Interswitch Nigeria & member banks move against ATM fraudsters

Long after several people have been defrauded of their money through social engineering scams, Interswitch Nigeria the leading issuer of local ATM/Debit cards appears to be acting now. According to a recent report by Daily Trust: Interswitch Nigeria Limited in collaboration with banks last week inaugurated an awareness campaign to protect ATM card holders against […]

Scandals rock Obasanjo’s family

One would have thought the accusations against former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo would have been limited to corruption allegations. But a sex scandal? Geez. What is this world turning to? This is the height of moral decadence if indeed it is true. Gbenga Obasanjo (Olusegun Obasanjo’s first son) is accusing his wife of having […]

Dealing Spammers/Scammers a deadly blow

I have a friend over at “Yomi Says“.  We have a few things in common that I am aware of. Some are: we both blog, we both run web hosting operations, we both hate spammers/scammers! He even has a category on his personal blog called “Hall of Shame“, where he exposes some of the scammers […]

How to reduce Internet Banking Fraud

Two days ago, I did a blog post titled “Woes of a Nigerian Internet Banking Customer” with a promise to do a follow-up post, offering suggestions. Well, this is it. First, it is defeatist for a bank to cancel online funds transfer when it is possible to minimize the effect of fraud. I would start […]

Agloco Scam: Agloco is dead, waiting to be buried ;)

I was researching this evening, try to gather some material for my next blog post when I came across this screaming headline: AGLOCO Dead: May Your soul rest in pieces! I couldn’t help chuckling. The same Agloco that was heralded as been a potential gold mine for the army of wanna get-rich-quick Internet users? Geez. […]

Woes of a Nigerian Internet Banking Customer

Scam emails have been circulating the Internet for sometime now, attempting to trick people into entering their bank account login details into a fake version of their financial institution’s website. This criminal activity is known in Internet security circles as Phishing. To drive-home the point, I am quoting Wikipedia‘s accurate description of Phishing: In computing, […]

Beware of fake Interswitch emails

Interswitch is the leading ATM/POS network in Nigeria and is the power behind the debit/ATM cards issued by over 20 banks in Nigeria including Guaranty Trust Bank, UBA, Intercontinental Bank, First Bank, Union Bank, Ecobank etc. To make payment online using an Interswitch card, all that is needed is the card number and PIN. This […]

CashEQ is a fake e-currency site. Beware.

An email has been going round on the Internet recently with the subject: TGE Newsletter. Tired of E-Gold? Try Casheqe!. They are advertising a fake e-currency service. Stay away from them! Date:       Fri, 28 Sep 2007 09:45:06 +0000 [09:45:06 AM GMT] From:      TGE NEWS <support@CASHEQE.ORG> To: Subject:      TGE Newsletter. Tired […]

Treasureline Interlink Limited stormed by soldiers and policemen

Treasureline Interlink Limited is one of the “wonder banks” in Nigeria, promising unusually high returns on investments. Apparently, not only civilians invest in these HYIP schemes, but soldiers and police men/women alike. According to a story by TheNews, some soldiers insensed by the fact that their “investments” had disappeared into thing air, stormed the offices […]

Nospetco, Sefteg etc are not registered Fund Managers, says SEC

Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC) is the apex regulator of the Nigerian capital market. The commission recently issued a public notice, listing the registered as well as illegal fund managers: The Securities and Exchange Commission hereby informs the investing public that the following companies and the funds they manage are not registered with the Commission. […]