Forex brokers that accept Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve

So much has happened to e-gold and e-bullion since I blogged about Forex trading platforms that accept e-gold or e-bullion. Both digital gold currencies have since experienced a sharp decline in popularity with e-bullion being completed “dead”. It is only natural that I provide a new list of online forex trading platforms that accept deposits […]

e-bullion going down?

Another digital gold currency seems to be going down for good. The eurrency community was shocked about the reported death of one of the e-bullion co-founders just last week but things seem to be taking a worse turn entirely. A paragraph on Wikipedia summarizes the trouble: 2008 Murder of E-Bullion principal and Federal Felony charges […]

How e-gold was brought down

I had noticed that the GDCA (Global Digital Currency Association) website has been inaccessible for several weeks now. I was searching for blog posts about GDCA that might give me an insight into why it is down when  I came across a blog post by Pelle Braendgaard, titled: “How the Man finally brought e-gold down“. […] is the new primary dealer for e-gold

Following the demise of OMNIPAY, is the new primary dealer for e-gold payment system. The following is an excerpt of a publication earlier this month, announcing the new move by e-gold: Since 2006, OmniPay the original primary dealer for e-gold, has been out of business. With the loss of OmniPay, e-gold® independent agent exchange […]

Norum Yobo Released

I thought I should highlight the fact that Norum Yobo, brother of Nigerian football star Joseph Yobo has been released by his kidnappers who had hitherto demanded for a $10,000 ransom to be paid via e-gold. According to Yobo’s Brother Set Free By Kidnappers Joseph Yobo’s brother Norum has been released, Everton have confirmed […]

e-gold’s privacy feature its nemesis?

At the risk of sounding controversial, I am making public a view I have long held before now: e-gold has a magnet for attracting criminals. I would proceed to explain. e-gold’s anonymity feature, which e-gold Ltd sees as one of its most important features is indeed a dream come true for all sorts of criminal-minded […]

Making Money Online: Getting Paid via Paypal

In the first part of this blog post, I discussed Making Money Online: Getting paid by cheque and explained why you should avoid getting paid by cheque where and when possible. In this blog post, I will be highlighting another means of getting paid online: Paypal. There are several forms of e-currencies. There are digital […]

Is Cash Still King?

Nathan Vardi, writing for, discusses means by which one could move money anonymously. Digital currencies, particularly e-gold, was mentioned as one of the means: cash is king  4. Digital currency. According to the Justice Department, between 1999 and 2005 child pornographers, hackers and identity thieves made use of E-gold, an online payment system in […]