Introductory note:

  • To put this post into a proper perspective, you should read Multi TV Ghana, a new free digital satellite TV service first.
  • Multi TV is at Testing Transmission phase and therefore, some of the glitches I have observed should be understandable to some extent.
  • I got this installation since Thursday evening, my writing is based on the hours during which I monitored the new service only. I’m only a single human and couldn’t have watched all the time since Thursday.

I called one of the accredited Multi TV installers last Thursday morning and by 5pm, the service was fully installed.

  • Duration of installation: Less than 1 hour
  • Cost of multitv decoder & installation: 250 Ghana cedis
  • Number of channels: 10

Channels as they appear:

  1. Joy TV: western movies
  2. Cine Afrik: supposedly African movies, but I have seen Nigerian movies only, so far
  3. Hits TV: Local and foreign music video. The channel occasionally hooks up to Nigerian music video channel Nigezie
  4. 4Kids: TV programmes targetted at children
  5. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN): Christian-related TV programming
  6. CNN International: 24 hours news and useful information
  7. This channel is rotated between BBC World News and Al Jazeera English
  8. Joy Sports: sport-related TV programming
  9. Nhyira TV: gospel music in Ghanaian languages
  10. This channel is alternated between local TV stations TV3 and GTV

The not-so-good; I’m assuming these listed glitches would be taken care of before Multi TV gets out of test transmission

  • Some of the channels simply disappeared for minutes, occasionally
  • The channels crack-up sometimes, immediately after I switch from one to another
  • Empty programming bar: The information bar on the lower end of the screen that’s supposed to display information about the programme one is watching, is empty.
  • No programming schedule: one cannot check the next programme to be screened
  • I saw a Nigerian movie repeated on Cine Afrik within a 24 hour period
  • According to the installer I queried, dual-view decoders are not yet available unlike what Joy FM is announcing.
  • There is no radio service on the system yet: Joy FM and other radio stations belonging to MultiMedia Group Limited are not on Multi TV. I called their customer service to ask about this and the agent I spoke with confirmed this, adding that Joy FM & others should be available on this platform in the near future. This is unlike the announcement I hear on Joy FM.
  • Unlike what is widely advertised, there are only 10 channels at this time despite the 20 channels they brag about
  • There are frequent advertorial interruptions on Joy TV, Cine Afrik, Hitz TV, Joy Sports. What would one expect of a free TV service anyway?

The good

  • The channels are crystal clear; not unexpected from a digital satellite television service
  • The decoder booting period is very short, unlike DSTV’s decoders that take about a minute to boot

My verdict

  • I am a bit sceptical about CNN being retained as a full channel for ever. CNN alone is enough reason for many to hook-up. Wouldn’t DSTV be out of business?
  • The service has enough local programming to attract enough audience to keep it afloat
  • DSTV is still the king of satellite TV broadcast in Africa. Don’t throw your DSTV decoder into the Atlantic just yet.

Multi TV satellite information: Should you have  90-cm KU band satellite dish + a free-to-air decoder, you may attempt searching for MultiTV using the following information. Do well to let me know if it works.

Satellite: Intelsat 12
LNB Type: Type1
DiSEqC: None
Frequency: 12551
0/22KHz: Auto
LNB Power: On
NIT Search: No
Scan Mode: Sat

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  1. twinstaiye says:

    The details for the Multi-tv for those who does not know where intelsat 12 is are as follows:
    Satellite:- ASTRA 2B/ EUROBIRD 1(28.5 E)
    Frequency:- 12551
    Symbol Rating :- 19519
    Polarity:- V
    Transmission :- DVB-S
    FEC: – Auto
    LNB Freq:- Univ. LNB 1

    • Have you attempted viewing MultiTV from a free-to-air decoder? What was the result?

      • Yaw Asante says:

        Hey Bros,
        That is a good job done indeed. Something is not clear hear. I called one of the operators at MultiTv and he confirmed that Joy news alternate the international news channels. The information i got from their dealers was different. the dealers are reporting something similar to your findings. so the question is which is which.

        Will DSTV fight back to ensure CNN is not available 24/7 on MultiTv?

        For how long will CNN continue to run?

        Multimedia should come out to answer these questions.

        So far so very good.

        Dave, a big thank you for a good work done. I will try to see if multitv will work on free to air decorders.

      • Lawrence says:

        Hi David, I tried searching for the multi TV signal using the the frequency given but wasn’t sucessful. Can u please re-check the frequency, symbol rate and the polarity on your STB. Thanks

      • Oluyomi says:

        I atempted it on strong receiver, I got only the radio channels. the tv channels are not showing. I am in Nigeria

        • Kofoworola Samuel says:

          Mr Olaniyi, this is a great work you are doing in giving us this information. thanks. Please can you tell me which of the stations in the multiTv will be showing all the FIFA 2010 work cup live? Thanks

  2. Edward says:

    DStv is great. But I wanted to find out if it is likely GBS would ever bounce back?

    • GBS is gone for good. The owners have liquidated the company. The Ghanaian subsidiary had their equipment auctioned just last week to offset some of their financial obligations.

  3. Good work Niyyie! As I young Blogger, I want to ask you. Are you paid for these reviews?

  4. Or you gain from from the traffic it generates to ur site? Great Bloggers brag about how they monetise theblog with paid reviews. Or it’s social entrepreneurship. I mean your contribution to advancing Africa?

  5. Rollins says:

    Not to play the Devil’s advocate or anything, but from your assessment, the whole Multi TV thing rather sounds like an experiment (to me).

    I’m beginning to think it just might be another GBS waiting to happen. I really hope not, cos I for one wasn’t too excited about the GBS disaster!

    That said, I think I’ll get a digi box and check it out.

  6. Yaw Asante says:

    it’s been a week now since i purchase my digibox. So far so good. I will come out with my own assessment taken into account Mytv, GBS, and DSTV compact bouquet programming.

  7. Chuk101 says:

    Hello all, i began to watch multitv a week after the launch and so far its been wonderful , i pray it would remain free as they say, multitv unlike other free to air packages in africa like sabc and mbc mauritius has more channels and is recivable in most part of africa with a min of 60 cm dish, in order to make profit i would suggest the mgt to device ways of making their reciever available to others outside ghana and by so doin be able to sustain the enterprise thank you

  8. paul says:

    i got one for myself and i must say that i’m a bit disappointed cus it hasnt brought any additional excitement into my tv viewing. No local preachers, those on TBN seem to be raising funds every time. There local movies dates way back. I hope things will improve.

  9. kayblaza says:

    hey guys i tried it on my strong decoder but i’m getting only radio . whats up with that? i get all the multi tv channels on the radio on the decoder.

  10. kayblaza says:

    It’s funny cos i keyed in the freq,sr ,pol (Frequency:- 12551
    Symbol Rating :- 19519
    Polarity:- V) on almost all the satellite on the decoder and it wrked just that both tv n radio come as radio.Yes i’m in ghana.

  11. Tobee says:

    Olu, good job on the review. I am planning to change my current Cable Gold to MultiTV. I however have a challenge. Cable Gold gives me all the free-on-air including TV3 which I ordinarily don’t receive in my area. I am concerned about the switch between TV3 and GTV. What do you advice. Can I get all the other free-on-air TV stations when using the MultiTV decorder or do I have switch between the MultiTV decorder and an ordinary TV pole

    • Tobee, thanks for your kind words.
      About making a switch, it would largely depend on your tastes. I cannot make this decision for you. However, mixing the MultiTV dish with a good antenna is probably a good combination as I doubt if MultiTV will ever offer all the free-to-air TV stations considering that those ones would consider MultiMedia Group a competitor.

  12. nana says:

    please i want to know the rate multi tv shows adverts,is it in between programmes like what tv3 does or after a program.i have skyy digital,can i get multi tv on it,if yes show me,lastly i want to know if the revenue from digibox sales and adverts alone can sustain multi tv.

      1. MultiTV slots in adverts in-between shows on Joy TV, Cine Afrik where feature length movies and soaps are screened.
      2. Skyy Digital is completely on a different platform from MultiTV and so you cannot watch MultiTV on Skyy Digital.
      3. The idea behind MultiTV being free for ever is that revenue from ads and digibox sales would drive and sustain MultiTV. About the practicality of that, time will tell. I assume MultiMedia Group did a careful market analysis before taking this route.
  13. Apart from CRTV nad LTMtv how many chennels do have on your decoder as you promise to bring 20 tv chennels.
    from OVERMARS

  14. Soldier says:

    Please, what video format is multi tv using, mpeg 1, 2 , 3, or 4?

  15. Kofi says:

    Hello David, i have heard rumours there are a couple of paytv stations yet 2 be launched in ghana. Do you have any idea if this is true?
    Secondly, i doubt if multitv can sustain their business solely on ad revenue and digibox sales. It just doesnt make business sense unless the channels on their package are already free to air and they are not paying anything 2 the content owner.

    • Kofi,
      1. I have no information about any new Pay TV stations.
      2. I am sceptical about MultiTV’s viability too but going by Joy FM’s excellence so far, I am willing to give them a chance. I assume their risk-taking with this model is well calculated.

  16. Salih Al-Hassan says:

    Do you have any idea if other free to air channels apart from that provided by multitv can be recieved through the multitv decoder?

  17. orexcom says:

    please tell me what video format is multitv. and why cant i use strong decoder.

  18. debo says:

    please can my strong decorded work with MultiTV am in lagos nigeria

  19. Soldier says:

    I believe strong decoders technically sudnt be working well with multi TV. Thats why they’ve got their own box. Getting it on any other box, strong or the others… sudnt even be published since that mustn’t be the case. E TV only changed its encryption format to nagra 3 (thats what the big FTV sat guys are telling us) because they’ve realized that the old encryption use to secure it transmition in SA has been greatly compromised. Thanks to every one who contributed to letting them know. So please, please, please watch what you all say about multi tv else they will perfect the system so quick that without the digi box, you can never crack into in.

  20. Soldier says:

    I believe strong decoders technically sudnt be working well with multi TV. Thats why they’ve got their own box. Getting it on any other box, strong or the others… sudnt even be published since that mustn’t be the case. E TV only changed its encryption format to nagra 3 (thats what the big FTV sat guys are telling us) because they’ve realized that the old encryption used to secure its transmition in SA has been greatly compromised. Thanks to every one who contributed to letting them know. So please, please, please watch what you all say about multi tv else they will perfect the system so quick that without the digi box, you can never crack into in. Thank you King Dave for giving us this platform

  21. afroh says:

    multi tv is using mpeg-4 for its encryption so any decorder with DVB, MPEG-2 Complaint can watch it for free.

  22. Akin valentine says:

    Can u list any available decoder with mpeg 4 in nigeria?

  23. salim says:

    David i want to know if i can tune my channel to Spanish La liga Bcos it said on the Site that its Comming Soon although i havent bought Multi tv yet but i was doughting

  24. stanley t. says:

    need to track multi tv signal in port harcourt nigeria using a 90cm dish,plz how do i start.just a novice

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  26. viviek says:

    please are there other plate form that shares frequencies with multi tv

  27. nnamdi iheke says:

    dear sir/madam
    i have daarsat decolder. pls i want knw if multi tv can work on daarsat decolder


  28. Ibrahim mahmoud says:

    Surely daar sat decoder can be use to install multi tv,cos iam on it and enjoying it.

  29. Sampson Gorn says:

    How do you install your Multi tv decoder? l bought one for my house hold and decided later to relocate the dish and decoder but I was not able to install it.

  30. Sampson Gorni says:

    Is it true that Multi tv is another GBS in waiting?
    People are afraid to subscribe to it because of that.

  31. eleyowo odunayo Israel says:

    Dear Multi tv,

    I am an International Satellite intaller in Nigeria, I will like to know if Multi tv can work legally here in Nigeria, also if it work can some one market for you here in Nigeria. Email. ollymanny1[at] – Tell, +2347066657712

  32. alex adjei says:

    please i want to sell some of your products .how can i become an agent

  33. Joseph says:

    Hi,has anybody gotten free Ghana on satellite with multi tv decoder or any other mpeg4 decoder ? Indicate and share your settings please.

  34. Emrys says:

    Pls, i would like to know how much is 250cd to naira and how can one purchase it. Also, i want to know if it will posses the power to recieve it in warri.nigeria. Thanks

  35. eric says:

    hi guyz multi tv is in mpeg 4 format so any decoder that can work with mpeg4 will receive it.And also you can use your digibox to receive additional FTA channnels.

  36. Paul Nwaoji says:

    Please i send the frequency and symbol rate of joy sport channel on multi tv thanks

  37. Paul says:

    Please i need frequency and the symbol rate of multi tv

  38. EMMANUEL K. says:

    Why has multitv stop telecasting their midnight movies. I think is not fair! We stay deep into the night to watch this and disappointed is only ajazera that comes on the screen! we need answers.

  39. Hi Oluniyi,please can you let me know the frequency and the symbol rate,polarity and etc where i can get Multi TV Free-to Air Satellite.Please reply me on my email

    chao chao

  40. chi says:

    I have a strong decoder and i’m able to watch all da multi tv channels..but can’t get da radio and crtv and other free to air channels.
    any help guys…

    • cher says:

      hi chi, could you please direct me as to where i can get a strong decoder to purchase or the company’s phone number?


  41. cher says:

    Do you have any idea where i can purchase strong decoder?


  42. chi says:

    I have all da channels working and i think multi tv is just coooool…@cher well i bought mine at A&C mall..b’cos i got a dish i pay 180 ghana cedis 4 it…

  43. Akanni says:

    Hi mr oluniyi pls i just need d new frequency and symbol rate of E tv am from 9ja

  44. I want 2 know may be they are intelsat 7ku or changed 2 another satellite

  45. akanni says:

    how to track d network

  46. Omondi says:

    Do multi tv telecast eufa champions league on ltm tv

  47. sirolsh says:

    can you tell precisly how joy news time is being schedule. i mean the time for aljazeera, the time for cnn and if their is any other news channel being broadcast on it. pls i need the answer on time.

  48. Bernice says:

    I bought the digi box and for two days it can’t be installed. Why?

  49. Bernice says:

    How do I blend the local channels with the channels on multitv ?

  50. eddie doe says:

    thanks for the good work but i want to ask that apart from the 12 tv channels we have on multi tv can some be added by some means and if yes can i have the detalis .

  51. Bestyno Willo says:

    How will i get etv working in multi tv, d frequecy and symbol rate

  52. Bestyno Willo says:

    I get infinity tv on multi tv and it does not work well, some shw while some write NO AUDIO/NO VIDEO, where i will i track it to work well pls.

  53. dolphin entertainment (nig) limited says:

    The company is registered by CAC in Nigeria, this makes it a legal entity, operating in the entertainment industry. We produce Yoruba movies, and market same. We are the producer of Agboye, Asake Arogbondara, Tinu-ola and many more.
    Please, let me know if you are interested in broadcasting yoruba movies.
    we offer to assist in getting you the best of yoruba movies.

  54. Nana Kofi says:

    Hi friends, can anyone show me the frequecies on other tv stations that i can try on my multi tv? thanks

  55. pat says:

    who do i configure my GBS decoder to watch multi tv

  56. Prince from Ghana says:

    I have been told that there are 10 new channels on multi tv. Please help me with satelite name and frequencies for the new channels.

    Thank you

  57. RRF from Germany says:

    I’m in Germany, ASTRA 2A,2B,2D is what I’m tuned on.I’ve tried Frequency: 12552 v 19531
    12551 v 19519
    12543 h 20800
    but none is working for me.Any Tipps for me please? Thanks.

  58. Momo samah says:

    my nick name is mr.movies and i live in liberia,and i love tv shows so much but i dont have money to pay for it,can someone please help me with multitv free to air frequency and the symbolrate for my country liberia,i heard that some people are useing it in monrovia but i dont know them.

    • paul says:

      frequency – 12551
      symbole rate – 19531

      polization – vertical

      you can contact me on +23320200239044 and i can help u how to installed

  59. Saviola says:

    Does multi tv show all league matches especially the barclays premier league?????

  60. Man g says:

    Why is multi tv no longer broadcasting spanish and french league

  61. vincent says:

    please how am i going to change my GBS decoder to free to air? because i dont want to throw it away. am from Ghana if there is anyway kindly help me. Thank you very much.

  62. richmond says:

    is there anything i can do with my GBS decoder for now???????and are
    GBS decoders free to air decoders?????

  63. Nii Yemo says:

    Please, can how can I get foreign (non – Ghanaian) radio stations on my multi – tv?
    some of the tv channels I receive have no sound, please help me out.

  64. Man g says:

    Olaniyi . Why is multi tv nolonger beaming spanish &french league

  65. TONY CLAY says:


  66. kingsmog says:

    i have read a lot on the request of people and i think i myself have gotten an answer to my need i thank u all for that;great thanks to multi tv for giving us a sence of belonging God bless.

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  68. Chiboy says:

    Am from nigeria;ples i want 2 no if multi-tv have add more channels 2 the crtv & other 10 i receive already

  69. phil says:

    when is the HD Multi TV be start operation. Is DVB, MPEG-2 stronger than MPEG-4? Can a stronger decoder receive Multi TV signal ?

  70. PHILIP says:


    2. CRTV is no more coming on my receiver. I have already scanned. what can I do?

    3.I want SMART TV where can I get it from. Tel no. or e-mail

  71. kingsmog says:

    pls i noticed something in some of the channels it lacks audio sound so pls what cord can i apply to recieve a complite audio no all the station

  72. Quaye says:

    Hi multitv should try and bring back tv3 and add viasat1 for we those who are in the upper east

  73. Femi Ajayi says:

    I.m in Nigeria and i have being enjoying multi tv for a time,but now some of the stations are not working saying NO AUDIO VIDEO.

  74. Ibrahim mahmoud says:

    Multi tv decoder i.e darr reciever operating to infinity tv.U can view a newly channels like Hausa movies called Imf Alheri,imfo African movies,&other important channels.

  75. deo chipa says:

    Hi,plz mr it is posible to use dstv decoder dsd 1131 to get free to air dstv channels as sabc ntv uganda and ntv kenya?and if it is posible how to do?and how to get viasat 1 i need to have dish size?and tyep of decoder.

  76. Buchi says:

    hay!What’s Freq.S/r&sat for receivn GTV &other channels on multi tv?I’m desperat from south south Nigeria.

  77. Tunde says:

    Pls guys i nid d frequency 4 gtv,i live in nigeria nd i use a 90cm dish on fta, pls help me

  78. swoosh says:

    Guys crtv can be viwed just blind scan ur receiver

  79. Austy says:

    I rescan my Multi tv frequency and i get CRTV working but they are showing only move for now do anybody see it

  80. Vincent says:

    Pls friends if somebody know frequency and the simble rate of porn FTA channels pls give it to me.

  81. philip says:

    what are the conditions attached to the promotional sales of multitv dish/decoders. do the show more programms for a fee?

  82. vincent says:

    Pls how can i recieve PORN FTA channels on my decoder please help me of it. Thanks am from Gh.

  83. The set up directon you gave doesn’t apply to all decoders. so try to varry your directions.
    because, i’m using the one which has the slot for a card. with the number:SC-001CA

  84. yomi says:

    mourning good work u av been doing all d while may all might God do good to u and your family.Mr oluniyi, please i want to ask u about my own digital box of multitv decoder dat we av we can get infinity channel but we can fell their voice can u tell me what to do or it as no solution please just reply me sir bye.YOMI

  85. yomi says:


  86. Mario barnabas says:

    I luv the channel but plz i need some latest frequencies anyone on ground?

  87. LORD says:

    thanks David for the good job you are doing. i used the information that you gave on how to add more channels to the worked but most of the channels from nigeria had no audio (sound)to the pictures.
    how can this be solved?

  88. Yusufsat says:

    Please can any one send me the freqency for joy tv

  89. Hayford says:

    Hello brothers,

    I just got myself a multi tv digibox and was successfully installed.I don’t my pressed a button and my God,every thing has restored to factory settings I need help on the sidelight name to select,the frequency and the polarity.

    thanx much.

  90. sam says:

    we need more channels

  91. alale says:

    how can I get multi tv on strong decoder

  92. alale says:

    how do i get multitv on my strong decoder

  93. alale says:

    how do i configure strong mpeg2 to mpeg4

  94. Greatman says:

    Please Mr Oluniyi, what is the meaning of the abb HD? Thank you.

  95. FRED KWAME says:

    Hi, How do I get the color back on my TV using Multi TV in GHANA. I am using a Flat Screen lcd tv from the US. IT is a SHARP TV 22 INCHES NTSC. HOW DO I CHANGE IT TO ENABLE ME GET COLOR. IT SHOWS BLACK AND WHITE

  96. Flodelly says:

    Hi guys,i recently got a free to air telesystem decoder but anytime i connect my dish,i get e feedback no signal. i need help asap.tnx

  97. a friend applied system reset on my digibox,am using the black digibox MDVB-S9800 but cant do the installation,i need guidance asap

  98. Emy says:

    What satellite is this? Havent seen or heard of it

  99. Godfred says:

    I added some new channels to my multitv channels. The sound on some of the new channels I got cannot be heard. I learned there is a way to fix that. Can someone help me as soon as possible? I am using the black digibox (MDVB-S9800)

  100. Frederick Owusu says:

    i have watched multi tv channels and they are better than i ever talked of. they should add more channels to it.

  101. agyengo says:

    pls how can i add OH AFRICA to my multi Tv

  102. agyengo says:

    pls how can i add OH AFRICA to my multi Tv and also how can i get more channels

  103. samuel anim says:

    multitv is boring all their channels are boring. Crtv is no show nice movies anymore. The worst of all da channels is quest tv. Any time i watch i feel like vomiting. Is multitv fulfilling the excitement it promised.

  104. uche says:

    pls can some body help me on how to install nilesat and its frequency with big dish that stand on the ground, thanks for your help

  105. teekay says:

    May someone please give me frequencies and symbol rates of free to air channels? may GOD bless whoever does this.

  106. silas charles bassey says:

    thank for all what u people are doing to help the life of are people i will like to know more about u sir and the network that is working now here nigeria thank so much and bye

  107. sabastine says:

    pls i use a strong srt4661x i dont know if my decorder is suported

  108. songong jean says:

    quelle es la frequence joys tv je vi au cameroun

  109. Tunde says:

    Great work Niyi, God bless u I was enjoying multi tv until my son pressed reset factory setting on my strong decoder(4669X). Since then its been difficult 2 get d signal. I’m in Nigeria pls help with d current settings. Thank u.

  110. sahr says:

    pls i hav position my dish 2 multi tv but only two channels are working that is gtv and tv africa all the rest are under the radio channel

  111. patrice (Ivory Coast) says:

    I like multi tv because of CNN. why is it off air? where can i have cnn freely. I am in cote d’ivoire

  112. Matthew says:

    I want the strongers frequencies to track satellite available in west africa


    we need other Ghana tv sat stations on multi tv, they should pls try to do somthing on that. up Multi tv up Ghana. thanks

  114. wakayeaminu says:

    well for me i will always vote for multitv n for those who want thier frequency u got 12554 symb 20799 or 12552 19531 n for kktv try this 12602 03095 n for d pornies no idea n am an installer i leav in keffi nassarawa state nija.

  115. wale alex says:

    pls what is the new frequency for joy tv, 12552v 19543 is not working again.

  116. Juliet says:

    The level:
    And the quality is can I get 100% for both.and any new stations available?

  117. Elk says:

    My set has been scan by a friend, I tried to delete the repeated channels but everything is gone, mine id a strong decoder. How do I go about retrieving the channels including all the free channels

  118. mozay says:

    What about Liberty Star T2 Decoder, can I watch multi tv channels on it? Help needed badly. Pls my is always open.

  119. ADEDIRAN says:

    Why has hola and kilonsele disappered on multi tv?How can we restore it.

  120. wisdom says:

    Can I use my multi TV decoder to receive GTV sports-plus and how do I set up my multi TV decoder to receive Emanuel TV, love world TV

  121. ransford says:


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