Google introduces Hotel Finder

Google Hotel Finder

Google, despite being the number 1 destination on the web today, keeps diversifying so much that its hard to keep up with all the real estate it owns on the Internet. Over its 13 years of existence, Google has evolved from being a simple search engine, into being the monolithic juggernaut that dominates all the […]

Featured: The Kenyan Boys Choir

The Kenyan Boys Choir in action

Running an e-commerce enterprise from Africa is anything but easy. This makes my week days unenviable and so I make it a duty to relax on weekends, and start my Saturdays with cool music videos. This Saturday morning was no exception. I was flipping through the music TV channels offered by DStv when I stumbled […]

Abuja Cable leaks: the innermost thoughts of President Goodluck Jonathan


Wikileaks has recently been releasing secret diplomatic cables sent from American diplomats to the State Department in the USA, causing a wild storm globally. What is WikiLeaks? WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources […]

My 3 top annoyances with using a BlackBerry

BB App World is not currently available in your country.

Note: the information I am sharing below is based on my personal experience only. Other BlackBerry users in better circumstances might not experience all or any of the annoyances elucidated in this blog post. The BlackBerry is a great smartphone, no doubt. Along with the device comes a bouquet of services that keep a user […]

How to accept Credit Card payments over the Internet in Nigeria

I received an email a few days ago, from one of the readers of this blog. I have reproduced the entire message below, and edited it a bit for the sake of clarity: Hi, I have been looking for how to accept payment online in Nigeria, without necessarily going through Interswitch. I have been reading […], an all african forum aimed at providing a platform for Africans

A snapshot of

I recently had a short interview with Chris-Vincent, founder of, an all african forum aimed at providing a platform for Africans and those of interest in Africa to discuss issues of common concern. Enjoy. Chris-Vincent: I am Chris-Vincent a law student at the University of East London in the UK. I am a Ghanaian […]

SMS messaging gets to work

Texting on a keyboard phone

SMS, the happy accident of mobile technology that turns 17 this year, shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, maintains Pieter Streicher, managing director of, if anything SMS is going to accelerate its stellar trajectory thanks to increased business adoption.

iPhone users flock to Opera Mini

Opera Mobile

Oslo, Norway — May 28, 2010 — More than 2.6 million people used Opera Mini on their iPhones, in the two weeks following April’s mid-month launch. This surge in new Opera Mini users reshaped both the top 10 countries and the top handsets for mobile Web usage, according to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web […]

The “Sick” Attah Mills still lives while…

President J.E.A. Mills. Photo credit Office of the President website

This is a guest post by Nunya  Akumey-Affizie. Presidents do fall ill all the time. Sometime in 2004, former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, was whisked to hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties as he addressed a political rally. Not quite long after that incident, former president of Tanzanian Benjamin Mkapa took ill for several months […]