Nokia Store in Lagos; Centre of Nokia's African sales target

Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, has decided to make it the centre of its sales target in the whole of African market. This follows the company’s opening of a million dollar store at the Palms Shopping Mall, recently in Lagos, even as it relished the contributions of Nigeria to its achieving one billionth phone sales feat recently.


  1. Toby says

    Pls i’d like to know if i can get flex for my nokia 6270 display i’ve tried several ones from the nokia brand. It may interest you to know that the phone in question is actually less than 6 months old and i’ve been unable to find a qualified technician so i decided to repair it myself.My e-mail and phone numbers are, +2348033797212 Thanks

  2. Franz Dickson says

    Hello i want to know the lagos address of the nokia shop so i can find out if they can make my nokia 6030 recognize the headset(enhancements) again.I will gladly pay.

  3. Austin Creflo says

    i want to register as a dealer with nokia.How do i go about it and after registration will any identification be given to me tio show that am registered with nokia especially to my bankers?My company is an enterprise.Thanks.
    this is my

  4. Leke Majofodun says

    pls ,i need to get a new case of my 6120classic nokia phone,and a change of the keypad panel,pls in form nokia to stop imporing phones in to the country if there parts are not available in case one or more part of dat phone product gets faulty,pls send me info on how i can get my problem solved,my email is

  5. Adewole Taiwo says

    I will like to know if it is possible for me to transfer pictures from my Nokia 6111 to my XP laptop.

    Is it possible i get a USB cable from Nokia shop in Nigeria for the transfer

  6. Mr Tunde Popoola says

    i will like to repair my nokia n91 series. the screen light just went off since about a month ago, though the phone still function normally, but its not possible to read display messages on the e- mail

  7. kabiru says

    hi i want to the location of nokia stores, i’ll like u to mail me the adresss.i know thee is one in lekki,is there any in ikeja or allen,i will be expecting ur reply

  8. isdney says

    pls i need 2 know what make of nokia phones has a map and there prices, also where there office is located in Abuja.

  9. tokunbo says

    please i need to get an original nokia phone with blue tooth,camera, with storing capacity but not a sliding type. where and how can i get this, then at what price range should i have in mind.

  10. saka yunusa says

    i buy new nokia asha and its writing social application error which means i can not use the socil application

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