Nigeria: Value Added Services are here to stay

Texting (sending/receiving SMS) has become mainstream in Nigeria.

In June 2005, Mobile Africa published an article in which Mr. Tayo Ajakaye raised issues (and some very valid ones too) about the quality of value added services being provided by GSM network operators (see: Value Added Services: Who Uses Them? I followed that article with a rejoinder, RE: Value Added Services: Who Uses Them?, […]

RE: Value Added Services: Who Uses Them?

Tayo Ajakaye’s article titled Value Added Services: Who Uses Them? took a critical look at the value-added services being provided by network operators in Nigeria. I found it interesting reading, and also quite agree with him that more often than not those services leave a lot to be desired. I know. I have been at […]

Needed: A New Approach To Customer Support

A vital part of any business venture is customer care, also referred to in various circles as after-sales support. The idea is that almost anyone can sell a product and then take the next bus out of town. Customer support can make a world of a difference in the operations of any organisation, especially telecoms […]

Value Added Services: Who Uses Them?

Following the launch of several value-added services by telecom operators, Tayo Ajakaye asks who uses these service. Value-added services are those service outside the core services provided by service providers. Just as the name implies, a value-added service is supposed to add value to the subscribers’ use of an operator’s network. These services have unique […]

Comparative Analysis Of MTN And Glo Data Services

How does MTN’s CSD data services fare side-by-side GloMobile’s GPRS offerings? Well, I should know, seeing that I have used both extensively over time. I will not be comparing WAP services here, as they are pretty limited in use to the business person, but full data services giving you access to the Web, email and […]

Africa’s Booming Mobile Markets: Can The Growth Curve Continue?

Africa’s mobile markets have expanded rapidly in recent years, with mobile penetration levels now far outstripping those of fixed-lines across most of the continent. But can this growth be sustained? And what are the prospects for further fixed-line sector growth? Mobile Mania Mobile telephony is now firmly entrenched as the predominant mode of telephony in […]

Mobile Data: Bridging The Internet Divide In Africa

The need for Nigeria to bridge the digital divide and improve internet penetration has been discussed for years. The need is immense and it looks like our leaders are yet to really identify any clear means of doing so. My opinion is that the coming of GSM mobile technology to our shores about 3 years […]