Solar Eclipse in Ghana

Mama Africa taking her time while glaring at an eclipseSolar eclipse is a natural phenomenon in which the moon totally blocks the rays of the Sun, from reaching the earth. Thus, there is a temporary period of total darkness, on anywhere the moon covers. Another eclipse is here, and this time, Ghana is the first African country through which this particular eclipse would pass through.

I’m excited because I have never witnessed an eclipse and I’m eager to see this.

Well, this is what ANDnetwork has to say about the coming event:

For millions of people on the southern third of Ghana, March 29, 2006 is a day they are anxiously waiting for.But they are not alone, thousands of tourists are also arriving in the West African state. All hotels in the southern third have been booked. Journalists and scientists are also arriving to watch the same event – total eclipse of the sun.

Ghana would be the first country in Africa to experience the phenomenon when the moon blocks the sun`s light as viewed from the earth.

Ghana, Togo, Benin, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Libya and Egypt will be the African countries to experience the phenomenon.

And this comes once in a very long time. The last time Ghana experienced a total eclipse of the sun was in 1947 and some of those who experienced it say they are looking forward to another wonderful experience.

Trust me to blog about this, after it has happened. 😀

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  2. I love the photo of the man with the shades and cigarette.
    What’s the story behind the photo? Who is he?
    I’d like to build a dwelling for him as my architectural thesis.
    Do you have a higher resolution version of the image that you’d be willing to share?