong decoder channels show porn and how can i unlock them. also need the frequencies. tanx

  122. Afful (bibiani) ghana says:

    @Okediran, @esther,
    follow up the comments and the mail given there 4 ur solution

  123. varaprath says:

    hi Mr.David, i am using strorng 4669 receiver for multi tv channels.but there is no sound exept 2 cartoon channels.is it a fault of my receiver?kindly reply.

  124. Akin says:

    Tanx bro David for ur help.pls can u name the site where d soud 4 infinitytv could be downloaded. And also is there any free pc servers that can work in Nigeria.Remain blessed from Akin in Akure Nigeria.

  125. christian says:

    how much is infinity tv going to charge monthly as they scammbling first week in october 2010

  126. Richii says:

    Why david, do you have beef ( problem ) with Crown Royals Tv Network ( CRTV )?
    Becouse you never write about them and when asked questions about their service you do nothing.
    So please take time and write about the rest of their chennels to see if it is better than Multi tv.

    • No Sir, I don’t have a problem with CRTV. To write about them, I would need to invest in their decoder, which I am not ready for at this time. I already own DStv HD and Multi TV. If you can find someone to loan me a CRTV decoder for 1 week, I would write extensively about it.

  127. varaprath says:

    hi, can i receive channels from nilesat 101 & 102 on my 8feet mesh dish in ghana(tema)?

    • 8 feet converts to a 2.43m diameter dish. Well, tracking Nilesat from southern Ghana is very challenging. I am not sure if your dish is still big enough. There is no harm in trying though. Good luck.

  128. Fredaline says:

    i wish to congratulate the infinity TV for making sure Nigeria meet up with the MDG. I am Adinye Fredaline from Cross River State,i worship with Christ Embassy.I studied Elect/Elect with Option in Telecommunication.I wish to Apply this Knowlage in your establishment if given the chance or i should meet someone in church.your repply is important.thanks

  129. stephen oladapo oke. says:


    • stephen oladapo oke. says:


    • Norway is close enough to the North Pole but Northern Norway? Your chances of watching a Nigerian channel are super slim. To the best of my knowledge, a few Nigerian TV channels are beamed on European satellites; especially AIT and NTA. However, its usually satellites beaming at UK mainland that carry Nigerian channels. Your best alternative at this point might just be watching live internet video streams from any of the Nigerian TV channels.

  130. medicus says:

    David should i update my multi tv FIRMWARE??????

  131. medicus says:

    my multi tv is dts 5855

  132. medicus says:

    David am worrying u small , but what do u mean at my own risk

  133. ADEBAYO says:


  134. KWAME ASANTE says:

    David, what does it mean when a TV channel is scrambled. InfinityTV announced of scrambling their channels. does that mean they would be not free to air again? Already, some of their channels produce only pictures with no sound. Please help me on this

    • Scrambling means all their channels would be encrypted and you would need to pay to enjoy their service. You might have to buy their decoder and smart card, to be able to continue enjoying the service.

      I suspect they are using an audio format that your satellite receiver cannot decode thus the lack of audio. If you are not ready to pay for their premium service, do yourself a favour and forget about them. That’s the blunt truth. :-)

  135. Richii says:

    Hi, apart from Astra 2b what other satellite can I free to view channels. Becouse am bore with multi tv chennel. Thanks

  136. Churchill says:

    Hi. Infinity is gone scrambled. The encryption is like Mytv. They should ask Mytv all the trouble they had with CONAX and rather go for nagra3 which is by far the best.

    Its likely they could be compromised soon as Mytv fell victim to hackers at certain periods.Infinity should have understudied them. Are they listening?

  137. ADEBAYO says:


    • Infinity TV is going premium very soon. They would scramble the channels and you would need to buy their decoder and pay subscription fees to continue viewing their channels. You might want to look beyond Infinity at this point, if you are focused on free TV.

  138. Michael says:

    David,i just purchased a big Eurovision mesh satellite which rotates automatically to the position of the satellite.it comes with a box with remote which controls the satellite nd also got a stx 4669x decoder.can i track a lot of FTA with dat in Ghana?

  139. kola says:

    pls can some 1 tell me if HITV decoder can also view those channel u guys are viewing in ur decoder,plz i also want 2 to part of u guys u no dis is africa i need fta frequency and symbol rate.

  140. Segun(nigeria) says:

    Subscription for 50 stations on crtv decorder is 250GHC,How much is the conversion in Naira…. @ david

  141. Michael says:

    David,i live in Kasoa.its close to Accra.i’ve got multi tv nd i get get all the infinity channels nd crtv.which channels are ur fauourite? David.

  142. willie says:

    pls can u give me the crtv channels?

  143. FRED says:


  144. segun(9ja) says:

    i just discover a new channel today on my decorder after blind scaning.The channel name is tv-1 from new zealand as at time i got the station they were not broadcasting.Perhaps it becos of their timezone

  145. Nanayaw,ksi says:

    pls.help, i need the firmware for my srt 4669x for my infinity sound.
    i need an answer throw my email.

  146. Richii says:

    Hi, which satellite is MBC 1, 2, 3, and 4 operating on and their frequency and symbol rate?

  147. C. Souleymane says:

    hi,i have a big problem with my strong 4669. after upgrading to obtain infinity sound, i can’t watch canalsatellite channels with my canal smart card.
    please help me

  148. Asierika says:

    Pls anyone with crtv 50 channels.

  149. Asierika says:

    Pls anyone with epl channel for srt 4669.

  150. Segun says:

    Can strong dish and LNB work on dstv decoder?becos an installer just told me dat i have to buy a dstv LNB and dispose the strong LNB b4 i can install on dstv.

  151. Segun, base on your location, what matter is the LNB being Ku or C-band. but you don’t have to have a DsTV LNB to install a DsTV.

  152. Richii says:

    Please tell me the satellite MBC 1 , 2, 3, 4 chennels is on and their frequency and symbol rate.

  153. Churchill says:

    Hello Mr Adjao,
    I am ever prepared to share what I have but how do I do that.I cannot post it here because I cannot upload it. Kindly show me where to post it or maybe I can send it to you by e mail to give to all that need it.

  154. Hi Richii,The Satellite for MBC 1,2,3,4, MBC Action and MBC Max is Nilesat at 7 degree West.LNB is KU.The Frequency is 11938 Ver. and S.Rate is 27500-3/4. I hope this will help you. And a big thanks to Olunyi D. Ajao for this network. God bless you brother.

  155. jubillant says:


  156. Justice Michael says:

    Hi bros D. Please can you tell me how combining two or more ku dishes can produce more channels?

  157. yusuf says:

    hi guys pls if any body with infinity sound software should help guys we are waiting.

  158. varaprath says:

    hi justice,u can connect 2 or more dishes via a Diseqc switch to ur receiver and receive lot of channels frm several dishes.Diseqc switch comes with 2,4,8 input connecters and 1 output to receiver.

  159. Afful bibiani says:

    @all people
    please do read all the post by others b4 posting ur question. Please do follow dis instruction cuz most of ur questions has solution above. Thanx and do follow to avoid repetition of solved problems.

  160. hi David Ajao, how you doing? I saw your reply but i was not satisfied with it, pls to get GTV, TV3 and TV AFRICA in libya, i need the frequecies and the sybol rates, and the satellites names where i can get it , am using both C BAND and LMB cables. Pls help me

  161. hi guys, David Ajao how are you today ? Pls help me to get GTV , TV3, and TV AFRICA in libya, just give me the freguencies ,symbol rates and the sat where i can get it through C BAND, pls help me, bye , thanks , Emmanuel Kwabena from Ghana

  162. okediran says:


  163. Lloyd uchman says:

    Hi im lloyd from nigeria pls i need your help.i upgraded my strong 4669x firmware after it wrote succesfull it swicht of and refused to show up pls help me thanks.

    • okediran says:

      You used wrong software to upgrade the decoder i.e the software you used does not tally with the boot version of your decoder hence a mismatch that shut down your decoder. You need to buy another one and if you are upgrading because of infinity audio why not pay a token to infinity provider for them to remain in business if not for anything at least they pay for energy (light)or even diesel, please be considerate.

  164. patrick bediako says:

    multi tv now has 28 tv channels.just do a blind scan and u will see

  165. Cooljay says:

    Pls hw cn i watch free channels on my strong decorder apart from mytv. Am in d south south part of nigeria…pls help am waitin.

  166. lloyduchman says:

    thank God i finaly made it. Im now usin srt 69x latest firmware august 2010 version with many new features

  167. Cooljay says:

    Pls can someone tell me d direction, sitelite n frequency 4 multi tv…pls am using strong decorder.

  168. Samchi says:

    Pls am having a problem with my crtv it not showing i want to know if they are having problem with there satellite.

  169. Afful bibiani says:

    Crtv problem is every where.

  170. Kofi from ghana says:

    pls. can i subscribe infinity tv on my wanat or strong tv satelite?

  171. Tund fro 9ja says:

    What happen to crtv.

  172. MOWANG ANTHONY G says:

    how can somebody get the infinity tv is it free to air.

  173. Kachi says:

    Hi bros d ajao pls can i know the firmware for the audio problem of infinity tv .

    • I understand downloading the lastest firmware update for Strong 4669x decoder fixes the Infinity audio problem. I don’t use 4669x and so cannot verify that claim. Proceed with caution. :-)

    • CHURCHILL says:

      Oluniyi’s note: Guys, I am unable to verify the information below. You use it at your own risk. I allowed it because there is no other information about a credible solution, out there.

      The firmware comes in 2 parts and in a ZIP format. One is for upgrading your Strong SRT4669x and the other is for resolving the infinity sound problem. Go to Google and paste the below address.

      This will bring you to index of/ patch 4 Africa. Click on it and you access the site. look at the bottom of the list and you will find a software with AAC ZIP. Download to solve your infinity sound woes and the software above it to upgrade your strong decoder SRT4669X only. ONLY.

  174. Darexworld says:

    Pls wot is d difrence btw strong 4669 and hd receiver are dey performing d same function?

  175. Darexworld says:

    I mean infinity decoder, wot is d difference btw it and strong 4669

    • Infinity’s decoder might restrict you to Infinity TV while the Strong 4669x receiver would allow you to watch most FTA satellite services as well as some encrypted services like MyTV, Infinity etc. There would be more detailed differences but I can’t say more since I have not used either of them before.

      Other frequent readers might respond with more information.

  176. Pls , how easy is it for me to be an Islamic Content provider for some of these multi-channel companies? This will go a long way in explaining peace and love to people.


  177. Pls, explain how i can send my channel to the satelite for pple to track and watch. How much, which company do i rely on?

  178. Francis micheal from plateau state NIGERIA says:

    Please i removed my cable from the reciever to clean the dust but after putting it back it refuse to work please help me

  179. Pls Mr Ajao, i really want u to help out on the question i posted.

  180. Please i want to know how this infinity tv works does it need subscription or it free how much can some one afford it

  181. yusuf says:

    Hi gud morning all i problem with my CRTV is not long shown for about one week is that any change for the frequency or the symbol rate if any body get i the idea pls help me in this forum thank u

  182. Darexworld says:

    Do u kno anything about micro box that used to open all scramble channels

  183. Afful bibiani says:

    just throw more light if u known anything about it.

  184. Azeez says:

    Yeah, d micro box av been block by dstv, bt u cn still use it on aljazeera nd other

  185. DOZIE says:


  186. Azeez says:

    Yeah, u cn watch free epl nd some la liga match 4rm ur dstv signal dat is if u re using a strong decorder, u ll get d station wit dis, 12437 wit d symbol rate 23437 horizotal, after d scaning station lyk lcf , orbt, rstv ll com so watch out 4 dis particular station, it either it comes as RDV or NEW SERVICE, so go 2 d station nd it bring a dollar in front indicate u av 2 pay, afta dat, press 8280 on ur remote control, if ur decorder can display some numba on d screen lyk a teletxt man u are free 2 go. Pls follow d steps mention above it RDV OR NEW SERVICE gudluck guy i’m gonna watch my dearling chelsea taking on sunderland 2day.

  187. Afful bibiani says:

    Is dis micro box only for dstv only.

    • bokediran says:

      subscribe to dstv there is nothing like microbox it is a cheat it works for sometime and eventually will be block why wasting your money appeal to dstv and others to reduce there fee or add sport station to the 2500 boutique this will solve a lot of cheat going around

  188. abdul umar says:

    hi do have software for daarsat because i have daarsat but i don have the volume

  189. Azeez says:

    @ afful id micro box is nt 4 dstv alone, it av been tested wit aljazeera nd it works fine fine even beta than spliter

  190. josh says:

    pls i just bought strong str 4669x decoder and it was upgraded and tested with another dish where i bought it. now at my place i am trying to install it but cant get the direction for infinity channels but i received that of my tv. pls help me out

  191. segun(nigeria) says:

    try dis tp on eutelsat w4 11900H 26480

  192. miju says:

    hi dave, pls i want to find out if daarsat is back on air? what about crtv? please assist.

  193. ugo says:

    Can i use my mytv decoder for this purpose. And what site should i position it .

  194. SAMUEL RIKOTO says:


  195. SAMUEL RIKOTO says:


  196. femi says:

    which microbox software version can open nss 7 22W channels. Pls help.

  197. eric says:

    hi… i have fed my multi tv decoder with the parameters for infinity tv… but i get no sounds from most of the channels… some also do not have pictures at all… how could i solve this… counting on you…

  198. yinkrux says:

    Guy morning people i see/hear physically infinity channels giving out sounds on my labor strong decoder,he tells me that it has been upgraded by someone using a software to open all the sounds,please did anybody have the sound software in here?.

    • CHURCHILL says:

      Ghana CHURCHILL from Greater Accra, Ghana says:
      November 4, 2010 at 12:36 pm

      Oluniyi’s note: Guys, I am unable to verify the information below. You use it at your own risk. I allowed it because there is no other information about a credible solution, out there.

      The firmware comes in 2 parts and in a ZIP format. One is for upgrading your Strong SRT4669x and the other is for resolving the infinity sound problem. Go to Google and paste the below address.

      This will bring you to index of/ patch 4 Africa. Click on it and you access the site. look at the bottom of the list and you will find a software with AAC ZIP. Download to solve your infinity sound woes and the software above it to upgrade your strong decoder SRT4669X only. ONLY.

  199. phils says:

    please can any help me with biss code for Technosat 786/Infinity decoder….for me to put RDV.8280 doesn’t open it…please dears

  200. phils says:

    Churchill please help me with info how to enter Technosat TCX 786/Infinity TV decoder biss page….is not working with 8280 code

  201. Akingbola emmanuel from akure says:

    Infinity tv very nice station but the only problem there is no sport station permanently except that no problem i love the station

  202. Adjabui says:

    Hi david, ur directions 4 addin channels, wit ma multi tv decoder, afta u ve gotten 2 instalation der is no provision 4 satelite addition. I use d recordable one. Wld u mind given me a detail direction wit regards 2 d addition of satelite on ma multitv. Tnx

  203. phils says:

    David. Ajao….pls can i get codes to enter Infinity tv decoder/technosat TCX 786 Biss page….pls i need it.thanks

  204. Daniel says:

    Daniel frm nigeria I have enter d code 8280 on my remote control and my decorder display some numba on d screen lyk a teletx want will do next.
    pls help

  205. olutee from nigeria says:

    pls what can u do on srt 4667 that we can view all in infinity programs bcos as at now i can view some others are audio

  206. newman says:

    i have strong srt 4663x and i can receive etv but is scramble and i have used 6969 but it didnt work. If anyone with a solution to that please help

  207. Cross says:

    Hi guy’s,i tank u 4 ur contributns.keep it up.

  208. Azeez says:

    @daniel, sorry i av been out since. after dat put dis numbas in d box 00014819001484990 after dat save.

  209. Daniel says:

    @Azeez Tanks a milion time
    I wil it at home later

  210. Daniel says:

    @Azeez Tanks a milion time
    I will it at home later

  211. kojo says:

    pls can u let me know how i can get EPG on multitv?

  212. samchi says:

    Please i need help on my multi tv. i am having problem with my GTV and CRTV i need the frequency and symbol rate on the both. am from nigeria

  213. azeez says:

    sori guyz, its 00014849001484990

  214. Sunday says:

    Wat is wrong with ctl cable jos plateau state

  215. Cross says:

    Pls i need d software 2 give sound 2 my infinitytv.am using srt 4663 & 4669x


      Hello. Please go through this forum and you will find the software site to download. Please note that the software is for SRT4669x only. Note carefully ooh.

  216. nanayaw says:

    hi, i want to know if u can help me with the code for ss3 on dstv so that i can use it on my strong decoder. pls. send it throw my email if u know. thanks.

  217. Dentsui D says:

    Hi! Great guys, you are all wonderful, keep it up. I am new to this and hope to gain more knowledge to share soon. Take care.

  218. liu says:

    Pls,did anyone if CTL is back,if so does it works in akure nigeria

  219. miju says:

    what’s happening to crtv?

  220. Richii says:

    Hi, anyone what are the free chennels will I get when I position my dish at INTELSAT 10?
    Please I need to know this quick so if anyone knows please leave the answer in a comment at this blog.
    And Spencer Churchill if do anwser me. Pls

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello. Intelsat 7/10 has 2 bands. A KU and a C band. For the C band channels you will need a motorised dish (4 meters) for best results. For the 90 cm dish used fr the KU band, you will have the following plus others:

      Madani Channel
      Faith World TV
      Messiah Broadcasting Network
      Press TV
      Africa Unite TV
      TV Novo Tempo
      Supreme Master TV
      KICC TV
      Spirit Word
      Kingdom Life Network
      3ABN International [
      Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries
      Eden Life Network
      Chosen TV
      Olive TV
      Omega TV

      and other religious and some news channels. There is MYtv but that is encrypted. The religious channels show Nollywood movies in the night.

  221. Bismark says:

    I want the list of all multi tv channels and also the settings

  222. Richmond says:

    1. I can’t get sound @ most of infinity TV channels, please help me.

    2. Do multi TV digital satellite receiver MDVB-S90800 support Audio control – mulaudio AC3?

  223. dania says:

    gd day gud ppl, i recently scaned my srt 4669 & got some dstv stations without sound. Pls, what can i do to bring the sound. Pls i very much need ur candid reply.
    Dan 4rm Edo, Nigeria

  224. Ijewemen tad says:

    Pls help me wit frequencies and symbol rate of sport stations i can watch on strong 4663x receiver am new here thanks

  225. sele says:

    @dania, upgrade ur decoder to support aac sound format, u will av sound on those dstv channels

  226. Richii says:

    Thanks Churchill

  227. Jonto92 says:

    I love dis site

  228. chief says:

    hi.is there more free to air channels @ multi and infinity tv position.

  229. sele says:

    pls guru in the house i need a tutorial on how i can use a disecq with infinity tv decoder. the decoder supports disecq 1.0 and 1.2

  230. Paul friday says:

    Pls brothers am new. Pls help me out with FTA on eutelsat w6 s.r & f.r

  231. edah vincent says:

    pls i need,i need software to upgrade my strong 4663x mpeg2 to 4669x mpeg4.i need someone to help me with this. thanks 2 u all.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Vincent, I am sorry you cannot upgrade from impeg2 to 4. It is technically impossible.YOU HAVE TO BUY AN IMPEG 4 DECODER LIKE SRT4669X.

  232. Alade kunle says:

    I was able to get infinity channel in nigeria through your description but having sound problem.AAC sound problem,what can I do?

  233. hi. Cud u pls mr .dave hw do we goin 2get software 4Multi tv decorder. Like 4669x has got it own. Pls hlp us 4d sound issue. Tnk u

  234. Abraham Akiti says:

    Please i want to know if TB JOSHUA’S EMMANUEL TV can be viewed on MULTI TV

  235. Samuel Ayodele says:

    Is infinitysports back?

  236. gerald says:

    i scaned my 4663x and started getting multy tv station sound witout video. My 4669x shows video infinity with audio. Pls som1 help me

  237. phils says:

    please i need how to enter biss code page on infinity decoder or technosat TCX 786

  238. tozo says:

    boss i beg,what should i do to get the Europe free to air channels to watch in Ghana,thanks and hope to hear from you.

  239. okediran says:

    crtv is fully back but you need to blind scan your decoder

  240. Alec says:

    i use daarsat decoder and some infinity tv channels like kilonsele,inf switch,african movie channel and some are not audible. Please what can i do? i will check back on my mail box or this site for your response..thank you.

  241. Nesk says:

    Please how do I do the blind scan from multitv receiver. Thanks

  242. miju says:

    dave, how many channels does multi tv has and how do i get them? Please reply.

  243. richardson says:

    hi guy good work.i want to known more about these miro box and where i can get it.Thanks

  244. Eto Jephthah says:

    I am Eto Jephthah from Nigeria.
    Am usin strong str 4663X how can I decode free channel on infinity to my decoder?

  245. yusuf says:

    Good morning All how can i get SRT4669 software upgrade pls i give the site im very grateful

  246. Richii says:

    Hi, what are the free chennels will I get on NSS 7 @ 22.0 w?

  247. Gud Day My People,Hope U All Are Fine,Pls I Want To Known How Many Channels Infinity TV Oparates on the hole,And How much Is the Subcriptions Monthly,Pls I need To Known More Info On It, Thnx Friend. Frm Akpos….

  248. Segun says:

    I tried to locate sky uk on 1.8m dish antenna and i even spend up to like 2hrs on this bird with these tp 12032H 27500,i hits signal at 68% but it falls back to red(not stable),when i try to track it again it doesn’t bring the signal.What causes it?

  249. Adjabui says:

    Gud day, does a universal single lnb do d work of both c and ku band lnbs? Wld very much appreciate ur response

  250. segun(south west Nigeria) says:

    Does satellite depends on when to track it like to track signal in the sunny or cloudy.i tracked sky uk on multitv location it hit 68% signal on holding the dish and tighten it the signal falls and turns to red with these tp 12032H 27500 2/3 may be dat tp cannot be suitable for tracking it.

  251. Waheed from ila orangun says:

    Pls master i need software that can convert my strong srt 4663 mpeg2 to mpeg4

  252. Emeka says:

    am having problems with some channels visual. i only receive sounds without pictures.

  253. Richii says:

    Hi, spancer what are the free chennels on NSS 7 @ 22.0W?

  254. okediran says:

    DSTV gave us some free channels to watch for free for some time, suddenly it disappear is it the same for other FTA users, please update are there other sites with FTA apart from NILESAT that are speaking English

  255. collins says:

    gurus pls help me because only gtv i dey watch ,abeg make una help me with other frequencies 4 infinity cable

  256. Richii says:

    Hi everyone, what are the free chennels on Nss 7 @ 22.0W ?

  257. Spencer Churchill says:

    Richii go to lyngsat.com for the info.Better read it in full and know. All the best.

  258. Ani says:

    Pls can i use 4669 to track 11050 v 3000 to get sport channel on west tanx

  259. eric says:

    i am using mpeg 4.the sound does come for the infinity stations.what should i do?

  260. Spencer Churchill says:


  261. AFFUL KWAKU says:

    just try it n post ur results

  262. Lawal says:

    Pls, wat is d frequency for i-learn channel on mytv strong decoder.

  263. trickmaster says:

    plz guyz am so so comfuse when i hear people use the code word mbc3 on multi tv plz guz what do multi tv users mean when they say mbc 3,which channel is mbc 3?.plz i need an urgent reply.

  264. miju says:

    hey gus, please can someone beg multitv to please include e-ghana on their bouquet.

  265. Chiadi says:

    Thanks for helping. Please How and where to get MBC3. I mean the sat, frequency and symbol rate. Am using strong decoder 4663

  266. Meshach says:

    Thanx 4 de gud works u guys are doing. Can anyone help me to view free 2 air channels aside multi tv, infinity

  267. joe says:

    how can i get free sport channels,plz help

  268. yao says:

    yes but on a different dish alligned to IS7/10

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      For those who do not know IS7/10 is Intelsat 7/10 @68.5 East. For owners of small dishes of up to 92cm dish you need to bring it to between 65.2 to 66 degrees East.

      Those with bigger dishes can set their dishes at 68.5 degrees east and will still get all the FTAs, including Mytv which is encrypted. IS7/10 is the satellite used by Multi Choice for DSTV transmission in southern Africa.

  269. okediran says:



    lets keep ur fingers cross. 8 new channels 2 b lunch on astra2b nnex month

  271. kristiano 4rom benin rep says:

    pls where can i buy strong receiver srt4899x

  272. Abba says:

    Pls help me with new transponders for multi tv, infinity tv

  273. Nana Yaw says:

    DAV, why are we not getting SKY FTA on multi tv?
    You are doing a great job….

  274. Henry says:

    Hello broda, i downloaded d software to resolve my sound problem on some of the infinity channels. Pls what is the next step. I dont know how to install it on my decoder. Am using a srt499X.

  275. Alex says:

    Hello sir, plz can I get the site of the nigeria and ghana dating program coming up soon, was advertised on infinity tv. Thanks

  276. AHUOSA JOB EBOH says:


  277. david says:

    Please can you advise me – we seem to have lost all of the MBC chanels here in The Gambia – have tried to find them but to no avail

  278. falegan says:

    i mistakely delected my multi tv channels on my 4669 decorder with ip pls send me the ip i can use to set it pls

  279. Mimzy mario says:

    Just blind scan ur decoder. go to menu to installation and enter password 0000 if u have not change. then blind scan astra 2abd. POST A REPLY AFTER UR TRY.

  280. Great Obed says:

    who can tell me when CRTV will be back? and secondly to unlock Sky
    news on Infinity tv?

  281. kojo wayo says:

    Hi! Im using thomson decoder with the dish pointin at 68 degrees east.pls can i have the codes to instal more channels on my decoder? Help me. Wayo from ghana

  282. taiwo oluwafemi says:

    how much is smart card in nigeria

  283. Sobayo babatunde says:

    Hi sir, i just bought a new mytv decoder which i can only watch 10 stations. Please what other free station can ii get and how can i go about it. Please teach of what to do to get infinity stations

  284. Atanu samuel jr says:

    Hi, mr david i scaned my receiver with this freq: 12552 sr: 19531 and i got Gtv but joy tv, joy sport among others came as radio channel. Could you pls help me so that i can get them as TV channel

  285. Atanu samuel jr says:

    Hello mr. oluniyi, could you pls kindly send me the freq & sr of superscreen tv, the one i get is displaying “no audio/video”

  286. Bemol says:

    Pls big daviajao can we get the repective freq for crtv,ltm,gtv etc.

  287. Jonto92 says:

    Pls can some one tell dish faceing south which channels will i get

  288. Jonto92 says:

    Am from lagos nigeria pls can some one tell me disc faceing south which channels will i get thanks

  289. otun says:

    i need new crtv code pls

  290. phils says:

    @Bemol if you have Multitv channels rescan it and get Gtv but Crtv if off now.for Ltm…..set your dish on sirius 4.6 degree using 12605v/29950 to get almost 15 channles

  291. Awal alhassan says:

    I need help to add more channels like infinity tv ,multy tv and more on my strong srt4653x in ghana

  292. Orenuga G. O. says:

    Pls, is there any diff btw sry 4669, 4669x and 4669xii.

  293. Bemol says:

    Hi i got gtv but unable to validate 12605 v 29950 freq pls i need further xplanation.

  294. Richii says:

    Hi spencer, what is this oh african chennels on multitv ghana about? They say more information is on their website but there is nothing there.

  295. Richii says:

    Hi spencer, what is this oh african chennels on multitv ghana about? They say more information is on their website but there is nothing there..

  296. Bemol says:

    Pls oh anybody with an ideal on decorder lost of signal.other decorder are working on my location but my can not the name is strong 4663.

  297. Like11 says:

    Hi, there is no signal on my multitv decoder and I noticed that the amber light is off leaving only the red light on. Anybody with the same situation or its only me.


      Hello to all. I have been studying and have not been here recently. Lots of books to read and commit to memory. Anyway No stress. Multi Tv had some technical challenges around 3am and this morning. It should be rectified soon.

  298. Sancho says:

    David,why is infinity Tv showing no signal?are they off air?

  299. Solomon Oppong says:

    all the infinity channels on my multitv decorder are off.Pls,is my decorder faulty?

  300. Adeyemi isa says:

    I am using infinity decoder and infinity channels is not showing pls help me out

  301. enoch says:

    pls i need d code to unlock sky news,inf bollywood n viasat on my strong decoder

  302. i want to have ur smart card and decoder where can i get them i live in erinile in kwara state nigeria

  303. atanu samuel says:

    pls mr. Azeez, i followed ur instruction above, i got RDV channel, i entered 8280 on my remote control and BISS info numbered 1 to 20 appeared, i then input 00014849001484990 into d 20 rolls, saved it but d ch is still scramble. Help me out here so dt i can be watching epl matches pls.

  304. Bemol says:

    Pls my strong decorder lost signal how do i rectify it.

  305. OKEDIRAN says:

    madagascar stations and other free channels on EUTELSAT W3A are off air is anybody experiencing the same problem even MBC 1 and MBC 2 are off air can ANYBODY TELL US THE WAY OUT

  306. ADEBAYO says:

    plz, i just installed 180cm c-band dish, plz i need a FTA frequency to watch it. thks

  307. Abbex says:

    I feel you my guy, which other FTA that can show in Nigeria.How can I get Ghana eTV.

  308. Adjabui says:

    Pls blind scan ur multi tv n ve ur oh tv

  309. yusuf says:

    i upgrade my srt4669 just of recent by the installer,which is i pay money.just checking changer

  310. Richii says:

    Oh tv is boring

  311. ADEBAYO says:

    hi, guys mbc channel are they on ku-band or c-band?

  312. Deltaone says:


    Please what is the TPF and SR of NTA International

    regard can I get this channels in Warri delta State

    Delta one

  313. Deltaone says:

    please some of the Channels on Infinity brodcast has no Audio please what can i do i rescan my decoder several times and the problem pasist I use Strong SRT 4669X decoder

  314. stephen says:

    please my friend,i am using multi tv and some of the infinity channels dont have any audio sound,please can you tell the code number used in opening them.

  315. Alfred says:

    i can get the extra channels but can not get sound to them, pleas can u help me on that

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Steven and Alfred with infinity sound problem read through this thread and get the info, please. Just take some 30 minutes and go through. You will learn a lot and also about other issues that you would have asked questions on later.

  316. Alfred says:

    i can get the extra channels from Nigeria on my MultiTV box in Accra but can not get sound on the Nigeria Stations(Loveworld+, Vox Africa etc.), pleas can u help me on that

  317. Kingsley says:

    I leave in Abuja. I use the SRT4669X with DSTv from one dish and Multi tv and infinity tv on another dish. However, most stations on the infinity tv dont have audio. I tried your instruction but still didnt get audio. What can I do to get audio from infinity stations?

  318. Ibikunle waheed says:

    Thanks alot 2 all Staff & management of infinity tv.I Learned so many thing on ur site.Thanks

  319. Godfred says:

    Plz wat is the freq. N symbol rate for crtv

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Godfred, CRTV is off air. Their parameters are unstable. They operated on a particular frequency from the beginning. Later when they came back after a long break, they came out on a different frequency.

      Now they are off again and we do not know what will happen. They can come back on a new satellite so please just keep in touch with this site.

  320. please am usin srt4669x and i have not been watchin crtv is there but no picture no sound why are they off air????

  321. Adams Agbottah frm Ghana kasseh says:

    please i want to know if crtv is off in air?? i have it but no picture no sound… i re-scand but no thanks for the wonderful work you have been doin for us

  322. Kwaya says:

    How do i unscramble channels that are scrambled?

  323. tunde paul says:

    GPls I just got the multi tv decoder,all other station are clear&talking but almost all the infinity channells are not talking but showing pls what can I do to get it resolved,thanks,tunde,abuja.

  324. Mikoli says:

    Im new here im useing strong Srt 4669X. I put in the settings for infinitytv and scaned but only receive the tittle of those stations no picture no audio. Pls somebody help me. Thanks to u all

  325. olaife says:

    how can i unscramble the scramble channels

  326. olaife says:

    please, how can i unlock scramble channels on infinity tv

  327. victor says:

    My name sake David. thanks for ur posted answered. i want to know d free frequency n symbol rate for E.tv since it has been block @crtv n mytv position. i am from nigeria

  328. victor says:

    David, i a have strong receiver SRT 4894 twin tunner pvr. my question is dat, can it be upgraded to receive multi tv picture? right now it doesn’t show picture just d sound only plssssss reply me thanksssss.

  329. victor says:

    I have a strong receiver SRT 4894 twin tunner pvr, can i upgrade it to receive multi tv channels? at d moment it only show d channels with sound but NO PICTURE at all. what can i do? pls reply thanksssssss

  330. Garba A Jibril says:

    I use to install satellite dish all type, but when it comes to infinity it has to be strong receiver 4669 only because of software it has , pls does other strong such as 4661,4663 etc has software for infinity?

  331. How can i upgrade my strong recever SRT4669X and unlock scramble channels on infinitytv?

  332. Tony Wealth says:

    pls help me 2 look 4 d remote of [Amstrad skydigibox decoder, model nos. 3.fh.10, version nos. 4f0201, operation system 1.254FH, Epg software 3.5.3]

  333. Abu says:

    Please,how can i unlock scramble channels on strong 4669x

  334. nice says:

    hi guy’s how can i hav d infinity softwere for audio becuse my srt4669x is nt having audio for my infinity channels..THANK’S

  335. Nana Fori says:

    I want to find out what Satellite Trend TV is on. Are they Cable TV as well as DTH (Satellite TV) providers? Thank you for the information.

  336. stanlo says:

    nilesat channels and dstv for free.jst get a dongle calld hawk and a srt 4669x.use madagascar as a server connectin it straight 2 d hawk,connect ur dstv as normal in d decorder,den ur hawk to d decorder 2ru serial port.check key2sat.com.dats al.A BIG SECRET.

  337. Affulkwaku says:

    Hi,can i track badr 2a 26.8 and astra 2b 28.2 using 90cm dish in ghana

  338. Bemol says:

    How can i unlock scramble channel on strong dicorder 4669x.

  339. olaife says:

    I don’t understand the meaning of the hawk. Pls explain to me. thanks

  340. My own , is if any Fta channel is still available on astra & which other sat can i get Fta

  341. Ibikunle waheed A says:

    Pls more Expanciate on hawk.

  342. stanlo says:

    hawk is anoda dongle like microbox3.dey do dsame tin.it opens every encrypted channel.not jst dstv nigeria,bt dstv africa.its steady on

    • bokediran says:

      it works for few days and eventually blocked stop deceit it may work for now and eventually will be off air

  343. isaac says:

    please what are the step to re instal the infinity ty satellite anntena. i relocated from where i was before in lagos.and i have lost the manual book. i need an urgent reply as am waiting for your response to start installing.including the frequency satellite symbo rate longitude a nd polarization thanks

  344. philip says:

    i want 2 know,can sky hd decoder catch multi channels.

  345. zez says:

    @stalon, can u pls tel more abt d microbox

    • boked says:

      there is nothing like microbox it is just to swindle money from unsuspected viewers. Let us just appeal to television providers (dstv,mytv,infinity etc) to be costumers frienly be reducing the fee to what average people can afford. Pls there is nothing like avatar,microbox it is all lie

  346. yaw says:

    what decoder will u recommend i buy for free to air channels am in ghana thanks

  347. sam sola says:


  348. Bash says:

    hi am using strong 4669x to receive both multi tv and infinity tv but the infinity channel has all turn SCRAMBLED CHANNEL why i want to pls help me and pls help me to get another channel apart for multi tv and infinity tv

  349. bokediran says:

    dont deceive people there is nothing like microbox

  350. Great obed says:

    truly, i tell you there is indeed something cakled micro box, u av a friend operating a viewing centre. He is using it. But you will need two satellite bowls (dishes), a strong 4669x receiver and the microbox, such as hawk etc! Just ask questions rather than saying it doesnt exist sir!

    • bokediran says:

      u are all lying it may work 2day but certainly it will be block stop deceiving people let dstv and the rest reduce subscribtion and all this cheat will disappear

  351. Acoustic says:

    Finally finally infinity is scramble all channels.any free Channel to add to multitv

  352. jasper says:

    my infinity channel are not coming why

  353. stanlo says:

    @boked,pls pls use ur google 4 Christ sake.even d updates for microbox are on key2sat.net.its very easy 2 connect anywhere u re in africa.jst ask questions cos pple re stil enjoying it.

    • bokediran says:

      your microbox i told you nothing like that is it still working ,it will work for few time and finally it will not work again or it may be on and off pls subscribe and appeal to dstv and the rest is to bring down the price so that it can be affordable

  354. demuyakor isaac says:

    i want to decode my strong to free dstv.

  355. Kenny says:

    Wat degree, frequency AND symbl rate am i gonna am i gonna possition my dish to assecce free myTV channel

  356. elisha says:

    I use MultiTV decoder SC-001CA in Ghana which I do access the Infinity channels from Nigeria without audio. Can you help me with the sound?

  357. Samchi says:

    Hi my friends the crtv is back on air all you is to rescan your decorder

  358. Femmy says:

    I am using srt4669x11. For some weeks now all d infinity stations have bin encrypted.pls wot can i do now to start enjoying d infinity tv again?

  359. fontas says:

    pls can I watch etv on multi? If yes. Pls show me how. And is infinity of air?

  360. sugarplum says:

    CRTV is back on air.
    Rescan your Strong 4669x Decoder to 12.552(V)/19.531 on your usual multi TV Frequency. Happy Viewing people. YAY!!!

  361. [...] TV, a direct-to-home satellite TV service on Astra 2Bhas gone premium. Most of the channels they offer which have hitherto been free since early 2010 are [...]

  362. Akinwumi says:

    The infinity channel has bn scrambed frm the multi tv. Why

  363. bokediran says:

    David you need to change your home page of infinity as the information there is obsolete events has overtaking that

  364. Ibikunle waheed A says:

    Pls,can any 1 tell me d Price of Infinity Decoder & Smart Card.How can i get it in Osun State?

  365. swaggart says:

    uncle D,can it b posble 2 receive free kenya channels thru Dstv wit strong 4669x in south nigeria,bcos there is no eutel 7. Still help pls on d best dish or band that can recive Nilesat because my area is low land.pls reply.

  366. FABIYI SEUN says:

    WELL DON,U ARE GREAT. PLS I MY INFINITY DECODER IS NOT RESPONDING i just INSERT MY CARD BUT it is writing status code 4 not activated. HELP PLS.

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hell Fabiyi. You need to call customer care and tell them. Have your smart card and infinity account numbers ready when you call them. They will activate the card if you have a valid paid for subscription. All the best.

  367. Samue says:

    Pls am using strong decoder i didn’t get ghana tv wat can i do

  368. Bemol says:

    Sombdy help me wit infinity freq this one is off.

  369. Udeme Akpan says:

    I pay for infinty subscrption but it has not been activated even when I call

  370. Falade dele says:

    Where in Lagos I can get your infinity decoder? Cos no single address and phone number there is not working. Pls let us get where and how we can reach you mr Ajao.

  371. Rajah says:

    Mr D,l am very greatful for ur assistance abiviously rendered 4 pple.pls what is diffrent btw shallom tv&crtv simbly bcos crtv is off air while shallom tv is on air.

  372. Olusola says:

    mr D,good sunday to you,pls,i blindscan and get this 2 channel that are not showing,is there anything i can do to watch them,dy are TV 1& 2, 12546 H ASTRA

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      Hello Okusola. The channels you are talking about cannot show for now. They are new channels coming up. They are are not showing because there are no video and audio codecs yet.

      Lets wait for them. TV Africa is on Astra now and I suspect these 2 are also upcoming Ghana TV channels.

  373. Rajah says:

    Hi sola,pls shud go and reset ur dish.

  374. David says:

    I appreciate your effort in making the common man smile through channels.
    Please what do I do to get CRTV? I stay in Calabar and have a strong 4669xii decoder.

  375. bash says:

    pls i want to as why all my infinity channel turn to SCRAMBLED CHANNEL on my multi tv decoder thank u

  376. David says:

    I did a blind scan and got some more channels,some of which are scrambled. If there’s a code to unscramble,please share them. However, there’s a channel call TV1-12682V INTEL that don’t show. What’s the way forward? I use strng 4669xii and stay in Calabar. Thanks

  377. Ayinde says:

    I want to say it is an endless posibility.

  378. fanisi mike says:

    I use strong decoder for mytv is it possible I use infinity smart card wt it

  379. Oluwaseun says:

    How many stations does infinity tv and multi tvs have now?

  380. jasper says:

    my infinity channels are not working why?

    • Spencer Churchill says:

      For the information of all. Infinity channels are scrambled. Unless you buy their decoder and smart card and pay ,you cannot watch their channels. That is how free to air satellite channels operate. Please no more questions on why infinity is not showing.Please.

  381. Gudey dear sat. tv veterans. Good news for those interested in installation training. Coming up soonest. Check strong technology website for the details. Thanks

  382. I mean satellite tv installation training in Nigeria.

  383. Kenny Lawson says:

    I had strong decorder, How can i get infinity smart card in Ghana and subcribe.

  384. henry says:

    pls i need frequency n symbol for crtv am in nigeria west side

  385. Kingsley says:

    How can i connect multi tv the internet and to my laptop. I use quality decoder.

  386. niyis says:

    pleases anybody that have latest solution for watching Dstv free or frequence/Symbol for only
    dstv sport channel

  387. mike says:

    i need ur hlep

  388. Gates hills says:

    Pls do any one have idea on the strong decoder promo been advertised on my tv promo,where can some one get it in eastern or western nigeria thanks.

  389. Paris says:

    Guyz, is porn shown on multi tv?

    • Samuel Mayowa says:

      What! Why have you made up your mind to make subscription into the kingdom of hell when many souls are crying day & night in order to be rescued out of the pit of death. Uncle Niyi can’t this request be discarded?

  390. nzubechi says:

    please,can any one tell me the freq and symb rate of DrTV…

  391. Wale says:

    Hello, I have not done installation in a long time and about to do one right now on Mytv here in Nigeria. The issue is that I have suddenly forgot the frequencies, symbol rate and polarization to use. Can anyone be of assistance here?

  392. Abba says:

    Hi guys pls i am lookin for cnn frequency with symbol rate at nilesat 7 digree west for ku band lnb universal for 1.8 dish using strong decorder srt4663x pls help from nigeria minna.

  393. Segun says:

    pls I want to knw if Mfm tv is available on multi tv, if yes pls giv me d freq and symbol rate, and cn i use strong 4669 4 mytv? Tanx

  394. Segun says:

    ll b glad 4 ur positive respond

  395. joao says:

    Hi, I am from Sao Tome Island located off west coast of Africa, in the south of Nigeria. I got a STR 4669 XII decoder and I can watch Mult Tv on my srceen but I can not watch Infinity Tv. I have settled all parameters very well: 12543, 20800, Horiz.
    Could you please help me figure out the problem?
    Thank you in advance

  396. Delima says:

    Pls can anyone help me wit all frequency on intelsat 701/ku

  397. Delima says:

    Can i get infinity tv wit srt 4651 and d frequency

  398. Charles says:

    Hi dear! Can all the channels work with old strong decodes.charles 4rm Enugu Nigerian

  399. Charles says:

    Hi dear! Pls how can i get crtv again.pls snd me the freq nd symbol rate.tx

  400. Nelson says:

    all infinity tv channels are scramabled, pls how do i watch e.tv free on mytv.decoder

  401. Bemol says:

    Pls help gtv is off today.

  402. Theodore Ganku says:

    I scanned my decoder and had 38 channels of which 21 are labelled as SCRUMBLED CHANNELS. What does this mean and what can be done to coreect it to work properly.

  403. monsuru sulaiman says:

    i want you to use pasuma 4 advert,so people wil no more about you, i enjoy you people try to put more stationl,

  404. iyanu says:

    i hv an infinity decoder hw cn i set d frequency to tap more channels

  405. jasper says:

    i have 19 channels on my digibox whiles my friends have about 46 channels on their digibox

  406. bokediran says:

    quite some time i learnt there are some channels on eutelsat w7 can anybody update us on the stations that can be found there

  407. vusi says:

    How one can buy the infinity decoder in south africa. Thank you

  408. kwadwo says:

    i want to know how to use d quality decoder n a multi tv dish to get more channels.thank u

  409. atindow says:

    when will metro tv-ghana join multi-tv?

  410. sunny says:

    hello olaniyi,i am a multitv decoder marketer in ibadan, nigeria,how much is multitv decoder in ghana.

  411. Osas says:

    Am not too knowledgeable in these ur satellite terms but i use dstv and on access platform. Can i make use of the dish 90cm to connect to multi tv, buying a compatible decoder?

  412. Dav95 says:

    U guys are doing a great job.i tried tracking infinity tv but almost all the stationr are encrypted

  413. Sab says:

    hi bros, pls. want 2 know d frequence & symbol rate for foxmovies, bbc, cnn, one tv, star movie. on Nilesat

  414. Ololu says:

    Im one infinity subscriber in nigeria & 4 d since last week l ha nt b able to recieved signal,pls help me to rectify d problem as soon as posible. Thanks.

  415. Kay says:

    Can any one help me with a new frequency for my infinity decoder….
    Symbol rate:

  416. adesuji says:

    u are doin a wonderfull job here, pls am useing srt 4663x can i track multi tv (infinity tv) pls get back to me pls

  417. Michael says:

    Hi, i’m a Nigerian but living in Australia, i need an advice as i would love to get a decoder that can give me african channels and other free to air or even paid channels. Your reply will be much appreciated.

    • Oluniyi says:

      I’m afraid, I am not aware of any African channel, beaming to Australia. Your best bet is Internet TV, if you have a good broadband connection.

  418. elvis says:

    am ghana but i watch multi tv ghana but i dont get get access to infinity channels like 9ja and clicktoon are all scramble .please why

  419. prince says:

    good day ,my name is prince ene. i live in south america pls i have serious business i’ll like to discuss wit the management of infinity tv pls reply me on my email is a money making idea thanks

  420. elvis roy says:

    i am in ghana i like watching clicktoon but i traveled to the US when i came if i try to watch the only thing i see no signal on my multi tv ghana why is thier contract finish. please do something about for ghanaians . i like watching nigeria channels pls do something about for ghanaians the really also love is 9ja

  421. teedee says:

    Customer service is so poor at d infinty TV. Especially d lady holding d number on d tv

  422. Abiola says:

    do you people provide internet service?


  424. Issaka says:

    can i track mytv and infinity tv in northern ghana? thanks

  425. Dennis says:



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