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Kasapa is causing serious shockwaves in Ghana’s mobile telecom industry and its only a matter of time before the cellco becomes a formidable force.

Within the past weeks, the premises of Kasapa’s main offices in Accra (Ghana) have been inundated with so many people queuing to buy a Kasapa handset which goes for only c100,000.

Kasapa has been offering a promotion towards the end of the year, with so many juicy offers including free calls within Ghana on Christmas and New Year days.

Ghanaians have responded rather positively to these promotions and are buying Kasapa handsets and lines in their numbers. This should see a drastic increase in the number of subscribers on Kasapa Telecom’s network. Added to the promotion is the fact that Kasapa has gone digital, using the CDMA technology. Much more value-added-services that had hitherto not been available on its old AMPS network are now available. This makes Kasapa even more attractive for the discerning individual.

Its only a matter of time, before Kasapa would poise as a real competition to Scancom Ltd (Areeba), Millicom Ltd (Mobitel) and GT’s Onetouch GSM. Perhaps, become the market leader. :)



    I want to apply for scholarship in your set up how will I apply?Hoping to hear from you.

  2. David Adjetey says

    I’ve been asking this question and not getting satisfactory responses: How can I connect my laptop (a basic Dell Inspiron 1300) to the internet via a cellphone in Ghana and avoid landlines which are not available in my area? I saw a freind of mine-a Kasapa engineer do it when I was down in Ghana from Europe over the Christmas and would like to do the same next toime I down this Christmas. Please help.

  3. says

    @ David Adjetey. :smile: You have obviously not been asking from the right source.
    You can connect to the Internet using two feasible methods here in Ghana. One is via GPRS technology being offered as mobile internet by Areeba as well as Tigo here in Ghana while the other method is over Kasapa’s CDMA2000 1x network. The mobile internet being run over Kasapa’s network is by Mobile2i.com, a service of NetAfrique dot com Ltd.

    Relevant links:


    Good luck!

  4. David Adjetey says

    Thanks for the information, David. I hope I have better connectivity. Allow me to bother you with another problem: I don’t use very complex mobile phones- a Nokia 6020 and a Sony Ericsson W810i. Connecting with the Sony will be no problem, but with the Nokia will I need a data cable?

  5. says

    If you are talking about connecting your Nokia to a laptop, then you might need a compatible Nokia USB data cable. Consult your phone’s manual.

    Also, it is possible to connect your phone + computer via Bluetooth or Infrared, using the right adapter. 😉

  6. amartey amarteifio says

    I think Kasapa is doing very well…however there are several broadband internet services in GH now.thank God for technology!!!!!!!!!! you gotta check out 0244270092 for free advice on internet related issues of all sorts

  7. ISSAKA DAUDA says

    Thanks to the mobile network companies especially KASAPA for their good customer care and charges.I will like to know wheather their is any scholarship scheme at kasapa.also try and extend your network to the north for their income level is good for your network.

  8. ISSAKA DAUDA says


  9. kwaku says

    what is the direct phone line of Kasapa, to report complaints, the short code stated on their top up card is useless.It does not work.Please can anyone get me their phone number

  10. says

    how do i store a number with a name on recently promotion sales made in Takoradi by kasapa.

    I tried to store a name against a number but when i enter the letters instead of english alphabet the written that came was chinase language.

    what do i do to get the english alphabet

  11. says

    Hi, I use a t-mobile mda with a onetouch SIM card with gprs enabled
    So I was wondering whether any of u guys could give me the instructions on how to hook it up to my pc so I can browse through the phones internt connection
    PS:I have a USB cable

  12. Emanuel Adu says

    Please could you kindly send me the list of Kasapa camera phones on sale at the market and their respective prices. I would be exceedingly happy if you honour this request promptly.

  13. Ekow says

    why won’t Kasapa allow us to buy our own choice of phones? We don’t really mind them providing the phones for those who want their phone but they should give room to those of us who would want to get our own phones connected to the kasapa network.

  14. says

    Sup, Kasapa is a good network and a upgrade data access network very good for browsing the internet………but…….. why dont they have website? like kasapa.com.gh

  15. dmv says

    Two things…

    Well Ebow the reason why you cannot use just any phone is because of the technological differences. GSM phones (those used by MTN, Tigo and One Touch)just won’t work with CDMA phones (Kasapa phones) and vice versa. :sad:

    Also I agree with you Offei, a website displaying the phones and price ranges would be great.

  16. says


    Hope someone can give me some advice.. I am from Holland, and have a girlfriend in Ghana (accra) She is using Kasapa to access internet and windows Live Messenger, but she has a lot problems with making a connecting to the network. Also during chat the connection will go off often.

    I am a IT specialist myself, but does not know the type of hardware used as modem, or have some feeling by the technology used in Ghana.

    Can someone tell me if there are general connection problems using Kasapa in combination with a laptop and windows XP?
    Is there a support web site where the status of the network can be checked?

    Thanks in advance

  17. media bank consult limited says

    hi thanks for the wonderfull word you are diong wa are planning to visit you on the 6th,7th,and 9th march to see the wonderfull things you are doing we are on the educational trip to your end
    please are we invited i will come their personaly to deliver the letter to the authority
    keep it up dennis from koforidua

  18. says

    am user of kasapa phone in 2years now and still using because i have no proplem.

    it very good given as the right to choose the number we like that going increase the standard between zain and the order networks. the wonderful world. stay long and live long

  19. says

    Hello, can someone kindly remind all the employees of mtn to revise their notes. I cant make calls when it is 6pm.Not to talk about unlawful deduction of airtime.

  20. Ishmael Dalmeida says

    I have the ksasapa modem the vtion v1810 type but my driver cd is broken please can someone help me get the driver

  21. stella kornu says

    hi you published in “business weeek” bulletin about one of your phones “coolpad 288” but u didnt add the accessories of the phone. i was wondering if i could have it and know the duration that its going to be on the market. thank you ve a nice day

  22. says

    i am using kasapa the old fon, it is a fon without chip but i want want to change a new fon so i want to know how am going to do about it.
    thank you

  23. says

    i am using kasapa the old fon, it is a fon without chip but i have a new fon which i want to change and i still want to use the same number so i want to know how am going to do about it.
    thank you.

  24. says

    am having some phone which is not using chip l went to know if kasapa can help me connect to the network so that l can use it. its motorola thanks hope to hear form you soon.

  25. sossou koffi Emmanuel says

    I am in Lome.I bought a kasapa phone to do internet.when i would like to connect,it is asking me for a username and a password.I do not know to do.Please i would u help me .

  26. kofi says

    kasapa is loosing in the intensify compitition,zain the new entrant has over taken them in terms of number of customer in less than a year. i use kasapa and i can tell u people have a whole lot of perceptions about them, eg. placing a voice mail on all numbers is one move that have fuel these perceptions. they should sit up. 0285185950

  27. mr king says

    somebody educate me mobile facebook.after entering the necessary details, i waited fo some few monites and entered the same details but facebook regected it.wht is happening? i like browsinig on my cell phone.

  28. Emmanuel agaba ogohi says

    I will like to work with any of your telecommunication company i am a rigger from nigeria. will like to hear from you guys


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