The ink has since dried on a deal signed between Multimedia Group Ltd (MGL) operators of Multi TV and Broadcast Solutions Africa and local representatives of Grass Valley (broadcast equipment manufacturers), to add High Definition (HD) TV channels to Multi TV’s current bouquet of TV channels.

Multi TV Ghana

Multi TV


Multimedia Group (MGL), operator of Multi TV, a new digital satellite multichannel TV station in Ghana, is launching a new HDTV channel in Africa with technology and engineering support from Grass Valley.

This new multifaceted project will expand the existing radio studio production and news editing room facilities with two additional TV studios that will feature Grass Valley LDK 3000 HD cameras, a Kayak HD switcher, Acappella router and a variety of Grass Valley GeckoFlex signal processing modules.

Another thing that is clear from the news item is that Multi TV would now produce more of its TV broadcasts and would offer more live TV programmes. It is however unclear if their existing decoders (digiboxes) would support the new HD channels or if new HD decoders would be unleashed on the market.

Another news report from throws more light:

Once completely installed this month, the new Grass Valley technologies and systems will help Multi TV improve the quality of its programming in and consequently increase its audience in Ghana.

The significant new contract, which was signed at NAB in Las Vegas, also includes system design and integration by Grass Valley engineers, as well as supplying local system support going forward.

FitzRoy Brown, Managing Director of Broadcast Solutions Africa and local representatives of Grass Valley, stated: “Working with Grass Valley on this project has been phenomenal and using Grass Valley’s technology, skills and tools have resulted in a professional system that compares to standards at CNN and Al Jazeera. We hope to bring our experience and expertise to bear in similar projects for the Nation’s broadcaster GBC and other private broadcasters.”

Multimedia Group owns and operates Joy 99.7 FM and five other radio stations in Ghana and obtained a TV broadcast license in 2008, going on-air with an automated playout system based on Grass Valley K2 media servers in the summer of 2009.

The Grass Valley LDK 3000 Value-Priced High-Definition (HD) camera is a multi-format system combining flexibility and high picture quality at a reasonable cost. Meeting a range of production requirements worldwide, the LDK 3000 camera supports 1080i50/60 and 720p50/60. The camera was built using three 2/3-inch, 2.4 million pixel Xensium CMOS imagers, specially developed for demanding broadcast applications.

HD is the next phase of TV broadcast that offers much more visual resolution and often times, surround-sound audio.

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  1. Afful bibiani says:

    David, how many channels are they adding to the existing one.

  2. Man g 4rm nigeria. says:

    That’s the biggest news of the century

  3. Felix says:

    I am just new to the blog. I need help urgently. I need the frequencies, symbol rate, polarization of both multi tv and infinity tv and the satellite they operate with. Can someone send it to my email please. I am from Imo state in Nigeria. Thanks.

  4. felix says:

    i do not understand website and which one to type. am still waiting 4 response thanks.

  5. Segun(NIGERIA) says:

    Could u pls explain something about encrytion system?there some encrytion system dat are not included in strong decoder(e.g.BISS).Will channels encryted by such unknown encrytion

  6. Segun(NIGERIA) says:

    Could u pls explain something about encrytion system?there some encrytion system dat are not included in strong decoder(e.g.BISS).Will channels encryted by such unknown encrytion be scrambled on strong decorder

  7. jerry says:

    when will laliga be shown or what should i do on my multitv to get laliga channel

  8. Don Willie says:

    can,t we get wwe on multi tv

  9. Adjei-Kom David says:

    Please i want to know the difference between strong and the ordinary decorder.

  10. adjei-kom david says:

    So doest the strong have more channels than the other one. And what is it name?

  11. bluenin says:

    Totally a wrong move multimedia!I mean there is no need to rush into HD
    services at this point in time where it barely over 2 years old.They should rather invest that money into procuring more ordinary channels like Joy series and the likes but not in HD because HD services are very costly to run and maintain.

  12. segun(nigeria) says:

    The only station in multitv i hate to watch is midnight tv….so multitv should pls show us some other programmes during midnight like wwe/tna wrestling.i do always watch wwe wrestling on Mitv nigeria linking up 4rm etv….

  13. Herson says:

    heard multi tv is coming outto supply it’s viewers with HD pictures… so i want to know… do we have to buy another decorder which supports HD when it comes out. cuz i bought a new decoder with a card slot and is recordable.. I was wondering if that could support HD pictures??

  14. Rich says:

    I have picture and sound problem with amc and crtv. what do i do?

  15. Muji says:

    Hi David.I’m in Durban, South Africa.Will i be able to receive Multi Tv in my area with a Dreambox FTA Decoder?

  16. deo chipa says:

    it my first time but i need help,a have hd decorder and 90cm dish its fine to use for tv3 and viast 1 and tv africa if yes give me ther freequencey plz from tanzania.

  17. deo chipa says:

    sorry bro Oluniyi,so which gahna tv i can get to tanzania if i use ASTROVOX VSR_8900 HD PVR PLZ

  18. felix says:

    Is there any free air to air station that I can receive apart from multi tv and infinity tv from nigeria.

  19. Ebow says:

    will they telecast live epl matches.

  20. John says:

    What happened to Oman, happy and city fm on multy tv

  21. evans says:

    please david my sister send me starsat decoder with the about 67 satellites on it like intelsat ,eutelsat,nss,hotbirb amos serius,panamsat astra (ib. ib 2a, 2b 2d,)aradsat,asiasat,optus, and a lot
    can i use the decoder in ghana……all the features are like strong decoder…i mean the softwares and its recognise dstv card also….pls help me

  22. nana says:

    when will they add the channels

  23. Peter says:

    Hi everyone. I have problem getting audio on Infinity channels with multitv decoder. I know how to solve this on strong but not on multi tv. Can someone help me out?

  24. It will be of great help to try and introduce more football leagues
    especially(english premier league & la “liga)and also introduce the
    payment of monthly bills because nothing good is offered freely.

  25. Afful kwaku says:

    rescan ur multi tv tp for crtv. They have improve all their equipments

  26. kris says:

    dear sir , how and on which satellite can i receive tv-channels from the Ghana in Belgium ?
    kindly regards

  27. Steven says:

    is there any way i can watch africa magic

  28. Kwame ofori says:

    Please how many channels is on strong tv?

  29. sunday says:

    Hello guru,pls mbc channels has gone off air on nilesat since 8th march,what is the problem?Have they change their frequencies?I’m writing from Nigeria.

  30. kris says:

    hallo allemaal , iemand enig idee hoe ik tv uit west-afrika in belgie kan ontvangen ? landen als guinee , ghana , nigeria , ……
    dank bij voorbaat .

  31. omotoso says:

    Hi, please can you help me with multi tv signal it has gone since tuesday evening. Also mbc3 rodrigues thanks

  32. David says:

    Pls can u tell me how to get Oh Africa Tv channel on my Multi Tv digit box

  33. Jane says:

    Can we get multiTV in Sweden?

  34. david don says:

    i don’t the sound for almost all infinity there any way i can get it.thanks.Ghana

  35. Gilbert, Tarkwa W/R says:

    David, i will b very glad if Multi TV can add TV3, Metro, TV Africa 2 its existing chanels 4 people in hinterlands 2 get access 2 their programs.

  36. Njoya says:

    David i’m from Cameroon and i can RECEIVED LMT TV and CRTV Ghana on my Multitv decoder i will like some one to help with some tips on how i can add these two channel Thanks

  37. oseni abiodun says:

    when are their going 2 had d hd channels and what d names.pls can u list all multi tv channels

  38. samuel anim says:

    multitv is boring. They have few channels and they show boring programs

  39. samuel anim says:

    multitv is boring. They have few channels. They like repeating programs.

  40. Kwasi says:

    Infinity tv is not working,it show blank and most of the channel no sound.please help me

  41. Nigeria says:

    I bought strong decorder 4669Xll but I can’t receive any infinity channels and I want to know how many channels multi tv have. Thanks.

  42. Adewole olasunkanmi says:

    hackerS how cn u help me wit infinity scramble channel cos ill like 2 watch it free like kilonsele and so on

  43. oseni abiodun says:

    pls all my infinity channels hav scramble so what can i do 2 watch it free like b can i get dstv smart card dat can work wit my strong decorder 4669

  44. sydney nigeria says:

    hello what do you mean by midnight tv bcos i havent seen such on my multi tv channels

  45. Richy says:

    We want midnite tv back

  46. JOHN GHANA says:

    Please Multi tv is very boring. I have complained to them several times but they cannot be bothered.

    Infinity tv is also gone off my Multi tv.
    David, good work, keep it up.

  47. JOHN GHANA says:

    Can i get a very low cost satelitte service that will show La liga and epl soccer.

    David, with the advent of DTT (digital terresterial television) will Multi tv users have to get additional decoders to continue to receive service?

  48. Ibraheem says:

    I ma just new to the blog. I need help urgently. I need the frequencies symbol rate, Popularization of both multi TV and infinity TVĀ and the satellite they operate with. Can someone send it to my email please. I am from kano state in Nigeria. Thanks.

  49. hello mr. david im from the philippines.. my concern is im using existing
    dream satellite which too much costly every month.. now my q? is searching for nilesat or hotbird signal but i couldn’t find the right angle… is there possible that middle east signal like i mentioned capture in the philippines..? help me to fixed this mr. david…

    last april im working in saudi arabia and im using dansat reciever
    and im using signal of free to air channels.. god bless..

  50. thaimu says:

    pls,I need frequencies, symbol rate, polarization of both multi tv and infinity tv and the satellite the operate with ,can someone send it to my email please.I am from tonkolili district,northern province,sierra leone.

  51. Yahaya Muhammad says:

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  52. angle of truth says:

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    hi how can i search for a station on my multi TV

  56. Nigeria have benefited alot from multi tv(free air) even all detail about your local & world news, i really love that, you guys promote our great AFRICA countinent which Nigerian or Government of Ng? Can not do, They have the money but they can’t do, thanks alot and alot, God bless multiTV GHANA.

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