Airtel, Ghana’s second national operator announced an upgrade of its cellular network to a newer/faster mobile broadband technology called 3.75G earlier this week. 3.75G, otherwise known as HSPA+, is the latest iteration of the 3G mobile broadband technology.

The launch makes Airtel the pioneer of 3.75G in Ghana, and the fastest mobile broadband service in Ghana presently. Airtel is promising a maximum theoretical download speed of 21Mbps. Its other (GSM) competitors MTN, Tigo and Vodafone currently run HSDPA cellular networks offering download speeds ranging between 7.2Mbps and 14.4Mbps.

I am yet to experience Airtel’s 21Mbps promise. A screenshot of my best speed test result using a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is below:

Airtel Ghana speedtest

Airtel Ghana speedtest

It is possible that many of their cell sites are not upgraded to 3.75G yet.

It is noteworthy that Airtel launched a 3.5G network from their début. Their arch-rival MTN upgraded to 3.5G soon after and an aggressive broadband competition soon followed. Also, I am inclined to believe the timing of Airtel’s 3.75G launch is to preëmpt Glo Mobile’s launch. Glo Mobile launches in less than a month from now and one would expect Glo to launch with the very latest mobile broadband technology follow their many promises to offer a world-class network from day 1.

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  1. Nina Chachu says:

    Well, Airtel hasn’t got there in my area. Speedtest barely loaded, and gave me a download speed of 0.26mbps…

  2. Seye Kuyinu says:

    I was totally disappointed at Airtel during my visit to Ghana last month. I couldn’t even get my line to work. I think MTN’s data service was better too though

  3. I guess Airtel is still ugrading from site to site.

  4. Edward says:

    I think the telco rather need to ensure there is wider access to Internet among their consumers rather than concentrate on the Internet speed.

  5. Speed should not only the basis in internet connection but also the efficiency and the customer satisfaction as well.

  6. With 5 submarine cables landing in Accra, I am sure there is potential to reach much higher speeds than what your test showed.

  7. msu says:

    Yes, we need more speed. And we need back up line if the connection fail. Talking about cable under sea when earthquake – not many can accept the reality. Hosting company for example must supply every bit to their customer. This bring trust and bring more income to our loved country.

  8. alfalfa says:

    airtel i think has not made ANY changes in thier internet speed…couldnt use their service

  9. Serg Forum says:

    Airtel is now the fastest Internet provider here in Nigeria. Glad to see they are doing well in Ghana

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