PayPal now in Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe…

Paypal Nigeria

PayPal has extended its online payment system to Nigeria, Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Monaco, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire,  Zimbabwe, and Paraguay for the first time. Before now, these countries were completely blocked from the party. Credit/Debit cards from these countries were not allowed on the payment gateway either. Nigeria being the largest e-commerce market in Africa is most […]

Challenges of Shopping Online in Nigeria

E-commerce has not reached its full potential in Nigeria. Photo by BTO Educational.

I got the following message from a reader of this blog: Good day Mr. Ajao. I am a post graduate student at the university of Northampton, United kingdom, studying MA International Marketing Strategy. I am really proud as I see a Nigerian like you writing good articles on current issues on the internet. I have […]

More African countries can now receive money via PayPal

I got a tip through a comment from a reader of this blog. I am republishing the comment verbatim because I have verified the information. Sehemu-Nyeti wrote from Kenya: PayPal users in the following African countries can now receive money: Malawi, Algeria, Mozambique, Lesotho, Morocco, Botswana and Seychelles. Whats even better for them (unlike those […]

Making Money Online From Nigeria: 7 Big Lies You Should Be Aware Of

If you are interested in making money online from Nigeria, there are some big lies you should be aware of. I never knew some of these things were big lies until I started my journey online 2 years ago and discovered for myself what worked and the real truth online. Here are a few of […]

Moneybookers rebrands to Skrill


I was a little perplexed by an email from Moneybookers a moment ago, announcing a new brand: You know that Moneybookers has never been a company to stand still, always evolving our solutions to better meet your needs and expectations. Our next evolution is to rebrand as Skrill, the first step towards offering you massively […]

How to accept Credit Card payments over the Internet in Nigeria

I received an email a few days ago, from one of the readers of this blog. I have reproduced the entire message below, and edited it a bit for the sake of clarity: Hi, I have been looking for how to accept payment online in Nigeria, without necessarily going through Interswitch. I have been reading […]

Paypal in Africa: Kenya users can now receive money

Paypal users in Kenya can now receive funds

The big P of e-commerce, now offers more service to residents of Kenya. Paypal users in Kenya can now receive money via PayPal, and withdraw same to a US bank account if they have one. Though users in Kenya cannot yet withdraw to a local bank account, the ability to receive Paypal funds is a […]

West Africa ePayment Opportunity: Video Interview with Oluniyi David Ajao

I was interviewed by Wayan Vota of during the recent Maker Faire Africa 2009 in Accra Ghana and we discussed the present e-payment challenges in West Africa. A challenge that presents an opportunity since Paypal is ignoring Africa. The interview has just been published in a post titled: “Google & Paypal Leaving Cash on […]

Nigeria: Why do you use Liberty Reserve?

Ecommerce Journal is a well-respected online news website about e-commerce and is one of the few websites I visit regularly. They have been predicting doom for Liberty Reserve in recent times and have done the same with one of their recent articles. The thrust of my blog post however is to react to a paragraph […]