A satellite dish in Zaria, Nigeria; pointed at NileSat

A satellite dish in Zaria, Nigeria

I had the opportunity to visit Zaria, a town in Northern Nigeria, on my recent trip to that country. I was pleasantly surprised to have observed so many satellite dishes as I was being driven into the city. You can thus imagine my excitement when I got to my relative’s apartment and saw that he also had one of the big dishes. Never mind that power from the national grid was off; that’s what power generators are made for. In a few minutes after my arrival, I was switching through the channels on the satellite receiver; over 200 of them.

Nilesat is an Egyptian company, and the name of a series of Egyptian communications satellites. Nilesat operates multiple geosynchronous communications satellites all of which are stationed at 7 degrees West. The Nilesat satellites deliver more than 470 TV & 104 Audio Channels,  including a wide variety of Egyptian, Arabic & International Channels – most of which are free-to-air. Content include: news, movies, talk shows, reality shows, sports and everything else you can imagine on a satellite tv service.

Nilesat currently operates two satellites: Nilesat 101 and Nilesat 102. I flipped through over 200 channels which were mostly Arabic channels with some having English subtitles. The TV channels were mostly services from Arabic countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE, Tunisia etc. I even saw a channel from Chad Republic. Were these good enough to watch? Yes they were most especially because viewing the channels was absolutely free-of-charge. You pay no monthly subscription so long you have a satellite dish big enough to capture the signals from space.

Nilesat 101 at 7.0°W footprint

Nilesat 101 at 7.0°W footprint

There is a catch: you have to be within the geographic footprint of the NileSat satellites. As you can see from the map to your left, Nigeria is not exactly within the red lines. Thus, those in northern Nigeria need a bigger dish to be able to capture the signals. Despite the big dishes used in Zaria, some of the TV channels still cracked since the signal strength was low. This means only those at the extremely northern part of West Africa have access to the NileSat services.

Some of the TV channels include:

  • Fox Movies Middle East
  • Rotana Cinema
  • Alhurra Iraq
  • ERTU 1 Sat
  • Al Kahera wa Al Nas
  • Nile TV International
  • Al Masriyah
  • Al-Jamahirya TV
  • Ashorooq TV
  • Alrai TV
  • Jaras TV
  • BBC World News ME
  • Al Hedaya
  • Music Plus
  • Dubai One
  • Dubai Sports
  • Sama Dubai
  • Dubai TV
  • Sharjah TV
  • Space Toon Arabic
  • Nojoom 1
  • CNBC Arabiya
  • Al Sharqiya TV
  • Dubai Racing

Nilesat 101 and Nilesat 102 are located at 7.0°W.

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  1. gadaf mohammed says:

    can i get the nile sat in southern ghana? cuz i will like to buy aljazeerasports card

  2. chris says:

    thanks for your information and l want know weather people in lagos can receive all this stations with 1.8cm dish

  3. from hassan jibril zamfara.nigeria says:

    pl.how can i wath thor6 sat in northern nigeria using dish size of 1.35

  4. ERIC says:

    i’ve got the Multi-Tv installed at home… Besides the 10 tv stations it comes with… can anyone please teach me how to get more Tv channels using my multi-tv reciever???

  5. Emmanuel 4rm Ondo state says:

    Can i get nilesat signal wit 1.8m dish

  6. Edwin says:

    I have the dstv decoder,Any luck watching free channels in south africa and kenya except supreme FTA?
    Would other decoders offer more?

  7. Edwin says:

    I have the dstv decoder,Any luck watching free channels in south africa and kenya except supreme FTA?
    Would other decoders offer more?

  8. Iam in aba, nigeria,how much is d multitv decoder in naira.

  9. Anselm Ibe'H says:

    Pls is there any freq that can be viewable in ph nigeria from Nilesat

  10. IDIAMI says:


  11. Babatunle says:

    pls how can nail nilesat with my 2.6 fibre dich.pls put me thru.

  12. Lyson from Zambia says:

    Would like to know why I cannot access our channels on my decordar here in Zambia. pLEASE HELP ME

  13. nagi saleh says:

    im trying to get nilesat in chicago,il. do you know if that is possible. thanks

  14. Yao says:

    Can i please get all the satellites the are in the west with beam in west africa can if possible FTA channels on them

  15. I want to know the number and names of FTA channels on Nilesat, Hotbird, Astra and Arabsat. I am using 2.4M Mesh with motorized jack.

    Thank you.

  16. yusuf zakariya says:

    hello, thanks for the enlightenment on nilesat. i served in nothern part of Nigeria and i enjoyed the FTA channels on this satellite. can you pls educate me on how this signal can be recieved in Lagos or is it quite impossible. I will appreciate aprompt and full explanation

    • You need a big dish to receive NileSat signals anywhere in southern parts of Nigeria. A minimum of 2.4 metre dish. That is the most important factor. I suggest you speak with a satellite installer in your locality for futher assistance.

  17. Ola says:

    I need frequency and TP for Nilesat 7W , am in Abeokuta and what is the direction for the installation.

    • oluyemi akintoye says:

      I am not an expert in FTA but i think the direction of nilesat is west and that is exactly the opposite direction which a Dstv dish is facing

  18. Ola says:

    sorry what is the code for Aljazera and showsports channels.

  19. Tjmania says:

    Pls i need aub stations.frequency,symbolrate,polarization

  20. Igbo JT jackson says:

    Pls need satellites and freq on which i can get bbc,al jazeera LC2 NTA,DD-SPORTS,AIT LTV CCTV PTV on fta with 2.4 C-BAND also can i enjoy nilesat.jacob from makurdi

  21. Yaw says:

    I am in Ghana, how can i get dstv with my reciever?thx 4 ur education.

  22. Foleyz says:

    Pls i nid crtv new 50 channel frequency and symbol send it 2 my inbox

  23. Rhymez says:

    Pls i need the frequency and symble rate of nilesat

  24. samchi says:

    How can i add more channel an using daarsat hd reciever on tv madagasca with one meter dish

  25. JOSEPH says:

    Can i get nilesat here in owerri-south eastern part of Nigeria with 2.4m
    pan dish please ?

  26. tahir andu says:

    pls, i need information on CRTV new 50 channel frequency and symbol rate to my e mail address. Thanks from Ikorodu Lagos State

  27. tahir andu says:

    pls give address of dish importer/seller,phone no at Alaba/Oshodi

  28. Yemi cornelius says:

    please i live in Calabar and has the strong SRT 4669X .Pls i do not know the numbers for TP and SR as well as how to enter them into the decoder.Hope someone will help out.The strong manual shows i can get Nilesat.

  29. Yemi cornelius says:

    .please i will like to recieve NILESAT tv stations. i live in Calabar and has the strong SRT 4669X .Pls i do not know the numbers for TP and SR as well as how to enter them into the decoder.Hope someone will help out.The strong manual shows i can get Nilesatpls. i will also like to recieve NILESAT and any other satelites close to it using ku and C bands that i can get withought focusing away from the NILESAT direction

  30. Yemi cornelius says:

    please i will like to recieve NILESAT tv stations. i live in Calabar and has the strong SRT 4669X .Pls i do not know the numbers for TP and SR as well as how to enter them into the decoder.Hope someone will help out.The strong manual shows i can get Nilesatpls. i will also like to recieve NILESAT and any other satelites close to it using ku and C bands that i can get withought focusing away from the NILESAT direction.My dish is 3.8 meter

  31. Ibrahim dauda says:

    May God increasing u in knowledge. I am presently living gambia and enjoying nilesat and planning of going back to my country (Nigeria, kwara state). Pls, is possible to get nilesat in kwara state (north central of nig.) with 1.8m disc wide…thanks

  32. Abdull says:

    I have strong DVB 4652 mpeg2 I was able 2 wach infinity channels but i cant be able 2 receive Gtv and joy tv channels. I will appreciate it if somebody can help me with Freq and symb rate

  33. Hakeem says:

    Well done my brother. You are doing a good work. Please, can you furnish me with detailed requirements a la dish size, decoder type, LNBF etc for Viewing Al-Jazeera Sports and Abu Dhabi in Lagos, Nigeria? Please, includes the estimated cost of the parts.

    Any idea of the cost of the Al-Jazeera and Abu Dhabi cards?


  34. Zubairu Isiaka says:

    I discovered that some of the infinity chanel do show picture but there is no audio, why is it so? is it from the setting or from the site? and again why is it most station repeat a movie for more than a week, please an improvement is nedded on most of the stations.

  35. manuell frm Tadi Ghana says:

    why cant l used my skyy digital digi box to get some of da FTA channels for free?

  36. Tony Nigeria says:

    I leant dat 1 can watch all dstv statn free wit any mpeg 4 coder.Hw tru is it pls.

  37. Andu tahir says:

    Good day 2 u. Is it possible to use 2-4 LNB on Motorise dish. Thanks

  38. kola says:

    Hello my people,how u guys day abeg i need some stuff for my HITV at list free to air frequency and symbol rate that can work for my hitv decoder am in akwa,ibom state,any body that av should pls help me by sending the frequency and symbol rate to my email box kolakareem@ymail.com or to my phone number 08037710815 god bless u guys for help ur brain will not die,

  39. I ve seen it workin.DSTV free without card but no local TV eg ait,nta,dbn etc.Wit STR 4669 MPEG4.Strong decoder

  40. I.d. Nkanga says:

    Pls i am in port-harcourt and i need frequency and tp for nilesat @ 7deg w

  41. Ibrahim Abba says:

    Pls i am in northern nigeria, Daura, Katsina state. How could i get free NTA and AIT channels on my 1.8 dish.

  42. richmond says:

    i have strong SRT 4669X and 90cm dish size……can i recieve nilesat channels with that?

  43. God bles u my guy 4 all ur efort.Pls Hw posible can one brnws using decoder & dish.

  44. Humphrey says:

    hello there,am from Zambia.will i be able to catch nilesat in the southern part of africa.

  45. Tochi says:

    Pls i have a 2 meter dish can i track nilesat using strong c-band lnb

  46. Pls help me wit multi link frq/Sbl.rate & d best dish siz 4 it.Tanks.God bles

  47. isaac kobina mensah says:

    thanks 4 the gud job.pls why is the audio 4 loveworldplus not available?

  48. Kingsley says:

    I need the symbol rate and frequency for any satellite that is working in FTA. send it to my box

  49. Hi am timothy how can i get nilsat signal in Taraba Nigeria. says:

    I wil be glad if someone help.

  50. yao says:

    Can i get nilesat here in Ghana?

  51. Hassan says:

    Hello, Pls helf me with code that con open scremble channels in Nilesat,Sirus 4,Eualsat w3,w6,w7.

    Thank’s FR Hassan Uy

  52. rahaman says:

    i would like to know if i can get nile sat with an mpeg 4 decoder or multi tv and also would i get english premier league matches live and an x rated channel from my location.
    kindly help me to do that and also add up channels if possible.
    accra new bortianor on the kasoa winneba road

  53. victor pop says:

    Pls. I leave in abuja n need to know where to get aljazeera sports card in abuja or kaduna.thanks

  54. Justice says:

    please, help me to list the names of satellites i can receive with a 90cm dish. i’ll be so grateful for your info. i use strong srt 4663x

  55. yomi says:

    how can i remove d dollar sign 4rm my strong decoder

  56. yomi says:

    am using hitv size dish 2 watch dstv on my srt4663x strong decoder with d old dstv smart card

  57. kalumbas, kericho kenya says:

    Hallo i need to know about free channels.

  58. Muhammed says:

    Am having problems tracking nss7c with 1.8m dish from lagos can it be the weather,and how sure can one get nilesat with 2.4m dish from lagos.keep up the good work.thanks

  59. Abdul wajeed says:

    Pls i need free to air channel for watching premiership leagues

  60. william says:

    hello, do you have free to air channels we can view in zambia?

  61. Sixtus says:

    I want to how to get fta channels with hotbird in srt4669x strong decoder and also nilesat in imo state

  62. Sixtus says:

    I want to knw how to get fta channels with srt4669x strong decoder in imo state

  63. dr albert says:

    kindly send me frequency and symbol rates for these tv stations : ait (nigeria), gtv, metro tv, galaxy tv, wiasat 1, tv togo.

  64. dr albert says:

    kindly send me the freq and sr for the following free to air stations: ait nigeria, gtv, metro tv, viasat 1, galaxy tv, sabc 1,2 and 3 codes, and international tv network uganda and sports tv uganda ltd. thanks and keep up the good work

  65. Zekarias says:

    Can i trap nilesat from Ethiopia ?
    Thank you for the answer

  66. H.M. Hassouna says:

    Kindly send me the frequency of Fox Series Channel on Nilesat 101, since 2 days stopped comming on my TV, Is there any other frequency, than 12130 Vertical

  67. Sixtus says:

    I want to get fta channels in the easth nigeria with nilesat how possible

  68. Rex says:

    How can I watch football from UK on free to air decoder in Malawi


    pls how do l install EUTELSAT W4 on my mpeg SRT4669X on my digi box?

  70. Biodun ola, ibadan says:

    U are a genius nd tanx 4 helping ppl. Out.pls i need fta frequencies dat can work wit srt.4653x.tanxs

  71. Zekarias says:

    wow thank you Bro I can find the nilesat with 90 cm dish in Ethiopia but I cannot find the English version of NatGeo channel and the mbc channels how can i get them in English? Thank you for the answer ….

  72. Mugume Frank says:

    How can I get FTA channel in uganda in nilesat

  73. nana kwarteng says:

    pls help me with my c band, I’m an installer but I only install ku band dishes, now I bought a c band dish and wants to install pls would help me frequencies that work in ghana. hope U ‘ll get to me soonner…

  74. pls mr oluniyi,can i have the freq and tp to watch spanish league,am using strong dec 4669X with 90cm in lagos,and what wrong with CRTV.

  75. Rajan says:

    If I can get nileset in Abuja, Nigeria with Indian channels.
    If yes, then how & where to contact?

  76. Tochi says:

    Hello bro, i lov ur work. And i’d appreciate it furder if u’d giv me nilesat frequency and tp numbers respectively. Thanks a lot.

  77. Anthony says:

    Help me with d nilsat freqency number and there symbolrate, with 2.8 dish can it work in eastern part of nigeria please reply me soon

  78. Anthony says:

    Can crtv work give me it’s freqency number & symbolrate if yes reply@ my mail thanks

  79. Anthony says:

    How Can crtv work give me it’s freqency number & symbolrate if yes reply@ my mail thanks

  80. Dentsui D says:

    Hi! I am David from Ghana. Can u pls help me with strong angle 7′s symbol rate, freq. and polarization?

  81. karisa mweni says:

    i live in mombasa kenya and i am using a 126 cm dish and an astrovox 290 plus how do i get nilesat 101 at 7 w fta chanels?

  82. Pedro Cafui says:

    Hey need to get all the free station on Strong ,Need help with that.Guide me on it

  83. youngkent says:

    We are worried about d crtv.what happend 2 it pls,guys in d house should do something to it.4 lagos.

  84. HASSAN says:

    pls am installing c band in ghana.i need all the frequencies .am using one ku and two c-band.one with diaphram and the other non-diaphram.thanks

  85. folake says:

    Am in lagos state and I want 2 get a dish and decoder bt 1st I want 2 knw which of the cable netwrk providers I can go 4 and which of them shows fox entertainment,hbo and cwtv all this are mainly seasonal film showing stations. Is it nilesat,dstv hitv?

  86. felix uko says:

    is it possible to get nilesat channels in south south nigeria with a 90cm dish? if yes, which channels

    • Brasil says:

      Gud day Felix Uko, There is no way you can get nilesat signal with 90cm in Nigeria as a whole except 1.8m and above but in your region south south in Nigeria is 3m dish for better signal

  87. Ahams says:

    Please can you help wit FTA frequencies that will work on hitv from any sat thanks

  88. Cj says:

    Pls can somebdy help for al d eutelsat 7w.36e fta frequencies

  89. okechukwu says:

    Okechukwu 4rm Owerri Nigeria,I hv 2.4 dish .i hv nilesat signal.pls if you can help me with frequency and symble rate of Aljezera sports,fox,dubai sports,rotana cinima,movies,mbc action and any fta channels.pls reply me soon

  90. Solomon says:

    i learnt that Fox movies and fox series have changed their frequencies. Pls reply me with the new ones

    • Brasil says:

      Gud day Solomon, Am Brasil by name(satellites installer) reside in Abuja Nigeria, fox-movies is still in 11766H27500 and fox-series is now in 12226H27500

  91. Chibuike says:

    Which satellite can I receive North American and European channels without charge, from my location here in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

  92. prince says:

    sir can i get nilesat channels in ghana and wat size dish thanks

  93. kabir adam says:

    dear sir iget strong srt4461x im leaving in abujawichdish can,iuse2receavenilesat pls hepme.

  94. Jude says:

    How can i watch premier league on my srt 4669xii with 90cm dish in northern nigeria

  95. Bashir Hangi says:

    Am in Western Uganda and i have seen someone getting Nilesat Channels. Some one out there advise me on how i can get these channels.

  96. Lizzy says:

    Pls, i am in Lagos, i want to know if there is a way i can get nilesat without using 2.4m dish, if its subscription, i ll subscribe, cos d place am staying does not ve d space of 2.4m dish. dstv doesnt ve those channels. I still need a phone number of any installer here in Lagos dat ll put me through. Pls help me. Thank u

  97. FELIX UKO says:

    pls what are the requirements for having your programme transmitted in a sat tv, say intelsat 7,10k. i mean, launching my church functions into it for the world to view

  98. Raymond says:

    How do i get the infinity channel to watch on my multitv

  99. gadaf says:

    which receiver can i use to trak nilesat in southern ghana

  100. Can iget abudabisport ,MBC, channel’s in kenya by which type of decoder/receiver. Also can I use 90cm dish. Iwill thank 4ur help.

  101. kilion says:

    am in kenya can i get mbc2 mbc3 mbc1 mbc4 from (Badr 4/5/6 at 26.0°E)

  102. ATIAKPAN PAUL says:

    Dear David,




  103. Herbert says:

    Recently I was trying a blind scan with 90cm dish and i was able to get this nilesat signal giving 500 or so channels herein uganda I think the footprint was improved.

  104. Herbert says:

    Recently I was trying a blind scan with 90cm dish and i was able to get this Nilesat signal giving 500 or so channels herein Uganda I think the footprint was improved.And got some info from here http://www.lyngsat.com/nile.html

  105. ABUBAKAR BELLO says:

    Assalamu alaikum.pls I need 2 hv foxmovie new frequency on my nilesat. Reply 2 me 2ru dis mail. Thank u foxtv team.frm ABUJA NIGERIA.

  106. Victor says:

    How to get fta channel 4 strong srt4663x

  107. i need d frequencies 4 AIT,LC2,MBI,and any ethiopian channel,and d size of dish 2 be used.

  108. karim says:

    i get jazeera cart but i cant watch same chanel(+5+6+7+8)in nilesat please haw can i get it

  109. Wilson pkiyach says:

    I’m currently viewing packages from Nilesat 201,Ab7 and Ab3 both at 7°w and 8°w with 90 cm dish in Kenya.Can anybody tell me where to buy al jazeera card in Kenya.

  110. redeem nani says:

    i tried the frequencies on my strong mpeg 4 decoder but no channel came only the multitv channel and now i think and now the infinity channels are now pay tv not free to air so please me.

  111. Jones says:

    Can i watch nilesat?i am in southen nigeria

  112. joseph says:

    Mr Dave, I really apreciate dis forum. I av been wrkin on nilesat using net dish, nd tracking wit aljzeera frequency 10992. I got d signal wit 2.4m net dish. But, d challenge am having nw is dt. All d channels re nt coming. I only av d channels on aljzeera frequency. Even blind scan did nt scan any other channels. Pls help me out ooo. I av 2 abandon it n post my customer. Wat can I do?

  113. Elvis says:

    Sir I have a 2.4 meter dish. It is net not zinc. can it work?

  114. ykent says:

    one luv 2 u.i am in d south-south,pls i am also instalie in need fta freq,and breakin of key code channel west and east.help me out.

  115. Ugwu ejike says:

    Pls i need lc2 frequence and symbol rate. How can i recharge mytv online

    • Brasil Monday says:

      Gud day sir, pls how can i recieve LCF channel they were formely on w4 but now they are off air now

  116. biodun zuru says:

    what code open lock channels on nilesat and my tv promo

  117. prince opata says:

    hi am prince and can i get nilesat in kumasi-Ghana and please send me a code to unscrumble channels on my strong decorder

  118. am ken frm ewossa in edo state says:

    Thanks 4 d good job sir!

  119. michael hassan says:

    can i get nile sat in Accra Ghana.
    i want the frequency.
    i also want the frequency of al jazeera sports that i can used in Ghana.
    thanks you.

  120. James maina says:

    Thanks 4 the information,am in kenya and if you are using a 6ft dish,65cm dish 2ku band lnbs and astrovox 290 plus u only need hawk 70fta to view aljazeera spts and all dstv channels.

  121. Abdulwadud says:

    Pls am,in edo state southern nigeria can i use 1.8 meter to install nilesat

  122. Hussein says:

    Pls help me with joy tv settings

  123. ykent says:

    Wht happend to 7dege west

  124. ayubkhan says:

    i need south indian tamil,malayalam,hindi now i am in riyadh saudiarab,i need satlite and frequency ,symbol rate pls kindly send the details thru my mail

  125. ssujesh says:

    i need south indian tamil,malayalam,hindi now i am in riyadh saudiarab,i need satlite and frequency ,symbol rate pls kindly send the details thru my mail

  126. Tonny Nyirenda says:

    Iam looking for Tp ‘s for free tv from Ghana plez help from Malawi

  127. shelu friday says:

    How can i use dstv smartcard on srt 4329?

  128. sunny says:

    pls i need the real frequency for nilesat am in owerri imo state

  129. john says:

    can someone help me with new multi tv and infinity frequency

  130. Moses says:

    I have an astrovox FTA decoder VSR-100, i get over 600 channels but all in arabic with only 4 enlish channels? How do i get more english channels or european signals?

  131. Solomon says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. What are the channels in nilesat 101 & 102? If i buy HD decoder for nilesat, will i get more channels for free? Pls reply and thanks

  132. Ishmael says:

    Sir how cn i watch aljzra & europian futbll chanls in malawi to which satryt cn i u use i hv a 90cm dish. I be glad if u may help.

  133. obojo abdulraheem says:

    plzzzzzzz i urjently need fta channels 4rm nilesat with tps and d size of dish and lnb to track i live in okene kogi state nigeria i will be very gratefull tanx.

  134. you have done alot on highlightening us especially me as i’m an installer .please how do i get mbc drama on 7 feet dish

  135. nana says:

    how much liberty star 5 and where can i get to buy ?

  136. klaus wittl says:

    I’m I’m ghana and use strong I need help to get more channels apart from the 13 existing ones

  137. genanaw says:

    hay teach me how to get infinity TV channels

  138. Salim says:

    Hi, i have installed a 90cm dish with Humax HD-free receiver in ongata rongai, nairobi, kenya and am getting 100% picture quality and 85% signal strength, is this enough to get channels when i do a blind search ? please assist urgently !

  139. ahmed says:

    Can i get nilesat signal in kenya

  140. ABOI NUHU says:

    Can i use 1.2mm DSTV dish to track nile sat channels

  141. ABOI NUHU says:

    Give me nilsat frequency

  142. stephen says:

    hi i live in denmark, and i will like to watching ghanaian tv what dish sixz do i need
    and frequency

  143. stephen says:

    hi.i living in denmark and i will like to watching ghanaian tv ch, WHAT DISH SIZES DO I NEED and frequency

  144. ruchar koomson says:

    I want ku signals any help

  145. ruchar koomson says:

    Arab signal on ku band frequecy and symbol rate please help me

  146. obs says:

    what is happening that 2.4m dish cannot view Aljazeera sport in Ibadan Nigeria oyo state

  147. Gizachew Eshetu says:

    Is there FTA channels for English premier legue on Arab sat?Is there FTA channels for English premier legue on Arab sat?Is there FTA channels for English premier legue on Arab sat?Is there FTA channels for English premier legue on Arab sat?

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