Interview: ‘Gbenga Sesan speaks on the role of Social Media in Nigeria’s 2011 General Elections & more

An EiE Nigeria billboard in Lagos Nigeria

The following interview was conducted on behalf of Global Voices Online, an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world. Nigeria’s Golden Opportunity for a Social Revolution through the Ballot Box Oluniyi: Thanks for agreeing to speak with Global Voices Online. Could you introduce yourself to our international […]

NN24: The Nigerian Presidential Elections Debate 2011

NN24 The Nigerian Presidential Elections Debate 2011

Are you a Nigerian or interested in Nigerian politics? Mark these dates on your calendar: 11th March & 18th March 2011. NN24, a 24-hour news channel in Nigeria, is organizing Nigeria’s first Presidential debate ahead of April elections. The debate hitherto scheduled for tonight was postponed since President Jonathan’s campaign team insisted on having questions […]

Barcamp Nigeria 2011: Kaduna, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt

Barcamp Nigeria

The Barcamp Nigeria team is proud to announce the schedule for 2011 Barcamp events. The event was successfully organized two editions in 2009 and 2010, and having listened to the yearnings of tech professionals for engaging events, we are poised to take it further in 2011 by organizing it in various parts of the country. […]

Abuja Cable leaks: the innermost thoughts of President Goodluck Jonathan


Wikileaks has recently been releasing secret diplomatic cables sent from American diplomats to the State Department in the USA, causing a wild storm globally. What is WikiLeaks? WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources […]

A New Blog Aggregator for Nigeria

A snapshot of the new Nigeria Bloggers website

A new blog aggregator for blogs related to Nigeria, has been unveiled at The Nigerian blogosphere is easily one of the most vibrant on the African continent. Though figures are hard to come by,  a conservative estimate would put the number of Nigerian blogs at about 2,000. Following the thousands of blogs related to […]

33 miners rescued in Chile. Any lessons for Africa?

Mario Gomez (the oldest of the miners) after being rescued from the San José mine

I got the following message forwarded to me from someone in Nigeria a moment ago. It plays on the just-concluded miraculously rescue of 33 miners who were stuck underground for 69 days. Whilst it is clearly meant to be a hilarious outlook on the depressing situation in Nigeria, unfortunately, much of it is a sad […]

Nigerian Independence Day random thoughts

Nigeria on BBC News homepage for the wrong reasons

Nigeria is trending again in the international news headlines for the wrong reasons. According to BBC News: At least eight people have been killed in explosions in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, marring celebrations to mark 50 years since independence from the UK. Was a jamboree necessary in a country that is for all intents and purposes […]

High speed wireless internet for businesses in Nigeria

A coverage map, showing the service availability of Gateway Business in Nigeria

Gateway is one of Africa’s best-established and most respected voice and data carriers. More than 583 million people and 1,200 companies across the continent rely on our connectivity. Gateway Business has four offices and 60 representatives in Nigeria. I recently sent a few questions to a representative of Gateway Business Nigeria. The detailed response is […]

NN24 (NetworkNews24), A new 24-hour News Network


NN24 is a new 24-hour news network that is currently in a testing-transmission phase and broadcasting on the DSTV satellite platform. From their website NN24 (NETWORKNEWS24) Limited is a next generation Nigerian media company that aims to bring high quality television news content to Nigerians and the world. NN24 has created an international Network […]


A Save Nigeria Group rally in Nigeria. Nigerians are rejecting bad governance and together we are DEMANDING for GOOD GOVERNANCE.

Join young Nigerians to demand for a better Nigeria. Find below a release from a youth movement in Nigeria. Fellow Young Nigerians, Did you know that in Nigeria, young people are in the majority? Did you know that young people below 35 make up more than 70 per cent of the population? That means that […]