Ghana: Mobile Internet as a credible backup

A mobile phone connected to a laptop computer. Image courtesy

In Ghana today, most Internet users rely on traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Internet cafes, and few bother about Internet on mobiles. Long before mobile phones became popular in Ghana, fixed lines offered by the national operator Vodafone Ghana (then known as Ghana Telecom) and to a limited extent WESTEL, were widespread among businesses, […]

Ghana Telecom and Onetouch are now Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone logo

After buying a 70 per cent shareholding in the Ghana Telecommunication Company in August 2008, partnering with the Government of Ghana, Vodafone has made significant investments to improve the performance and to expand the capacity of its networks. Vodafone has also signed a multi-million dollar deal with Huawei Technologies to bring its 3G network services […]

Ghana Telecom to be re-branded Vodafone


Reports reaching Mobile Africa indicate that Ghana Telecom has been slated for re-branding after the Easter holidays. This follows a 70% acquisition of the erstwhile state-owned telecom company by Vodafone. The Government of Ghana retains a 30% stake in the company. Although Vodafone took over the operations of Ghana Telecom since last year, it had […]

Interconnect Clog Ghana's Telecom Terrain

Ghana Telecom

LIKE Nigeria, interconnection problem is a source of worry for telecommunications operators and subscribers in Ghana. The country has about five operators with one of them offering both GSM and fixed line services. They are Ghana Telecom, the state operator which offers both GSM and fixed services; Scancom, the leading GSM operator with its Spacefon […]